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  1. Anyone noticed that if you minimize a playing quicktime video to the dock the image that comes in the dock is frozen? In Tiger it used to continue playing in the dock and you would see the moving picture on the dock thumbnail
  2. Leopard on my Macbook pro

    Yes it is fine to run 32 bit and 64 bit side by side. But the "core" of the operating system must be in 64 bit since there are CPU instructions to execute 32 bit code seperately. That is to say the OS is 64 bit and able to run 32 bit applications and 64 bit applications side by side, its not new. The issue here is the OS is whether this core is 64 bit only or not, it can't be both otherwise apple would have to ship two Operating Systems..
  3. Leopard on my Macbook pro

    Was that from last years WWDC? Last year the Core 2 Duo hadn't been released yet so it would have created a complication if leopard wasn't 32 bit compatible for developers. 32 Bit frameworks can also just mean 32 bit applications can be run on a 64 bit only OS (since 32 bit framework allows the 32 bit applications to run) - as in these new 64 bit x64 chips.
  4. Leopard on my Macbook pro

    Are you absolutely sure? I heard steve explicitly say there is no 32 bit version and "most" of the macs are 64 bit and hence leopard ready. It would also explain the sudden jump in Macbook Pros memory to 2GB minimum (since 64-bit allows more data to stay in RAM). They just switched to Intel and its not leopard ready then? I think i deleted the keynote after i watched it, but could someone check it up if they have the keynote?
  5. I understand Leopard is 64-Bit after watching the WWDC 07 Keynote. I bought my Macbook pro LESS THAN A YEAR AGO!!! (Yup, its Core Duo), and it wont work on Leopard, is that correct? Leopard is only 64 bit? What about us!!! The transition to Core 2 Duo was very recent! (I remember it just to the end of last year)
  6. When is Leopard Going to Leak?

    Can someone help me with an oink invite. Thanks
  7. Safari 3 (Now Windows compatible)...

    Does the new safari on mac have the new theme like itunes? Mine is in the safari>about box version 3, but it looks the same! (well appart from some new features)
  8. Why don't you try using Crossover office from codeweavers.com. Many of the developers are the same developers of darwine but Crossover Office is easier to install and get running on more applications. Try changing your default language to English for the darwine if you want to keep it
  9. When I quit those other sound programs e.g The one to record from iTunes or the Subband Virtual Surround thing It seems to work fine, try the latest build.
  10. Looks like we're getting either special offers for Christmas or something new!
  11. I would like an app that adds "Macintosh" onto the desktop so i can have less icons on my desktop. I download alot and many many files end up on my desktop. I wish i could drag them to the "Macintosh" hard disk and they would just go to their corresponding assigned' locations' depending on file type. All pictures go to pictures. If not on the macintosh hard disk logo then on a "Auto organise" logo or so.. It would be amazing to have documents organised this way...
  12. Stoplight 1.1 Bugs

    Trying to shutdown, logs you out. Going to about this mac and closing the window logs you out.
  13. iAnnoyance Winner: "Stoplight"

    This is a fantastic program! Thanks!. So there is bashing because its not to "Mac OS X", many developers dont follow HIG and this useful app fixes the problems I have. Its always an option and those who like the classic mac os x dont have to use it.. but still suffer at those programs which dont follow HIG, which i must say are quite alot out there. I've used Mac for quite a long time, since the OS 7. But my user experience with this nifty little app is certainly improved compared with the old 'x' box. I find the whole idea of iAnnoyances fantastic. Thanks everyone! P.S It makes it better then having a yellow and red button that do pretty much the same thing (on some apps).
  14. Stoplight 1.0 Bugs

    Pages crashes if you open a file (i clicked on the side where the previews of each page are before it shuts by itself)
  15. iTunes 6 DRM has been cracked

    It means that music downloaded from iTunes can be converted to a file without DRM (Digital Rights Management) which allows it to be used without restrictions of copying..etc Same with WMA DRM