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  1. Why does the iPhone suck so much?

    I dunno, best phone I have ever had. It is different but I don't find it to be lacking any basic phone features, It has bluetooth for an ear piece, and it works with most of my wifes video ipod accessories. Not all but most.
  2. iphone remote

    make sure you use https not http and : is unerder the @123 button
  3. iphone remote

    I'm currently working on making an app that you can use to control frontrow, or appleTV if you did that hack, or the other options like centerstage, itheater, and mediacentral. I just about have all the bugs worked out. I'll post when its done. I think iphone remote has a lot of potential.
  4. iphone remote

    http://code.google.com/p/telekinesis/ Install the app, point your iphone at your computers ip and you can use your phone as a apple remote, launch apple scripts, brows files, stream media ect... Coolest part is that you can add web scripts for more apps.
  5. Safari in full screen?

    Is it possable to run safari on the iphone without the two bars, getting rid of at least the top bar would be nice for allot of the new web apps
  6. Show us your favourite iPhone applications!

    Tried fast apps, didn't like it to much. Check out http://iphoneappsmanager.com/ Similar concept but nicer looking and custamizable
  7. iPhone and iTunes 7.3 Released

    The monthly rates really aren't so bad. It is the same as a blackberry with unlimited data pack. It is much better though. I'm writting this from the iPhone. By the way any iphone users who haven't found this already check out http://www.iphoneappsmanager.com
  8. I haven't tried replacing the kernel or adding the extention yet but the upgrade works pretty well. I lost sound, but I got that back. I also reinstalled the loginwindow from the 10.8 disk. It worked fine. I am still trying to get core imaging on my gma900. I installed the optional graphics kext, which did nothing and had no info about what they are for. So, I tried installin the 10.8 gma900 by JAS. This let me pick a good resolution but says that 915 kext fails to load, seek newer version from vendor, so still no core support. Any know what I need to do?
  9. iPhone and iTunes 7.3 Released

    You may be able to get iTunes 7.3 on an machine lower than 10.4.10 but the iPhone requires 10.4.10, at least acording to the apple store.
  10. "Top Features" Reviewed

    It's a little vista like but you've been able to do transparencies for years now. Leo looks like it just lets you do that without any third party apps. I think it will have settings for how transparent you want things or if you want no transparency. If it doesn't have such settings someone will make a app to give us those settings. Stacks looks cool, at least on the grid. Quick look is cool, apple tv for front row is cool. I'd say there's a lot of improvements. I've been waiting for a new finder. I like path finder and hopefully Apple made something better. As for the gui, I think we can relax a little. I'd be surprised if apple thought everyone would want transparencies, especially people hard of seeing, and don't forget there is always shape shifter. I'm sure they will make an update and you can make leo look like tiger, OS 9, Vista, or some clowns vomit... whatever....
  11. DVD Player Plugin for Apple TV

    yeah, I didn't write the script just changed it to launch DVD Player. It loads fine for me but only works about half the time. I'll run through the script and see if I can improve it but probably not for a couple of weeks, school is busy right now.
  12. Apple tv hider

    I'd like to use the app launcher and i made a DVD launch button based off the same script. The problem I am halving is that it works about half the time and freezes my whole system the other half. At first I though it was a permisions error but it doesn't seem to be. Any one else getting this?
  13. Unofficial AppleTV Plugins Thread

    Nevermind.... After repairing the disk and the permissions it's all fine
  14. Unofficial AppleTV Plugins Thread

    I had the alt-tab hack and app launcher just froze the computer. I removed the hack and it work hack and it worked, but now that i have rebooted it has stopped working again. Freezes every time. I made a similar plugin to launch the DVD Player only, and that works fine. It would be nice to just make a list of apps like this plugin does or to be able to sort plugins into some kind of submenu system so that I could set up to launch VLC and DVD Player and other apps Any suggestion on why it doesn't work but did breifly?
  15. DVD Player Plugin for Apple TV

    What about just hiding appletv long enough to watch the dvd from dvd player? This is what app launcher does, and when you close the app it goes back to Apple TV. You could just install thaty plugin and add DVD player to it. If you want the extra plugin I made it for you so check it out, called DVD and uses the icon from this thread. dvd.zip