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  1. Would it work?

    Look for this Title Time is Wrong or Audio Stutters(crackle sound) http://forum.insanelymac.com/index.php?sho...udio+stuttering
  2. hey guys do you think is there probablity of releaseing of Mac OS X Leopard in hack version??? after the releasing officially, are those developer workinon it???? m very eager to see it very soon
  3. Any body knows it?

    so after i do that keeping the files/folder renaming begin with (.) reamains hidden, And if i want to see the hidden folder what do i have to do? can you please tell me
  4. Hey guys, I'm having a doubt on Mac OS X which is unlike windows, there's an option to hide the Folder on windows but i can't find it on Mac OS X. Does anybody knows it how to hide the folder on OS X or do i have to used 3rd Party software????? MacVampire, thanks fellas
  5. Window vista reguired much bigger hardware recomendation , and its a bit heavy OS but no doubt on OS X, its very powerful and beautiful graphical interface
  6. Mac OS X on Intel Xeon Processor?

    yes i do have OS X 10.4.6 Goatseck, the thing is that i have successfully install on Mobo:Asus,945 Intel P4 HT,3GHz RAM:512MB,DDR2 hard drive : 40 Gb more over i want to know more on installing on Intel Xeon processor???????
  7. Hi I'am new in here, well i just wanna find out dat is it possible OS X to install on odinary Intel Xeon processor??????? And does any one ever tried???? Please let me know and how to do it Thanks Fellas!
  8. Windows Vista is just nothing new as i'm seeing, Because it is Copy cat from Mac os X, from the from the graphical interface to security. is completely coppied and Mac is always pioneer