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  1. AAPL falling down due to recession fear

    I hope it gets a lot lower than that.... (That way I can buy! )
  2. What do you guys think, will we see an updated macbook with an led screen and multitouch trackpad any time soon? I was thinking about buying a macbook but the macbook air is a bit expensive, so I'll definitely wait a bit for a refreshed macbook
  3. MacWorld 2008 Transcript Leaked?

    I'm not sure about most of this stuff, but I'm pretty sure we're going to see a new mac mini with that said I wish they would up the base macbook's specs because I'm about to buy one (no dvd burner + a 80gb hdd is kinda lame)
  4. Leopard on Eee PC

    I'm pretty sure it's a 900mhz celeron m, not an older, 900mhz celeron
  5. First of all, I'm on an amd comp with an nforce 520mcp motherboard [ link ] and I'm using the patched kernel Every time I try to get the osx86 leopard installer to start I keep getting "BSD root: disk1s3, major 14, minor 6" Anybody have any ideas on how to fix this? No one seems to know over at osx86scene so I figured I should post here Even if I unplug my hard drive, I still get this error I even tried installing it on my celeron d comp but I get a "still waiting for root device" error on that comp
  6. I wanna see an osx86 dvd out, cause I can't get the patched gm dvd to work on my cmop
  7. 7900gt (works great with osx86)

    a lil bit faster than 550/1500 (the 7900gt superclocked's speed), and it was 100% stable. haven't really overclocked it much more than that I'll run the atitool test with the clocks set to 550/1500 if you want me to, to test for artifacts you tell me
  8. I figured I should post this at this forum too I'm looking to sell my evga 7900gt. It's a pretty good card, and it comes with a zalman (led) heatsink, and you can overclock it to get the evga 7900gt superclocked speeds pretty easily and also, if you wanna use osx86, the 7900gt works perfectly here's a pic Start the bidding
  9. Leopard on osx86?

    same and if it'd be possible to patch the original dvd image to work for amd, that'd be even better
  10. Is there a secret GUI in Leopard?

    I'm pretty sure that's not for leopard
  11. No internet connection

    alright, I got it working rammjet's thread helped though, but I couldn't get the driver to work until now. turns out that osx was trying to use the r1000 driver, and that the applerealtek driver doesn't work, so I removed them and installed that driver and about pci cards showing up in system profiler, I found out that's normal in osx86 I'm on a roll, now I just need to install natit edit: you're right, it's the realtek 8139, typo
  12. I hope I'm posting in the right subforum - I have a realtek rtl8319 pci card (this is supposed to be compatible) - My motherboard has the nforce 520 mcp chipset BIOSTAR NF520-A2 - Using a 5600+ - Using tubgirl's 10.4.10 I couldn't get the internet to work after messing around a bit, and also, when I checked in "PCI Cards" inside the system profiler, it didn't show any is it supposed to show up in the system profiler? any way to check if osx detected it in any way? any tips? tia
  13. Jas 10.4.8 help needed (launchd error)

    ^that wasn't my problem, lol I got the error when booting osx, not the osx installer. and not to mention I didn't get that error in vmware, only when booting natively anyways, I got osx working by using tubgirl's 10.4.10 a few minutes ago, I just need to get my realtek rtl8139 ethernet card to work
  14. Jas 10.4.8 help needed (launchd error)

    I'm guessing no one knows?
  15. ok, so I installed osx using the Jas 10.4.8 install dvd (through vmware though), trying to dual boot windows xp and osx86 on my new comp I can run osx off of its partition if I use vmware, but if I try to run osx natively, (using -x -v -s), I always get a launchd error any idea what could be causing this? Specs: AM2 5600+ BIOSTAR NF520-A2 (nforce 520 mcp) 2GB of ram 7900gt 250gb pata hard drive thanks in advance!