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  1. Show us your favourite iPhone applications!

    beejive https://iphone.beejive.com
  2. iPhone AIM?

    http://iphone.beejive.com will connect you to all popular IMs. A very nice interface. Very good job! I guess trillian is late. http://iphoneappsmanager.com for all apps available for iphone. They all run in the browser.
  3. iPhoneDrive

    What we need is a real file browser with which one could add videos and pics without itunes and play them on the iphone.
  4. Stability, security, speed, and TASTE to just name a few of my reasons. To the guy who says windows boots in 5 min: that can't possibly be true unless your computer is ancient. Neither XP nor vista take so long to boot.
  5. 9A466 App Compatibility

    Did you do a clean install because both mail and parallels should work. In fact, I didn't install windows again in leopard. So, I can't tell if windows really runs in parallels. I have no problems with mail currently.
  6. Leopard BETA as main OS

    You should use rsyncx (it's free) next time to back up your entire drive to an external. You have the option to make an exact bootable copy and boot of the external to make sure everything works fine before you start tinkering with your main OS. The copy can be updated and so forth.
  7. Bugs of 10.5

    mine never crashed with the black screen of death. i am not using any bluetooth devices though. bonjour doesn't work either. I guess the networking has some issues.
  8. 9A466 App Compatibility

    Camino is ugly as hell. Why, on earth, would u want to use that? I only use Safari and Netscape 9. The latter is faster than Safari, Firefox and Camino. Oh, and is compatible with all the firefox plugins too! cool i'll try that. Thanks! Yay! cisco vpn works! Thanks again!
  9. 9A466 App Compatibility

    Leopard comes with safari 3 beta by default. So, yeah, everybody who installed leopard had safari 3 beta. Read in these posts, there have been quite a few people complaining about safari crashing. Oh, unfortunately CISCO VPN doesn't work either! Bummer! oh yeah! Thanks for the link! it does seem a bit faster, doesn't it?
  10. Bugs of 10.5

    I thought with all these cool graphics and features apple added to it may be slower than tiger, but on my 1st generation macbook it seems faster than 10.4.10. However, it's still a little rough around the edges, expected for a beta. I am sure apple will take care of the bugs by october. Where is the firewall configuration in network? Did you guys noticed it's missing?
  11. Bluetooth fix?

    Did you also transfer over your user accounts and apps from Tiger (after the full install)? That is what I did and blue tooth pairing with my phone crashes the system.
  12. 9A466 App Compatibility

    Try netscape navigator 9. Works will all firefox plugins and is the fastest browser, faster than camino, safari, and firefox. iAlertU doesn't work either.
  13. 9A466 App Compatibility

    Missing Sync for Mobile doesn't work. However, this may be due to problems with bluetooth pairing, reported as an issue. Google Earth not working. CRashing on startup. Skype video doesn't work, crashes when attempt to setup video. Adium works after I reinstalled it. FrontRow works but no volume change from remote. Can change it from keyboard. Garmin Training Center crashes when syncing with GPS.
  14. 9A466 Front Row?

    yes. it is. the volume doesn't seem to work from remote. it works from the keyboard.
  15. Bugs of 10.5

    No, I did not do an upgrade to leopard. I just installed it fresh and transfered my apps. I agree with you about the apps. Unfortunately I am relying on all those apps to do my everyday tasks. And dude, nobody knows everything, not even apple. Perhaps, what I listed would better fit in "apps not compatible with leopard". I reinstalled now leopard with bootcamp on a second partition. For some strange reason frontrow seems to work this time and i am connected to this forum with safari. I uninstalled adium (with appzapper) and then reinstalled it. It works now. Will try that with other software I use.