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Upload Files in Downloads section.

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Hello guys, how you doing?


The most of you have problems to upload a file in our Downloads section, and to help you guys, I can upload it for you.

Follow this steps:


Post here the link of the files using the most common services such as DropBox, Google Drive.
Post the comments, such as the details.
Images - Screenshots with a good quality.

And the most important - The credits! Always post the name of the person who deserves the credit for the work, without this, the file will not be uploaded.


I hope that I can help you guys. ;) 


OBS: Please don't flood this topic with unuseful posts, the main objective of it is for help you :wink_anim:

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Hi Allan, it's me again.

Would like to update HWSensor3 to r140 but now we have also a .dmg file in addition to the pkg. Can we add both?

These the files:





the file version should be so "r140"



added EDID parser, detailed GPU info, better associations of the sensors and relative log, Z87P-D3 configuration for ITE87x by maoyeye


Also we support new languages, but I write  this by my self after the new files will be submitted.



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@Allan, please I need to upload a new version of HWSensor3 here.


new revision is r164 and below is "What's new":

  • kexts are 64-bit only, compiled in El Capitan for a good compatibility with Mojave and all other supported OSes

  • Fixed dark appearance in Mojave (r162)

  • New way to show GPUs information from IOAccelerator for supported cards (r156)

  • USB devices monitoring (r147)

  • GPU's Metal and Performance Statistics (r142)

  • add new nuvoton chips (r141)


pkg here

dmg here


Thanks in advance!

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