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Show us your favourite iPhone applications!

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Know of some cool application's for your iPhone?


Show us your favourites and share your thoughts. Here are a few that I like the look of so far:






Let us know what you think.

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I am enjoying Navizon (www.navizon.com) and VNsea (http://code.google.com/p/vnsea/) used for GPS location and vnc client.

About Navizon.

Good you mention it, I installed it but it requires to sign up with them. I didn't want to sign up until I find enough details about their service. They seem a bit chintzy with detailed (and especially credible) info on their site. I would really appreciate if you could tell us a bit about your experience with it.


Is it positively free of charge? I mean, will it always remain free or are there hidden costs once you want to get into the nitty gritty?

How does it navigate in real-time? Can you see yourself moving on the map?

Will it give you real-time directions via voice like the Tomtom?

How precise is it really? House number precise?

Does it make any sense outside of big cities or areas with little wifi density?


Thanks much

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Here's a bunch. (I'm in no way affiliated, blah blah blah).



I didn't know there were so many standalone applications drifting around out there already, but then they do seem to be pretty limited to IM apps and games.


Whomever comes out with a capable media player app, some sort of copy & paste tool, a "save link as" option, or the grand masterpeice, a way to transfer files onto and off of these phones without using freakin itunes, is going to be living large. I'd pay big to be able to actually fully use this phone properly. So much potential, but right now it's little more than a novelty.

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My favorite at this point:


-iPhone Apps. I am an iPod Touch owner, so I need to do some hacking to use these! Mail & Notes are sorely missing on an unmodded Touch.

-MobileCast. Gives you the abiity to dl/play podcasts wirelessly & w/o iTunes. Filling a huge gap that Apple has really dropped the ball on.

-Safari download plug-in. Lets you download several file types with MobileSafari. I've been able do dl & play(see below) mp3 files using just the Touch.

-MNPLight. I use it to play my dl'd files through MobileSafari. Looks like there are other functions around file transfering/modifying, but I haven't used them.

-Installer. It seems like such a part of the system to me at this point you almost forget that it is not SUPPOSED to be there.

-Firefly Media Server - Lets me play songs wirelessly from my Touch.

-AFP with Bonjour - lets me wirelessly transfer files to & from my Touch.

-MobileFinder - Finder for the Touch.

-NetServices - A convenient way to manage a lot of the hacks that for some reason or another you don't always want on(lets me turn on/off AFP, Firefly, download, WiFi).


All in all I'd say this is fairly impressive for 2 months of work by motivated amateurs. Things aren't as polished and integrated as you would like them to be, but considering that the work is done by individuals working for free, and Apple has put up all sort of barriers to prevent them from changing anything, I think it is amazing. Hopefully with the SDK all the current workarounds will be seemlessly integrated into the Touch/iPhone and Apple lets it be the pocket PC that it wants to be.

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My fav iPhone app is by far VNsea. It is availible from the installer.

Its such a sick app, you can connect to your computers (only if they are VNC enabled) on your wireless network and use them in a "remote desktop" fashion. :o

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Great topic.

This is my fav:


1. Todo : I just cant remember what i'm going to do. So this app help me a lots.

2. BeejiveIM : An awesome IM for iPhone, I swear.

3. Twitterrific : For those who love twitter

4. Air Sharing : Read documents in formats

5. Cycorder : Video Recorder for iPhone

6. iFlipClock : If you love the LOST series, then you will love this app.

7. DuckShoot, Air Hockey and Touchgrind: games, quite fun ;-)

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Uhm, mine are kinda lame, but I really love that kind of stuff.


- Karma Art.

- Music Healing.

- The Shack (Book).

- Ocarina.

- MyDiary.

- Dreams.

- Meaning Of Dreams.

- Medicine And Dreams.

- KidTivities.

- MyBaby.

- My House.

- PHP Reference (REALLY handy).

- Ambiance.

- Silent Island.

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I found a new game that I have fallen for big time. hExistentialism is a puzzle games that looks simple, but provides hours of challenging entertainment. Took me a few minutes to get the hang of it, but once I got into it I was hooked. The game is designed to challenge the user, and that it does. I often have a few minutes of time to kill while waiting for the subway and this game is perfect for just that. Check it out:






PS, I would add an App Store link, but I am not sure what the rules are in this forum, if people and the mods would like I can link it.

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Does anyone know if there is a way to use veency and chicken of the vnc through a usb cable? I have looked on youtube and the web to no evaile. I know that it is possible with wifi but I am still trying to get that to work on my hackintosh. That would be the last thing i need to get working.:| But if I can vnc through usb I wouldnt have to really worry about getting wifi to work.

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one of my all time fave apps is the Duke Nukem 3d app, i mean that game kicked butt on the pc, and its still pretty awesome on the iphone. It one of the few apps i actually bought because it was So worth it.

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I would say this App is a life saver, couldn't imagine to find this App on the same day it has been released..

I was able to transfer my 1,600 contacts from Nokia to the iPhone perfectly..


The Outlook really bad for this, it doesn't copy more than 1 mobile for the same contacts, and I use to have 3 or 4 phone numbers of the type mobile for the same contact. The Outlook copies only 1 to the iPhone and ignore the rest.


But this App, just copied all the mobile numbers:



However, make sure not to import your Contacts more than 1 time ! as then you will need to delete the duplicates manually. This App doesn't do Sync, it just import to the Contact.

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I like some Business Apps are Oracle Business Indicators and WorldCard Mobile


Oracle Business Indicators is a application for providing a real-time, secure access to business performance information and WorldCard Mobile app for scanning business cards. With a single snap of the camera, I can save contact info from business cards or email signatures.


And also I like Facebook and Twitter for social networking and I like AngryBirds & CutThe Rope for games.

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