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  1. I don't know if I am being helpful here, it's been years since I last came here but the Leopard Voodoo XNU source is here: http://code.google.com/p/xnu-dev/wiki/SourceCode?tm=4 Hopefully that can be of some use. I don't code but yeah.
  2. About this Mac Graphics

    Here's a Matrix-style Apple logo using Digital Rain:
  3. Upgrade your hardware you poor sap. Also, it's all about hardware 3D now. 2D is dying out, didn't you realize this or are you just too busy trying to flame people who disagree with you and show any support for MS? Btw, I don't have 7 installed. So don't even bother trying to harass me about it, I wont listen because you're a gigantic biased and egotistical noob.
  4. More than likely using the iPhone Simulator (a modified version of it). If you note, he's apparently using the Remote with this for a Home Button, so who knows. I still call fake. Could be a clever video done. With practice you can make it look just like you are "using" it, but in reality you're just playing along to the movie to make it look like you're interacting with it. Plus, what monitor is that? If it's really working and that really turned in response to the monitor changing orientation, you know it needs an accelerometer for that. As far as I know, no consumer monitors have this (but I could be wrong if it's a monitor that is ZOMG NEW), and so far only places like hospitals have those kinds of monitors. I love how there's no info in the video or in the page it's posted on in regards to how this was done. Screams fake.
  5. Do you even look at the stuff you read before you decide to respond to it? My post was in JANUARY, what month is it now preytell and what month was that post on their blog you are referring to made? Think before you speak.
  6. ›› Voodoo XNU Kernel is now Released

    This is good news, thanks for the update. I've been checking the Google page for the project for updates, but nothing so I was worried that maybe the project was silently discontinued. Glad to see this isn't completely the case. I'll definitely love to help test it.

    If your Mac system is up and running, it would be best to do so if all you need is the wireless info. lspci -nn will be better as it shows more info than basic lspci. Then do a bit of research and you should be set.
  8. 7600GS AGP 256MB doesn't work

    The 7600GS package on the iPC installer is for the 512MB edition with 02e1 device ID. You'll need to add your device ID to IOPCIPrimaryMatch in Info.plist in GeForce.kext, NVDAHAL40.kext, and NVDAResman.kext.
  9. Oh, ok. I never get incoming calls from people (>_<) so I didn't know that.
  10. About this Mac Graphics

    Anyone have the version of HUD with the glossy buttons and not the matte buttons? Here's mine (again):
  11. *yawn* The Chameleon installer supports EFI setups.
  12. It's a release candidate, not the final version. Bugs are going to surface.
  13. Damn, you got a lotta dough to blow...