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  1. which is better? ipod touch turned into a phone or the iphone?
  2. Show us your favourite iPhone applications!

    heres my favorite. some are jailbroken apps Mxtube, gpSphone, myspace, and some i forgot
  3. The Ultimate Web Browser

    Usually i use firefox. Most of the time i use safari. im testing out google chrome right now...
  4. dvd to ipod program

    I use DVDFab it's a good program try it out
  5. Is there a laptop or desktop mostly compatible with Mac? im planing to buy it for whatever the price is
  6. OS X takes up 12 GB of space.

    especially if you have less hard drive capacity
  7. Snow Leopard Q1 2009?

    I heard its gonna be released somewhere in june 2009
  8. 10.4.11 installed, need AGP GeForce FX5200 drivers

    Try to install koolkal 10.4.10 intel combo Or if that doesnt work, try Jas OS X 10.4.9 combo update