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Mac OS X on Intel Xeon Processor?

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this example didn't work but check the rest of the wiki i'm sure there are examples there of working or non-working processors




working xeons are listed here at the bottom of the processor list. also check if your processor is atleast sse2 and hopefully sse3. SSE2 is a must though

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Hi I'am new in here, well i just wanna find out dat is it possible OS X to install on odinary Intel Xeon processor??????? And does any one ever tried???? Please let me know and how to do it

Thanks Fellas!


I hope two points are clear enough:


1)You'll need a hacked version of OS X

2)When it comes to compatibility the motherboard is more important than the CPU.

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The single-socket 30x0 series Xeons are simply Core 2's that have been re-labeled. To get a Xeon system working with OS X you'll really want to have Nocona or newer Xeons (think Prescott). The minimum will be Foster (think Willamette) or Prestonia (think Northwood). For Foster/Prestonia/Nocona/Irwindale/Paxville Xeons (any Xeon with a 400, 533 or 800mhz FSB) your best bet for compatibility will probably be an ASUS PC-DL or NCCH-DL or IWill DH-800 motherboard- all of these use the i875 chipset and are workstation boards so they'll have an 8x AGP slot. For newer Xeons (Dempsey/Woodcrest) and an x5000 chipset board you'll most likely enjoy excellent support as this is the platform that the Mac Pro is based on. Keep in mind that building a Woodcrest system will be orders of magnitude more expensive than putting together an older Netburst system- i5000 boards run at least $350 and the procs are at least $200 apiece. A PC-DL or NCCH-DL can be found for under $150 if you look around and it's common to see a pair of procs for under $200. You also won't need expensive FB-DIMMS or even registered memory. You could take a risk and pickup an E7520 board and you'd get PCI-e slots.


EDIT- to make things a bit more clear and to help identify-

Foster Xeons= any Xeon with a 400mhz FSB has SSE2 only

Prestonia= 533Mhz FSB, SSE2

Nocona= 800mhz FSB has SSE3

Paxville= Dualcore, 667 and 800mhz FSB, SSE3

Irwindale= 800mhz FSB, SSE3

Dempsey (50x0 series)= Dualcore, 667mhz FSB, SSE3

Woodcrest (51x0 series)= Dualcore, 1066 and 1333Mhz FSB, SSE3

Clovertown (53x0 series)= Quadcore, 1066 and 1333mhz FSB, SSE3


Woodcrests and Clovertowns will be the fastest as they're multicore *and* Core-based so they'll be lower power as well. Dempseys will offer a future upgrade path to Clovertown or Woodcrest and they're dirt cheap anymore. I'd stay away from Fosters (too slow, no SSE3) and Paxvilles (too expensive for what you get). Get a pair of Noconas if possible.

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Xeon is a wide variety of cpus. The original poster is not around anymore, so waking up this thread was necessary?


Hewwwwwww, more than a year later here i am, running OS-X on my dual quad core xeon server board


anyone else here been sucessful with that?

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