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  1. teknojunkie

    PowerMac G5 Diagrams

    Glad to see these are still being put to use
  2. Here is a DMG Snow File Package thing I made hope it helps DMG Snow Files
  3. Hello, as most of you know Snow Leopard is coming out in a month. Its well supported for Macs, but hey why not PC's? Well thats about to change. Thanks to a couple people from the net to make it possible. Post your/a guide you have available and helped you out for Snow Leopard. All Start with mine: Guide: Teknojunkie Snow Leopard on PC 10a432 Thanks. If this post is not permitted feel free to delete
  4. teknojunkie

    Gigabyte GA-EP45-DS3R Bios modded for newer AHCI-1.20E

    here you guys go http://forums.tweaktown.com/306903-post1358.html if your going to give us this info, then please include download link, save people a lot of time looking for it like me.
  5. teknojunkie

    Supermarket Love Interviewed

    A while back, I told people here about Supermarket Love, an Artist with great passion, in the music world. Well he has finally been interviewed, and shares his ideas on his music, and how he got that utterly clever name. Well check him out here. http://www.iheartlamp.com/2009/07/supermar...ve-interviewed/ http://www.myspace.com/supermarketlove *I am honestly not trying to spam this wonderful forum, just want to share an artist, he is really awesome at what he does, and isn't in it for the money. So if you can, support him. and check out his music*
  6. teknojunkie

    Monitor Rotation issue

    Try this program here http://www.versiontracker.com/dyn/moreinfo/macosx/15467
  7. teknojunkie

    15 inch unibody to 17 inch unibody

    I would sell the 15 Inch Unibody and 17" and get a 17" Uni-Body. But, if you were going to do the other way, it would cost more than actually buying the laptop. The 17" unibody parts aren't available as of yet, you already have an easy way just by selling it. Just my 2 cents but... if you are able to mod it into the housing, that would be awesome anyways good luck.
  8. yay! you remembered me! thanks!
  9. hey... I couldn't leave it blank... plus, it wasn't all of them. I admit I have no idea why i did that, yes someone had to say that lool, people qoute the whole gallery im like damn...
  10. Nice! Just let me know when you are ready. Thanks Again! Nice Job. Love the Lighting of the Photos, Hope my Fan Diagrams helped out as well.
  11. Hello, (XS)s0lid I sent you a PM.
  12. teknojunkie

    PowerMac G5 Case: The Purist Approach

    Ok first off all check this mod out. A really "pure" g5 mod and good luck with yours! wish you the best
  13. LOOL, Like, I said Soomthy, Does anyone want to buy a Broken Logic Board, By the way it's me amantheboy. Someone bought it off of me for $45. Lol
  14. teknojunkie

    My nearly finished Hack the Tosh

    nice and haha its still amantheboy, changed my nickname