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  1. I just got a new 8800GT for my new Mac Pro. In OS X the graphics card work great, but under Windows the display flickers (low refresh rate...or may I call it "interlaced lagging"?). It doesn't flicker itself..only moving objects has the flickering, like games and window-moving. I have uninstalled, reinstalled and updated drivers from Apple and NVIDIA. Please try to help me with this.. How can I fix this?
  2. Hey!. I'm so exited over my new Mac Plus! I'm having quite a few problems though.. How can I read/write 800K floppy disks from another Mac? I bought an external USB floppy drive and I've tried with Linux and with Windows, but it doesn't work. I've heard that a 1400K-floppy-drive is not able to read/write a 800K floppy disk... So how can I transfer some files over there? It has an external harddrive, the Apple Macintosh Hard Disk 20SC. Will an SCSI adapter work with this harddrive to transfer files from my (also new) Mac Pro? ...or what about an ethernet adapter? Help me! I need to install some cool and old apps!
  3. Thanks order is placed. ..I really want the graphics card from Apple though.. I want it to be as supernative as possible.
  4. if I do buy a PC-version of the card; then I need a PCI-e 6-pin power adapter from one of the two outputs on the Mac Pro motherboard, right? Or... may i just buy a regular PC 6-pin power cable?
  5. All people says different stuff about this. AMAGAD! I don't know what to do! *kill self*
  6. What? Can someone get me the new graphics card for the Mac Pro (NVIDIA GeForce 8800GT 512MB)? I will pay 449$ for this product from Apple Store. Why? I need it faster than Apple can get me it. 5-7 weeks is too much.. I need to have it in less than 4 weeks. How? Just run down to your local Apple Store (if they have it) and buy it for 349$, I will pay 449$ + shipment costs through PayPal. Can you help me and earn 100$?
  7. Ok. If it works, how will I sense the eeprom difference?
  8. With the new Leopard Graphics Update; will I be able to use any 8800 GT graphics card?
  9. Hi! I only got the standard graphics card... How did you get the 8800 GT so soon? Are they available in the US? Can someone make an eBay-auction or something and sell me this {censored}? Yeah!! I'm that desperate! To get it from the online Apple Store I have to wait 5-7 weeks... Can I just buy a regular PC-graphics card with the 8800GT-chipset?
  10. I just got a new Mac Pro , but the graphics card sucks the {censored} out of me... The new NVIDIA GeForce 8800 GT for Mac Pro ships in 5-7 weeks... That's many lonely saturdays, sundays and even mondays .. Soo.. Can I buy the 8800 GT another place? I´ve heard that the 8800 GTX works with the Mac Pro hardware, but not with Mac OS X, only in Windows, via Boot Camp. Is that fixed now, with the new 8-core Mac Pros? Can I buy any graphics card with the NVIDIA 8800 GT-chipset?
  11. iMags

    Apple Displays Software?

    The brightness-keys on my Apple keyboard didn't work at first.. so I thought I might needed some software. ...but now they do work Thanks
  12. Hi! I just got my Apple Cinema Display, but I can't find the software CD. I searched for it, but all I found was this guide: http://docs.info.apple.com/article.html?artnum=34592 "...Apple Displays Software CD that came with your monitor. " it says.. but I didn't get any CD with the monitor. Any place I can get it?
  13. R2k.

    love your avatar :)



  14. iMags

    Will you use 2D or 3D dock on bottom?

    I hate the look of the 3D dock! At first, it looked cool, but now it's just too much... Icon-reflection, windows-reflection, silly S-curve-reflection, dumb-perspective-thing.... IT'S TOO F***ING MUCH! The 2D dock is soo much nicer!
  15. iMags

    New Leopard Side-Dock

    Thanks! much, much better!