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  1. Ayanami

    Arthur C. Clarke - Rest in Peace

    I saw that on Engadget last night at work. I'd hate to imagine life down here without his work.
  2. Ayanami

    Rate the sig and avatar of the person above you.

    Av > 10/10 Sig > 8/10
  3. Ayanami

    Internet Explorer 8 Beta 1 Released!

    I actually still haven't updated to IE 7 on XP MCE. This should be interesting...
  4. It's pretty. Thoughts on putting that on my iPhone? =p
  5. Ayanami

    The iPhone...in x86?

    How about an ugly alien instead?
  6. Awww.... You're making me miss Camino. There was never a better web browser. Time to run off and see if I can use it with Flock.
  7. Ayanami

    Is Europe a Country?

    No longer available. Booo. Hiss. Boooo.
  8. Ayanami

    Fifth generation iPods updated to 1.3

    I just sold my iPod Video.... I kinda miss it =(
  9. Ayanami

    The iPhone...in x86?

    Does it even matter that much? By the time Intel gets everything switched over to those, we'll be running 128 bit chips.
  10. Ayanami

    iMac no good

    I still say it's no good. Can't update the graphics card. Can't update the sound card. Can't add additional hard drives. Can't install a different hard drive. Can't install a new optical drive. No multi-channel sound output. =( Besides...I never use Bluetooth (I guess if I had an iMac, and wanted a wireless keyboard I wouldn't have much of a choice), or Firewire.
  11. Ayanami

    Rate the sig and avatar of the person above you.

    Av > 8/10 It works. Sig > 6/10 I don't like long sigs. Nor do I like bland ones. Some color? Some graphics? Maybe a dancing banana singing "It's peanut butter jelly time!" (I really think someone needs ^^ )
  12. Ayanami

    Free iPhone Ringtones

    I'm fine with the three ringtones I have.... Bought one song, made three ringtones out of it. Then again, there were some songs from that album that I wanted to make ringtones out of, and didn't have ringtone option. On second thought, I might give it a shot.
  13. Ayanami

    Rate the sig and avatar of the person above you.

    Av > 10/10 > Props to the SuSE lizard. Sig > 8/10 I'm thinking up ideas on what to do for my sig....
  14. About damn time. I'm wondering if I'd rather have that or an unlocked iPhone. Or if they'll play nice with each other.
  15. Ayanami

    P2P on the iPhone

    I personally don't have any reason to P2P on my iPhone.... But props to the guy for being able to do it...