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  1. I'm impressed, very nice girl, hackintosh girl )))

  2. Hey Kelly Kelly, sup?

  3. have you tried the voodoo kernel?
  4. perhaps you can tell us which webcam you bought?
  5. do you know how to fix my mac >.

  6. same problem. It was working fine few days ago but then all of a sudden this happened. But mine does not dectect the NVinject instead, it says family specific matching failed. Anyone know how to fix this?
  7. KellyKelly

    Update to 10.5.4 with Zephs ASU - No GUI

    which info.plist??? I have the same problem!
  8. your kernel pkg break my system :[

  9. KellyKelly

    AnV XNU Kernel, So much troubles.... :[

    yay Mysticus C*!!! ^O^
  10. KellyKelly

    AnV XNU Kernel V1.4

    Guys this kernel break my system. Can you guys tell me what did this kernel replaced? I'm stuck on the get ethernet adress with the original 9.5.0 voodoo kernel and with andy's kernel I'm stuck on the Mac pro part. and it wouldn't go further. Can you guys also give me the 10.5.6 system.kext please? thanks!
  11. I installed from the .pkg file. After I reboot my system everything runs fine but the kernel did not get replaced it is still 9.5.0. When I click on .dmg files I will get a kernel panic. So I boot back into the system and replaced the system.kext from 10.5.5 and reboot again. Then I got a kernel panic >.< It said "unable to find the driver for this platform "ACPI" If I boot with -f, it will stuck on the ethernet part. I tried platform=x86pc but it didnt work. :[ I replaced several kexts such as system.kext, seatbelt.kext, AppleACPI something etc... Can anyone tell me how to fix this? I so much files on my mac I don't want to reformat again :'[ What did the AnV package actually replaced? Can you guys upload those files for me so I can fix the system? Or can you guys give me the 10.5.6 system.kext? Thanks!