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  1. 10.12.5 Only Boots With Cancel Hibernate Wake

    Still having this issue. I updated clover to the latest version, got iMessage sorted and I am still having no luck. I have attached my IORegistry and my Clover folder from /EFI/CLOVER Send me Mac Pro.zip CLOVER.zip
  2. I got this computer working what appears to be 99% complete with Clover and a clover generated DSDT with 10.12.5. However, I am having an issue where when the Clover drive selector screen appears, I have to hit spacebar and then select to cancel hibernate wake in order to boot with NVIDIA Web Drivers. Is there anyway to resolve this? Also I just noticed that Sleep does not work with this computer, well it works, but only for about 10 seconds then the computer shuts off is this part of the same issue? I have also attached my DSDT file. My system specs are as follows: ASUS X99-M WS Intel Xeon E5-2670 v3 32GB ECC RAM GTX 1080 Ti
  3. I just picked up a similar board and a Xeon 2670 v3. I am picking everything up next week, and in the meantime I am pricing ram. The big difference is that I am going to run a GTX1080 card of some sort, as I am not sure it matters whether I run a quadro for what I do. Plus I want to see that new pascal driver in action.
  4. I just picked up from a an ASUS X99M WS board and a Intel Xeon E5 2670 V3 12 Core Processor for a great price from a friend. I have an extra 2.5in SSD here and I was going to buy 32GB or 64GB of RAM and a GTX1080 or so video card. How crazy is this going to be to get going on Sierra? I am asking for a lot of trouble with this setup? It was a total impulse buy as I do need a new computer. However, I have never built anything with a Xeon before. I am not new to the Hackintosh world, but I have not built or worked on one in 4 years.
  5. Kernel Panic EP45-DS3R

    Edit: I installed an older DSDT and Apple HDA file that I found. All is working now except sleep. Just the last fine tuning, would be greatly appreciated, thanks. EP45-DS3R.zip
  6. Kernel Panic EP45-DS3R

    Just restarted with that DSDT, right away I have lost sound. My audio devices show, but are not playing. Also I have lost my app store login. Sleep does appear to be working though.
  7. Kernel Panic EP45-DS3R

    I just installed 10.8.2 and it looks like I have to delete this file again. Is there anyway to get around this in the future? Something I can add to my DSDT or a kernal flag? I have attached my DSDT in case that is of any help. dsdt.aml.zip
  8. Kernel Panic EP45-DS3R

    Wow. Super fast, I stumbled upon this thread I just wrote while continuing to Google the answer. Thank you. Crazy fast Google index on this site.
  9. I just installed 10.8 with ###### (thought I would give it a try). I attached an image of the error. I installed Chameleon after this to see if that could get it going. Board is a Gigabyte GA-EP45-DS3R with an 8800GT card in it and a core2duo. Any ideas? PS this is an alternate computer not the one in my signature.
  10. No Sound or Sleep GA-EP45-UD3P ALC889A

    Thank you. It works perfect. Out of curiosity, what did I do wrong when I extracted my DSDT file in Windows? Why did it not work? What was it missing? I would love to be able to do this my self if it happened again.
  11. No Sound or Sleep GA-EP45-UD3P ALC889A

    Alright I have updated my DSDT file with the one I extracted. I now have orange Hard Drives and no sound. Here is the link to my extracted DSDT in from Windows: https://dl.dropbox.com/u/458506/dsdt.aml
  12. No Sound or Sleep GA-EP45-UD3P ALC889A

    Ok I just extracted my DSDT in windows. Will reboot and test.
  13. No Sound or Sleep GA-EP45-UD3P ALC889A

    I kernel panic without a dsdt. I cannot boot -x nor can I boot normally without one. Any other suggestions? Panic reads: panic(CPU 1 caller 0xffffff7f808011df): No HPETs Available...CPU(s) configured incorrectly Debuggercaled: <panic> Backtrace (CPU1), Frame : Return Address
  14. No Sound or Sleep GA-EP45-UD3P ALC889A

    Sorry here we go. As I said before Sleep and sound not working on this DSDT file https://dl.dropbox.com/u/458506/dsdt.aml