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Heres my iPod Touch(REDONE)


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haha The verizon part is a joke i just photoshopped myself a new Default_CARRIER_IPOD.png and a FSO_CARRIER_IPOD.png


I've fooled quite a few kids at school :)



Yeah...but it's an iPod touch...not an iPhone...

Which had me fooled the first time I saw it...



But I want a Verizon iPhone



BTW...looking at your sig...is there a new Norma Jean album coming out? It's getting to be about time for them...

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Wouldn't surprise me at all. No Vcast, no Verizon ringtones, no Verizon song downloading, no Verizon web...

They'd never make any money off us.



lol you think verizon is bad, sprint was horrid (i dumped sprint for verizon... haha)



& i love the service (everywhere)




but yeah, nice on the touch



but Atreyu S3, you ran out of space, no more apps for you! :rolleyes:

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I too dumped Sprint for Verizon.


That VZW logo looks freaking SEXY on those images, I kinda wish they included it in the GUI of their phones, but then again, the silver branding on my Chocolate's casing looks tight as well.

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Well, with the Wi Fi music store being added, the iPod touch/iPhone only let's you have 15 3rd party apps.



Not if you do thissss




SSH into your iPod touch using the SSH client of your choice; I recommend putty, which you can download at http://www.chiark.greenend.org.uk/~sgtatham/putty/



Move your applications folder to the /private/var folder by typing the following:




mv /Applications /private/var/Applications



Change directory to / by typing



cd /



Create a symbolic link to the Applications folders new location:


ln -s /private/var/Applications Applications



Type the following to get a directory list of /, so we can make sure the symbolic link was created correctly:



ls -la


In the list that comes up, you should have an entry similar to this one:



lrwxr-xr-x 1 root admin 25 Oct 12 22:31 Applications -> /private/var/Applications


6. Alright, seems like it worked.. Now all you have to do is reboot your iPod touch! Do that now.


7. To further make sure it's working correctly for you, enter the Installer app and check the available space at the bottom. It should be higher than it was previously, as you've moved away all space-intensive apps. Try installing an app larger than 1MB (MobileChat for example) to see that the amount of available space stays the same.


8. Done! Install away!


I have 4 pages of applications :D

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