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  1. S.SubZero

    iAtkos L1 is Out

    ^^ The retail on a real MacBook Pro isn't much different. It takes a really long time to load. Great results with iATKOS L1 on my Sager 5793 laptop. All the stuff that worked with SL still works.
  2. S.SubZero

    install SL on macbook air..

    LEOPARD OS X 10.5.2 comes with the Remote Install OS X option.
  3. S.SubZero

    install SL on macbook air..

    FIRST Wrong. Second: Easiest thing to do is find a Mac with a high rev. of LEOPARD (10.5) or SNOW LEOPARD (10.6). Applications > Utilities > Remote Install OS X > follow the prompts.
  4. S.SubZero

    iAtkos S3 v2 compatible WiFi card

    My old Broadcom 43xx in my Dell laptop was recognized as an Airport Extreme in 10.5. I don't know the last two digits. They make several models.
  5. S.SubZero

    How to verify QE?

    For the record, the quickest visual way is to see if the menu bar is transparent or can go transparent in the background options.
  6. S.SubZero

    iAtkos S3 v2 on HP 530

    I don't know how much progress has been made on the iwidarwin stuff for the Intel wireless solutions. The iwidarwin site looks a bit neglected, not much activity and lots of stuff is dated from a year ago. If you researched compatible wireless cards for your computer, you may have better luck just replacing it.
  7. S.SubZero

    iATKOS S3 is released!

    This runs great on my Sager 5793. I had a lot of problems with the earlier SL releases, to the point that I gave up on OSX86 for a while. iATKOS S3 V2 definitely resolved all of my issues. It's also the first time I was able to boot in 1920x1200 with full QE/CI and get the opening movie perfectly. I'm amazed I don't need any special enabler kext to get the 8800M GTX going. It just "worked" with the Graphics Enable boot option. Wireless (Intel) and Camera (Syntek) don't work but this was expected. I don't use them anyway.
  8. My laptop (Sager 5793) is running 10.6.5. The function keys default to the "Fx" key, with only F9-F12 doing the Expose stuff. For the volume and screen controls I need to hold "Fn" along with the corresponding function key. On a real Mac there's an option in the keyboard preferences to flip the Function keys but my preference pane doesn't seem to have it. How can I force the system to flip the function keys so they default to the screen/volume tasks?
  9. After a long break from osx86 I decided to try out iATKOS S3 V2 and it works remarkably well, even updated to 10.6.5 with SU and it went through flawlessly. One small thing I'm running into, is the CPU speed is being reported oddly. I have an Intel T9300 CPU, 2.5Ghz C2D. Profiler identifies it as such: Processor Name: Intel Core 2 Duo Processor Speed: 2.31 GHz ... Bus Speed: 739 MHz This is using VoodooPower. PStateChanger agrees with this, and only shows speed up to 2313Mhz. If I use AppleIntelCPUPowerManagement the speed is reported "more right" (ie. it shows I believe 2.49Ghz) but it has noticeable performance issues. How can I get the system to run at the proper speed? I don't care too much for SpeedStep, it can run full bore for all I care.
  10. S.SubZero

    Windows 7 Reviews

    My my PC laptop (Sager 5793) it runs great. No issues. On my gaming desktop (E8400/P35/8800GT) it runs great. No issues. Doesn't have a management driver for the motherboard (Intel DP35DP) but it's not necessary. On my unibody MacBook Pro 17", it runs great until it decides to hang the machine, forcing a reboot. This is depressing. All drivers are current, event viewer doesn't even report anything. OS X on the MBP will run into infinity without issue, so I don't think it's a hardware problem. --- I do not like the extremely limited windowing system. I really don't. Otherwise it's a fine OS.
  11. S.SubZero

    A Potential EULA Loophole

    #1 - Apple doesn't care what you do. Insanelymac.com's continued existence is evidence of that. #2 - If you absolutely scrutinize every single curve of every single letter of every single syllable in every single sentence of the EULA, you can probably "loophole" anything. Sometimes it's not about "OH MY GOD THEY DIDN'T DOT THEIR "i" THIS MEANS I CAN STEAL ALL OF THEIR SOFTWARE!!!!1!". There are intentions to the EULA that are clear, regardless of how you nitpick the language.
  12. S.SubZero

    Microsoft does it again with Windows 7

    Reproduction: (I'm using the "open in new window" here but the result is the same if every folder is set to open in its own window) Click Start, Computer Move Computer to the left side of the screen (which is where it should already be) Size the window so the contents of Computer fit in the window perfectly Double-click C: Right-click the Windows folder, "open in new window" Observe Windows opens in a window the same size as Computer, slightly down and to the right Move Windows to the right side of the screen Make the Windows folder fairly large, almost the full height of your display, and about a third across the screen Write down - "Computer" must always open in a small box in the top left of the desktop. "Windows" must always open in the lower right in a large window Close the Windows folder Close the c: folder Click Start, Computer Observe where Computer opens, and the size Every version of Windows prior to Windows 7, *including* pre-NT OS/2 (circa 1992), could remember folder positions and sizes. Even in Vista, Computer can be set to a size and a position, and it will *always* open in the exact same spot every time and at that size. OS X can do it too. Oddly, the setting which is in Vista and earlier to remember folder size and location, and is always checked by default, is now completely gone. I'm wondering if this is a legacy setting only removed in the GUI that could be found in a registry key somewhere.
  13. S.SubZero

    Microsoft does it again with Windows 7

    This causes me considerably more rage than a sub-optimal graphics system. It really did mess up my whole pattern, and I'm not sure how I'm supposed to get many simple tasks done anymore.
  14. S.SubZero

    Windows 7 support?

    Does Device Manager show all of your devices? I know in Boot Camp 2.1 (with OS X 10.5.6) the chipset driver for the MCP79 doesn't want anything to do with Windows 7. I ended up getting a chipset driver from nVidia.com (after the system locked up and Windows told me it was due to the lack of this driver). The Forceware 15.35 drivers worked fine for me. I also have a Macbook Pro 5,2 and in Windows 7 I don't notice any obvious temperature difference, and the system doesn't seem to be pushing any harder to cool it.
  15. Apple apparently irked Intel with this commercial because it portrayed PCs as dull and boring, which Intel considered an insult since they, ya know, make chips for PCs.