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  1. I double that. This post alone sums it all up. I even assume that it applies not only to some countries but everywhere in the world. Installing an OS you have legitimately purchased and on your own hardware is never a criminal offense. A hackintosh owner can't be raided by the police or other public instances just for EULA violations. It's of no public interest as no criminal law is violated. Then again, it's very unlikely Apple would ever even try to sue private individuals with hackintoshes for a few hundred dollars. For a single user EULA violation, they could only sue for the value of one Mac with comparable specs. On top of that they would need clear evidence. Then they also know how quickly a PC hard drive is formatted or to get rid of. It's too hard to prove as that it would even stand in front of a civil court. Too much hassle for peanuts. No worries at all if you keep it private and non-commercial.
  2. solaar

    H264 GPU hardware decoding

    Cheers mate. Will do.
  3. solaar

    H264 GPU hardware decoding

    Cheers ninetto. It's beyond me that a mobile chip is the only GPU with direct H264 capability. What were they all thinking? BTW the test on macrumours was made last year on 10.5.5. "... will be compatible..." - it already is for some time. There might be some hope for my GT120 then. We'll see. I seems like I'll have to rest my case for now and find the best compromise which might include FCP which I find counter intuitive. I do like the integration between PPro and After effects. Adobe admittedly make buggy software but the stuff that actually works is hard to beat in terms of workflow. The posts on the 5D forum don't look too promising either although Snow Leo will give a major boost to many things. The thing is I don't want to just upgrade blindly without making some extensive testing on a separate HD. I've heard a few horror stories from other musicians who jumped into the Snow and got some serious frostbite.
  4. solaar

    H264 GPU hardware decoding

    Thanks much for the very detailed info Mr Moebius. Much appreciated. I'm aware that decoding H264 at 1080p is very processor hungry. I can see it in activity monitor when I play such a file. QT goes up to 110%. Now on my machine it's not such a big issue to just play it. It's the editing part in Premiere that makes it peak out several hundred percent until it finally chokes and everything gets choppy. However, there's one thing I still don't understand. How is it that certain MBP users don't have this problem? I've seen it with my own eyes this week. And yes, in Leopard. Here's an interesting article: http://www.macrumors.com/2008/10/18/apple-...-pros-and-airs/ As the screen shot shows the load on the new MBP QT is only 19.7%. I have a colleague who has an MBP of that generation and he can edit the native H264 files from a Canon 7D (which are 44mbit/s !) in Premiere smoothly. How can that be explained? And even more interesting how can I get that kind of performance on my Mac Pro 8 core? Transcoding is not very elegant and can become difficult when exchanging files with other video artists, especially between Mac and PC. It would be more straightforward to always stay in H264 until final render. On a side note, I always transcode to XDCAM EX (35mb/s) for editing in PPro. That's the only codec that is a good compromise between quality and smooth editing. I tried ProRes but that's even worse than H264 or uncompressed. I have a friend I'm planning to exchange 7D footage with. Now unfortunately he hangs on to his PC like white on rice and he would have to buy the XDCAM codec which costs an arm and a leg for Windoze. He swears by Cineform which is actually a nightmare for me. Uncompressed is no option as our broadband speed maxes out at 2500 on the upload side. We wanted to exchange the files via FTP. Leaving the files just at H264 would come in so bloody handy. What are manufacturers thinking when they make those decisions to mass market something that can't even be edited natively? cheers
  5. What is it with those 'rumours' about H264 encoding on the graphics card floating about for some time? Is it really just a Snow Leo feature? It can't be true as I've heard about Macbook pro owners stating that they can edit H264 natively and really smoothly in video editors like Premiere and FCP. In Leopard, that is. The Canon DSLR cameras like 5DmkII and 7D are recording video in H264 but there are massive problems to edit the footage natively without transcoding it. Some MBP users though report that they've never encountered any problem editing H264 footage in 10.5.x. Is there a way to enable just any Mac - hackintosh included - to decode and edit H264 footage without any hiccups? If so, what are the hardware requirements for the graphics card? Any clue appreciated.
  6. After 3.5 years of hacking toshes and saving up some dough I decided to move on and get a Mac Pro. That decision was strongly catalysed by the fact that my good old trusty hackintosh died a sudden death ... sniff The PSU blew and took the mobo and the processor with it and who knows, there might be other components in the carcass that are also fried. I've never seen anything like it before. It literally blew up with a big bang, smoke coming out and all the sizzling fireworks... Why the quick decision? Well, a PC with the same specs as the Mac Pro would have cost me roughly the same, not including the potential headaches and time it would take me to make it almost like a 'real' Mac. And it will always be just that. ALMOST a real Mac. I needed something that renders as quickly as possible in After Effects. Anyway I just wanted to thank everyone for their amazing input over the years. I've learned more about computers in general since early 2006 than ever before in all previous years. I'll probably be sticking around and most likely install someone else's hack when I get the fever again. Snow Leo is lurking around the corner and will probably be another new challenge. Anyway for the time being I'm signing off. Cheers everybody!! edit: I forgot to mention. If there's a common hackintosh issue with software that people need a comparative test on a Mac Pro for, I'll try to help out if I have the app.
  7. solaar

    Extract Kontakt sample library

    Hahah! You see, that's what I call clear instructions. Cheers for that mate! Wasn't so hard to give proper instructions, was it? But hey come on... this has nothing to do with 'knowing how to use a computer'. I know how to use it without all that 1970s command based stuff and that's enough for me when I make music. I was actually referring to the instructions for OSX. You can't tell me that it is intuitive in any way whatsoever for a non Unix command savvy person The reason why I need to extract some of them, some make Kontakt crash or won't even load. I suppose it has something to do with the fact that the ones that give me problems are PPC only and have their own PPC Kontakt player. Whatever it is, the extract is the only way I could find to load and rebuild them.
  8. solaar

    Extract Kontakt sample library

    Cheers for the reply mate. Unfortunately you might as well write in Chinese as I don't even understand 10% of it. I could never find a binary. The windoze version was of course my first reflex when I saw the exe file BUT it doesn't do anything when I double-click it. It won't install anything nor launch an app. It seems like it's also command line based in some way. I don't know what this exe is but I'm utterly lost without a GUI. Oh well... it seems like I need to find a programmer who has mercy with musicians. It must have slipped the original developer's mind that the vast majority of people for whom this app would come in very handy drop it as soon as they read the first line of the README thanks anyway
  9. solaar

    Photoshop server 'not responding'

    Well... I suppose whatever floats your boat is best for you. The thing is, I've tried very hard to give FCP a shot over several months and several times. It's definitely an excellent product overall BUT even if I didn't know any other NLE to compare it to, the fact that every small step has to be rendered in FCP just annoys the hell out of me. If I can't work in real time and have to wait even only one minute for every effect I add I lose my creative flow and get frustrated quickly. in Premiere and Vegas for instance you don't need to wait for anything. You just create, try out new things and keep the flow...
  10. This one goes out to the fellas in the US again, specifically north-east. Are there any shops specialising in electronic components? (for instance condensors, potentiomentres, small DC plugs, cables etc). Something like Maplin or Conrad in Europe. I googled like I never did before but all I could find find are shops in the UK. My first reflex was of course Radio Shack but they don't seem to really cater to DIY people. Anyway they don't have what I'm looking for. I'm in the Boston area for the next 10 days. Online purchase is not an option as my address in the US doesn't match with my credit card and there's no guarantee anayway I'll get the stuff before I leave. I really appreciated the replies in my other thread about mobile 3G in the US. Any reply on this one is as welcome cheers sol
  11. That's good then if you got it working. I'm more of a Cubase guy and occasional Logic user so I'm not really bothered as much. What's the difference between the two distros then? I'm almost sure there is a graphics issue somewhere which might also explain the other weird problems. Even real Mac Pro users are complaining about graphics glitches all over the place.
  12. Hi tech heads, I found a utility that supposedly extracts Kontakt nks files. Unfortunately it's one of my biggest nightmares as it is command line based. Secondly the 'documentation' in the read me file apparently assumes that you're a full fledged Unix programmer which musicians in the vast majority usually aren't... (have mercy) Here's a little flavour: When I try this in Terminal I get unnks 'command not found' I'll probably have to shift files around and enter some other commands to enable this thing to even get that far. http://mac.softpedia.com/get/Compression-Tools/unnks.shtml Perhaps someone has used this app and would be nice enough to share a detailed step-by-step tutorial on how to get this thing to run. Much appreciated
  13. I don't know man. My Leopard is a legit retail DVD bought in a shop. I suppose it's rather a fundamental graphics issue on hackintosh. There are other weird GUI problems with Voxengo plugins for instance which there's no explanation for yet. Hackintoshes are never 100% Apple hardware however you twist it.
  14. solaar

    3G mobile internet in the USA

    nice one. cheers mate
  15. Hmm... I'm not so sure if the distro has anything to do with it as I had the problem on a retail install. I saw it only in Logic but never in any other host or standalone.