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    3 More Get a Mac Adds!

    I've seen several people do this. Leopard is not presently without its issues. Sure they'll get fixed over time, but some people, for one reason or another, simply can't wait so they revert to what they know works perfectly - i.e. Tiger. Another site posted a list of some known 10.5 issues and it was rather varied. According to Steve jobs next week several fixes will be issued and 10.5.1 will be released soon after that, so Apple will need to whittle away at these issues over time. We use both 10.4 and 10.5 and we probably will for a little while longer. As for the new ads, they are funny. I also thought it was interesting how Dodge has now copied the basic iPod ads (same music and style). Especially liked the ad with the PR lady spinning everything that PC was saying. The new Apple iPhone ads by contrast are very boring and need to be reworked, and until then they need to stop showing them.
  2. Meanwhile they're spending tons of money to build a glass staircase for their New York store. What sense does that make?
  3. Colonel Ingus

    Mac OS X 10.5.1 Almost Ready

    ...and it won't be for some time
  4. Colonel Ingus

    Windows Vista

    Show me where I ever debated that. However mhbas0001 cannot use a web based analytical company to try to reflect what computer users as a whole prefer. That source is inherently flawed. Yeah well I used to respect you too, but after this I regret that now also so I guess we're even. Life goes on. When people make sweeping generalizations or post their opinions as 'fact' then yes, I'll point out those inaccuracies. If they can't back them up with credible references then they shouldn't have posted it as 'fact' in the first place. LOL Well thank you for pointing that out. I just don't understand how if something is true that it's wrong to point it out in a debate. Weird Yep, when you have no credible facts to back up your own personal opinion that's the best course of action
  5. Colonel Ingus

    Windows Vista

    Gee I didn't think it was possible but in one sentence you've accomplished 3 things; you've admitted to being immature, you've claimed to being psychic, and you've completely misunderstood the entire purpose of a debate. Congratulations, that's quite a feat. For future reference; you may hear voices in your head telling you what other people are 'thinking' but they aren't real, and this is not a contest where one side 'wins' anything. It's time that you learn that when you say something in a debate you either back it up with credible sources or you retract it. You've done neither, hence why we're still here Do you even read what you're posting or are you posting this tripe just to be funny? From the link that you yourself provided: Both of those companies get their data from one source - and one source only - people that are on THE INTERNET (which clearly isn't everybody) or are you now going to insinuate that every single person that owns a computer uses a browser? For example, many people with disabilities don't bother, and that's just one example. Now all you've got to do is show us how what people that do use the net, have to do with what operating system all computer owners prefer if they had a choice. That's a big leap, Good luck. LOL Apparently you need to buy a dictionary. The words 'bother' and 'prefer' (or even 'bother' and 'satisfy') have two different meanings. Now you're changing your statement to read that "at no point <you> suggested that people prefer using Microsoft Windows." when before you kept insinuating that "most people" are supposedly content with windows. Oh and by the way I don't have to provide anything because YOU were the one making the claim! I'm just asking to to back it up with credible references. I don't know what people would prefer using (one way or the other) if they were all given a choice. I know what I've seen first hand, and I know what the trend is, but the problem here is that YOU are making sweeping claims that "most people" (90% were your statistics) are happy with windows, and you have yet to show ANY credible sources to back that up that claim. This would be where you would go off on another one of your childish rants again. That would be redundant mhbas0001 LOL Wow, you really do have a problem with words. The word 'satisfy' implies that they are happy with it, so you are in effect insinuating (again) that "most people" are happy with using windows. Now all you've got to do is show us your studies and research that backs up your claim. Looking forward to seeing it, unless of course you're going to try to weasel out of providing any credible proof like with all of your other claims. Not even close to being true. The 'servers and counters' are located on the net. Again, prove that every single person that owns a computer uses a browser. I know several people from an older generation that never surfs on the net. I'm sure others here have heard of other people like that too. If everyone doesn't use a browser then how in the world could the 'links' that you provided be accurate? They can't, and you shouldn't make sweeping claims like you're doing. We'll obviously that rule doesn't apply to someone like you, because you do... LOL Now I know you just said that to get a chuckle out of me. Guess what, it worked Oh you mean the one where the moderator told the windows fanboy who started the thread to grow up? Did you know that same fanboy sends me love letters via PM? That should tell you something about him Like the moderator pointed out these people are all immature, and if you think that I'm worried about what a handful of immature windows fanboys think about me then you are mistaken It's not! If you think for a minute that it is then post your references. When someone says something that is wrong I have no problem asking them to clarify it with references. If instead they attack me and duck providing any of those references then that in itself speaks volumes about them. Many people come here to learn, and starting rumors or posting 'opinions as fact' does not help, so yes, I call them on it.
  6. Colonel Ingus

    The high price of Apple computers

    Maybe not, but that has nothing to do with what we said. Try reading what we wrote and not just what you want to read next time, and while you're at it, try doing a little research before you start howling at the moon. From Macrumors:
  7. Colonel Ingus

    The high price of Apple computers

    Really? Since when does Apple own Seagate?
  8. Colonel Ingus

    Windows Vista

    You're right you didn't insinuate it just once, you did it twice. My bad; And what's funniest of all is that now you're trying to backpedal, and you've yet to back up your original statement. The sadest part about all of your posts is that when you subtract all of your name calling, unsubstantiated theories, and all of your childish insulting rants, you really didn't say much of anything in your posts at all. Just a lot of rhetoric, false dilemma and hearsay. Oh and by the way, saying that most people don't bother to change their operating system, and saying that most people don't care about their operating system, are TWO completely different things. You're good at posting a lot of 'ad hominem' I'll give you that, but then any troll can do that and you still haven't posted a link to your 'OneStat Analytics' so-called statistics (not that it matters since it's wrong to begin with). Now since you want to respond for erei33, be a nice boy and show us some credible proof that people don't care about what operating system they use, or just be a 12 year old and go off on one of your childish rants again... up to you
  9. Colonel Ingus

    Windows Vista

    Other than being immature, doing a lot of side stepping and repeatedly resorting to name calling you have yet to back up anything that you've said with any credible sources. YOU made a statement which implied that 90% of people prefer to use windows. Now, other than your own biased opinion can you actually back that up with credible sources? You also claimed that Macs had only a 2.7% market share, which most people on this forum know is completely false. Maybe you think these things because you got your so-called 'facts' from a place that studies the Internet, and not actual customer prefered OS usage. Not only can you not back up your statement with credible facts, but you can't even list one company that tracks actual prefered OS usage. So leave if you want, but just don't go running around making generalized untrue statements. Yadda, yadda, yadda, this isn't about what you or I like or own, this is about what people prefer to use when given a choice. Just because a PC is sold doesn't necessarily mean that they're using windows on it, so your "90% of people prefer windows" remark is nothing but hearsay the likes of which makes good urban legends. Oh and for the record I love Microsoft hardware, so all of your 'fantatical zealots' howling-at-the-moon BS is pointless The question wasn't IF people use computers in developed countries, the question was if they don't care about which operating system they use (which is your stance) then why are so many people paying good money and switching to Macs, instead of just keeping their PC's and switching to a free copy of Linux? I bring this up only because in the last 2 - 3 years I've seen a dramatic shift that points toward nothing but the contrary to your statement. People do care what operating system they use WHEN they are given a choice. Now if you would have said that most people aren't educated in operating systems so they stick with what's familiar, that would have been different.
  10. Colonel Ingus

    Windows Vista

    Wow if you believe that, I've got a Humvee that gets over 1,000 miles per gallon and just because I like you I'll give you first dibs on it... the ashtrays haven't even been used yet. As Mark Twain would say, there are 3 kinds of liars; liars, damn liars and statistics. You should learn how to shave with Occam’s razor. Surly you can find a more reputable source than 'OneStat Analytics' that provides web analytics, which has NOTHING to do with install base - DOH! From their own website "OneStat.com provider of web analytics, website monitoring, server monitoring, free hit counter and seo, search engine optimization keyword ranking software." We'll let this one slid since you're obviously still half awake. LOL I'm not debating whether windows has a larger slice of the pie, just your percentages. Comma... question mark Where are you getting these mystical figures from and how are they actually tracking what people are actually USING? For example, NPD tracks point of sales BUT they do not include any online, wal-mart or Apple store sales into their figures. How something is tracked is the most important part when discussing percentages. When people buy a new PC they are not given an actual choice as to which platform they wish to use. Instead they are force-fed a copy of windows. Whether or not they use that copy of windows remains to be seen, but these phantom sales figures still add to MS's inflated shares. Many people buy a PC and prefer to install and use Linux. Still others (like many here) install OS X and use it, so just because a PC was sold with a OEM copy of windows (which usually only cost the manufacture 30.00) doesn't mean that those PC's are using 'windows' as you are insinuating. What this means is that just because MS claims to have a 90% share does NOT necessarily mean that it translates to what users are actually using as their main OS. MS has already been sited for including copies of windows that are just sitting on store shelves which no one has purchased or used yet, just to inflate their sales figures. Plus many people that own Macs have been forced to go out and buy a copy of windows just so that they can use one or two programs on their Mac via boot camp - but this DOESN'T mean that those copies of windows are being used as their MAIN operating system. Far from it, generally speaking when someone buys a Mac they usually prefer to use OS X as their main operating system. No one buys a Mac just for the hardware, they buy as a 'package' deal with OS X and iLife software included in the mix. When someone buys a PC, windows is more of a OEM tax that they are forced to pay than anything. Still others that buy a Mac use both windows and OS X equally, so how would you include them in the totals? The point is that just because a copy of windows is sitting on a store shelf, or that someone buys a PC, or that someone with a Mac buys a copy of windows - DOESN'T mean that it's what those customers prefer to use. You can't get those figures from market share alone. I don't mean to be presumptuous but god, you need to take a step back and look at the facts objectively before coming off all high and mighty spouting statistics which mean nothing, and only further my argument. Anyone who believes that microsoft will always stay number one is completely ignorant about how the market works. General Motors is a good example that comes to mind Really? Then why are so many people paying good money and switching to Macs, instead of keeping their PC's and switching to a free copy of Linux? Apparently many people DO care what OS they use.
  11. Colonel Ingus

    Windows Vista

    Yeah, maybe a while back Sorry to wake you up, you can go back to sleep now. LOL Yeah, that's why when people actually compare the two operating systems they usually switch over to Macs, and they've been doing that since the Intel minis were introduced. Most people are ignorant about operating systems. Apples taking away all of their old excuses not to switch, like "What will I do with all of my windows software" and "I thought Macs cost more than PC's"... Now people know that they don't have to worry about any of that. Anyway, didn't mean to wake you up. You grab onto that straw real tight now
  12. Colonel Ingus

    Asus Claims Apple is Building a Tablet PC

    Naw, they'll call it the iSlate I've been hearing about this tablet for a while now. I personally don't really consider it a rumor. I've read many other credible reports about it and it makes a LOT of sense for Apple to do this. This is going to be one awsome Macworld :mellow:
  13. Colonel Ingus

    Windows Vista

    ROFL :mellow: Thanks, I needed that
  14. Colonel Ingus

    Windows Vista

    It's not just for scratches. Ours was defective out of the box and it has no scratches. Just hope we can exchange it at the Apple store and we don't have to mail it back to Apple...
  15. Colonel Ingus

    Blu-Ray for MacBook Pros

    Yeah I know If we don't see them within the next few weeks, then I'm afraid we probably won't until January 14-18.