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Safari 3 (Now Windows compatible)...

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I just really want Safari 3 for Tiger. The old webkit framework from Safari 2 really sucks at rendering web pages. I talked to a few Apple devs, and they said the Safari released today will render pages just as accurately as Firefox. I knew Safari 3 was going to be released for Tiger today, but Windows was a complete surprise.


Finally, when I put "frame=void" in table html, Safari will actually know to omit the outside border. About time!


Oh, and CSS styles for buttons on webpages will now be respected by Safari. In Safari 2, all the buttons simply got the "Aqua" look.




Safari 3 now publicly available:



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I'm using it right now, it's def gonna be my default browser :gathering:

A lil while ago I had 3 tabs open and safari was only using 10 mb of ram! :)


I have one problem though, the menu text is all screwed up. Instead of "File", it says "Hkng"

It's all off by 2 for some reason


oh yeah, btw it seems to be really easy to skin safari 3 for windows :)

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Hey everyone,


I see that Safari 3 is only compatible with 10.4.9. A lot of OS X86'ers don't have 10.4.9, but 10.4.8. I made another version of the Safari 3.0 installation that allows it to install on 10.4.8. Here is the link:


Safari 3.0 for 10.4.8


(Technically this isn't warez, because it is free, and beta, software).





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on windows a lot of text is garbled.


Yes, this is really early beta stage, I would call it nightly. I tried it

with Windows and the corefoundation is crashing 24/7. Looks like

it was stitched together with a hot needle, to get it ready for WWDC.


But I am really looking forward to the final :thumbsup_anim:

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Wow. Am I the only one with Safari running flawlessly in Vista (albeit with a slow initial load time?)


After using Safari 3 in OS X 10.4.9 and Windows Vista Ultimate, I've seen no differences at all as far as how pages are rendered. Special Quicktime movie control styles (like those found in the Leopard demo site) both render fine.


About brushed metal: Safari 3's GUI styles are actually located within the app itself, or at least I think. Regardless of what skin you apply in Shapeshifter, Safari will look the same. I also noticed Apple "Pro apps," such as Aperture and Final Cut, do this. I'm convinced it's all self-contained within the app.


My only complaint is in the Windows Safari 3's speed. Firefox renders pages about 2x faster, and the program itself starts up 10x faster than Safari. I've noticed all Apple programs run pretty crappy on Vista right now. Quicktime, iTunes, and Safari take the longest to start up on my system.


But with Mac Safari 3, no complaints so far. :(

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