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  1. Azurael

    Attractive PC Case

    I love my CM690. It's elegant, if not as much as Apple's designs, but more importantly it's simply a fantastic set-up, with room for 4x5.25" devices, 5x3.5" HDDs, mounted on rubber gromets into plastic caddies which slide in to isloate noise. The whole shebang is tool-less, and the PSU is at the bottom, meaning it runs cool and I have room for a 2x120mm radiator mounted in the top with 2x slim 120mm fans drawing air out of the top. I also have a rear-mounted 1x120mm radiator with the pipes passing out of the case through the pre-drilled, grommet-equipped holes. It's also got neat cable routing and top mounted sound/usb/1394/esata ports
  2. Azurael

    How to get 1440x900 on apple boot screen [nvidia]

    It's not possible while your GPU is in VESA mode (as opposed to the EFI framebuffer on a real MAC) unless the resolution you want is in your video card's BIOS (else it will resort to the nearest thing - I have 1920x1200 set in my com.Apple.Boot.plist and it auto-selects 1600x1200) and widescreen resolutions aren't usually. You'll just have to live with pre-loginwindow graphics in the wrong resolution without 'real' EFI with a 'real' EFI graphics firmware.
  3. Azurael

    ATI x300 drivers for 10.5.2?

    X300 = R3xx (RV370 to be precise - it's really just a 9600SE with PCIe support.) Unfortunately, the 10.5.x Radeon9700 (as required for all R/RV3xx cards) kexts are PPC-only, you need a new GPU for 10.5.x. There's simply nothing we can do within reason. All the 'graphics drivers' for OS X you will find about are actually just 'enablers' for the existing drivers. I don't think anybody has the time to write an OS X GPU driver from the ground up.
  4. Azurael

    OS X on The PS3

    I hate to ask, but what the heck are you on about? For all intents and purposes with regard to running OS X, the Cell processor in the PS3 consists of a single central processing core, the 'PPE', which is compatible with the POWER instruction set with an AltiVec unit tacked on (so bar a couple of minor functional differences, it's instruction set compatible with a G5.) However, due to hardware differences such as a lack of instruction scheduling units, it will never even come close to matching the performance of a G5 for the execution of code which is not optimised for the architectural differences. It has two hardware threads (like a HyperThreading P4) which allows it to make optimum use of its long pipelines by avoiding too much of a penalty if one pipeline stalls as a result of branch misprediction, but obviously doesn't offer anything like the performance of two real cores. Utterly irrelevant to us, the CPU also has 7 SPEs (in the PS3 implementation - the CBE itself has 8, but one is disabled to improve yields) which are very stripped down RISC cores designed purely for SIMD. Think '7 AltiVec units on steroids' and you wouldn't be far off the mark. However, they would most likely be useless and unaccesable under OS X, unless somebody wants to make the appropriate modifications to the OS at a low level to support them As I've said in another one of these pointless 'I'm going to run Mac OS on X piece of hardware' threads that seem to appear on this forum every ten minutes, OS X on the PS3 is a pointless goal. Once you've written a bootloader to start the Mac OS X kernel on a PS3 (if that is even possible bearning in mind the massive differences in supporting hardware, system firmware, etc.) Then you face the challenge of writing drivers for all the hypervisor virtualised hardware including things like the framebuffer.) One possible avenue is virtualising OS X running on top of Linux. However, Mac-on-Linux doesn't support G5s, AFAIK, and you'll get nowhere with the total available 256MB of RAM on a PS3 shared between host and guest OSes. Even if you could overcome all of these issues, a violated 360 running Linux would make a better target platform for virtualising Mac OS; it has 3x the usable CPU power (put simply, Cell = 1 PPE + 7 SPEs, Xenon = 3 PPEs - although this isn't quite true, the three cores in Xenon share only 512KB of L2 between them), double the usable RAM (the 360 shares it's 512MB of memory between the GPU and CPU, like a PC with integrated graphics, whereas the PS3 has 256MB of dedicated video RAM and 256MB of system RAM.) and the possibility of much better video performance due to not having to go through the hypervisor's framebuffer emulator.
  5. Hmmm... I just happened to boot up my machine when the CPU was rather toasty, and the fan came on at full speed, as you'd expect. I thought it would stick at that speed, as usual in OS X... But, it didn't! It slowed down and eventually stopped... And started again under CPU load. That is to say, it's working perfectly. I don't ever want to shut the system down again now! Nothing unusual in the System Log indicating something different happened this boot, so I've no idea what happened. I still don't understand how I'm getting longer battery life with this machine under Mac OS (almost bang-on 3 hours on full brightness + Wireless/BT on) to Windows (about 2 and a half under the same circumstances.) Its especially nice now I've got the AppleACPIBatteryManager.kext which gives me remaining battery time and charging time, something I don't even get under Windows/Linux?!
  6. Oh, you've got broken XD too. That's kinda good and kinda bad - because I assumed that it was just an initialisation bug with the T5250 CPU I've got in my N200, and now I know changing the CPU won't fix it. On the other hand, it's good because it means if we find a way to get in contact with them and all {censored} about it, Lenovo might fix it. I posted on their forums about this issue and got no useful response.
  7. Azurael

    Graphics Card (PCI-E)

    Any GeForce 6/7/8 series PCIe card or ATI X2xxx/HD 3850/70 series should be fine. Some X1950s don't seem to work in OS X, but the X1600 seems a sure bet too if you're looking for a low-end replacement. Look at reviews and pricing and see what offers the best compromise between performance and price for you. You can get quite a decent card with £80 these days. Might even scrape you a second-hand 8800GTS, looking at eBay, though that's probably overkill with your system.
  8. I'm pretty sure Apple have somewhat officially stated they'd support PPC, at least through 10.6, though I can't find where right now. To what extent that will be (might mean dropping G4 support, but I doubt it at the G4 mini lasted a long time...)
  9. Azurael

    My new videocard!

    Even 3 GTX 280s won't make up for the lack of a CPU or RAM. Plus, I like my electricity bills to remain somewhat reasonable!
  10. Azurael

    HW acc. with ATI 9800XT or similar on 10..5.2/3?

    X1950 Pro will work, but is not the simplest card to get going, unfortunately. Plus, last time I checked it only worked on VGA displays...
  11. Azurael

    HW acc. with ATI 9800XT or similar on 10..5.2/3?

    You can't. There's no Intel R3xx drivers in 10.5.x, only PPC versions, and 10.4.x versions of the kexts don't work. For all intents and purposes, getting an R3xx card running with acceleration is impossible. You can probably pick up a GeForce 6 series AGP card on eBay for peanuts now though.
  12. Azurael

    Bill Gates' letter to hobbyists

    I find this quite offensive since my choice not to use Linux is just that. You need to learn to be a bit less insulting, especially when somebody mentions your darling Linux, which seems to automatically put you into defensive mode.
  13. Azurael

    Bill Gates' letter to hobbyists

    What, Mr. 'I made the Linux kernel and all other systems are utterly rubbish'? Yep. OK, you've never read any of his famous Usenet posts, have you?
  14. Azurael

    Bill Gates' letter to hobbyists

    Much Open Source Software is a load of rubbish, but it only takes a few gems to validate the methodology. What I don't like is certain quite prominent, and also militant members of the FOSS community (like that half-wit Stallman, and to some extent Mr. Self Important himself, Linus Torvalds) who believe that all software should necessarily be free and open source. It's all very well pointing out specific examples where developers have been paid for writing open source software, but that's not a viable methodology on a large scale. That's not freedom, that's communism. Not that capitalism is any better.
  15. I can only see Mac host OS support, it's certainly not on their guest OS list.