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  1. I have been messing with hackintoshes since 2010 and in those 7 years I have found that there is a way to do anything, or make anything work.
  2. This is what worked. No longer have to use clover or any of that nonsense. Anyone that sees this, just make sure you re-sign the patched framework binary before you restart. Thanks again for the link.
  3. iv known about that. I want night shift tho
  4. For sure, I see what you are saying but running the same exact test on 7,1 (native) and then using a 13,1 smbios has no change on each test. Well within margin of error. So I don't think it effects it that much as far as power management. Could try spoofing the Graphics card to think it is a card that supports Metal. or if someone could figure this out Supported Mac models for Night Shift in Sierra 10.12.4 Iv tried but each time, Display Preference crash every time I click on it in System Preferences. so I just use smbios for now
  5. That's exactly what you do. I'm using a clover and smbios on my 2007 iMac to make it think it's a late 2013 iMac. And night shift works. Just look for the MacBooks that support metal and use that year
  6. Very nice!!! That is some great info right there. It would be a whole lot better to be able to modify the frameworks instead of having to use clover and the modified ssdt I had to make for the usb, bluetooth and camera. If this works, I won't need any of that and will be able to boot my iMac regularly
  7. Quick update. Rehabman looked at my thread over there and offered this to me https://www.tonymacx86.com/threads/guide-creating-a-custom-ssdt-for-usbinjectall-kext.211311/ So that's what I'm trying next
  8. I tried that with no luck. I use that on my hackintosh. I followed the instructions for a real Mac but no dice. Thanks for the info tho. I'll keep searching.
  9. So using Clover did work. Its installed on my hard drive on the 2007 iMac. which now thinks that it is a late 2012 iMac. That is the first year that supports Metal, which apparently is what macOS wants to see for night shift to work. There are a few draw backs. 2 out of the 3 USB ports don't work. if I plug in Mighty Mouse it lights up but doesn't work I'm using the BCM943602CS combo card, it sees the 802.11ac but does NOT see bluetooth ‚ÄčThe isight camera doesn't work Any suggestions?
  10. I almost did until I read about why macOS wasent supported. I upgraded the CPU to a X7900 extreme 4 years ago and that worked great until OS X Yosemite. Then it didn't support Sierra because X7900 doesn't support sse4.1 instructions. So I upgraded it again to a T9300 and a 802.11ac/BT 4.0 combo card and it actually runs macOS 10.12.4 really good. It's by no means a work horse but it does work great for doing lighter stuff while I do my main work on the hackintosh
  11. You need to use the macOS Sierra Patcher Tool. After install, boot back into USB and run the post install and choose your Mac build and it will put the patches in place so you don't get the reboot
  12. I know for the older Mac pros you can. But I don't know if that's what I need. I was hoping maybe a kext and some plist editing would get it. To monitor CPU frequency, for example, I use fakesmc and the fakesmc senor kext in my real iMac. Cause there is no other way iv found to monitor that and a few other things. Plus, I had to modify the macOS install image to get around platform support and a few other things so there has to be some kind of way. It's funny how my real iMac has almost turned into a hackintosh lol Sent from my iPhone 7 Plus 256GB
  13. In particular to me it's a 2007 iMac. Night shift works great on my hackintosh. I'm looking for a way to enable it on my imac
  14. Looking for someone that knows how night shift is implemented into macOS. Iv tried a few things but can't figure out how to enable night shift on unsupported Mac
  15. nandor690

    [pre-release] macOS Sierra 10.12.4

    macOS 10.12.4 went smoothly on Z77-DS3H. Just had to reload kext for audio and Ethernet. Rebuild caches and all good. Update went smoothly on my 2007 20" iMac as well. Only bad thing is night shift doesn't show up in display options. But night shift works great on my hackintosh with the old 23" Cinema Display. I'm sure there's gotta be a way to enable it on the 2007 iMac