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  1. How to Change Lion to 32 Bit Kernel?

    @pinarek It is possible to boot in 32 bit mode with Lion GM as witnessed with my screenshot. Just edit com.apple.boot.plist as mentioned in above posts.
  2. How to Change Lion to 32 Bit Kernel?

    I also have a few people asking me how to avoid PCI Configuration Begin bug. Here's the kexts you need to replace in order for it to go away. Finally for QE/CI for 7300GT I found that Corevidia works best. Remember to boot into 32 bit kernel. AppleACPIPlatform.kext.zip IOPCIFamily.kext.zip CoreVidia_1.1.mpkg.zip
  3. How to Change Lion to 32 Bit Kernel?

    Thanks guys! I eventually figured everything out. My way of enabling 32 bit kernel in Lion was to add this to com.apple.boot.plist <key>arch</key> <string>i386</string> Now my 7300GT works with QE/CI and I have a perfect Hackintosh install. Man Lion is really nice!
  4. Hey Guys Just installed Lion on my Hackintosh. I have a Nvidia 7300GT currently with no QE/CI. I need to know how to change Lion to a 32 bit kernel so I can use QE/CI with my Nvidia card. How can I do this? I have already tried -x32 and arch=i386. Thanks
  5. Help- After install of Uphuck 1.4i it won't boot!

    Thanks guys! I gave up Uphuck and just got a JaS 10.4.6. What do you know? It works! Yay! Thanks for the help!
  6. Show us your favourite iPhone applications!

    My favorite iphone application Trillian for iPhone Really, i have the beta! Me so happy!!!!!!!! All the iphone needs is aim!
  7. Essential Applications and Utilites

    iLife- Of course! Garageband- for my podcasting life and.... Office for Mac for my business life Mail Thats what a computer only needs!
  8. Hey guys, Can anyone help me? I'm running a Dell Inspiron 600M 1 GB Ram ATI Mobility Radeon 9000 graphics (32 mb vram) an SSE2 capable processor, (Centrino), SSE. After install, it just shows Apple logo with a circle spinning. After waiting one hour, it still hasn't gotten any progress. Just the Apple logo with a circle. If anyone can help, thanks!