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  1. This is the most hated problem for me in Hackintosh. I really hated. Super annoying.
  2. This problem happening for me since Mountain Lion. Back then I was using GTX 650. 6 years I am looking for a solution to this problem. I don't know how many things I tried but still didn't find a solution. I bought RX 560 last year and this problem still continue. But I know this is the totally OS/GPU related problem. Back then when I have GTX650, just for test, I installed Lion and there is no any second stage flash thing.
  3. NovaJpeg v3 released and build with Lilu 1.2.8 (I don't understand what does it mean) https://github.com/vulgo/NoVPAJpeg/releases
  4. telepati

    macOS Mojave - It's out!

    After testing I still have a problem with the screen and I really don't know why the hell this happening. But color is changed blue to white now A couple of minutes ago I am writing in the safari and screen turns fully white. I removed HDMI cable from the GPU wait a couple seconds and put it back but it is still white and of course, I made force restart from the case. Could you please someone check my files is there anything missing or need it. This problem really frustrated me. CLOVER.zip
  5. telepati

    Lilu — kext and process patcher

    NoVPAJpeg is implemented in Lilu, am I right?
  6. telepati

    [pre-release] macOS Mojave 10.14.1

    I thought you have also discrete GPU. IGPU is effecting Netflix on Safari. When I disabled it and choose my RX560 for primary on BIOS Netflix starts working without any problem on Safari. If you don't have discrete GPU then you will stick with your IGPU and watch your Netflix in other browsers such as Firefox and Chrome. There is no any other fix for that. I really tried every tips and trick that I found on the net but they didn't help. When I disable IGPU as I said before magic happened and starts work without any problem. No Shiki, no boot arg, no Injection, anything after disabled it starts work on Safari.
  7. telepati

    [pre-release] macOS Mojave 10.14.1

    Disable IGPU from BIOS after that it will work.
  8. telepati

    VirtualSMC — SMC Emulator

    What is this PartitionDxe.efi? is it for the older system?
  9. telepati

    macOS Mojave - It's out!

    No, no mine is not like that it never happens on Youtube or any video on Safari or never looks like a glitch. For example, this above blue screen happened on 1Password extensions page.(https://1password.com/downloads/) There is no any video on that page. There are texts and some links, that's all. I think mine problem looks like related with IGPU. I disabled IGPU from BIOS, toggle off Inject Intel and removed ig-platform-id from clover config.plist. Now my primary GPU is RX560 and I am using NoVPAJpeg.kext for Quicklook/Preview fix. Need a couple of days for testing 'cause it's not happening on every opening Safari.
  10. Ok, Guys, I thought maybe this is not the effect of NoVPAJpeg.kext and removed it. I start testing without it. After removed kext I use @Cyberdevs MacOptimizer Clean Cache and NVRAM then restart the machine. I don't understand what's going on but everything is still working. What's work now; Quicklook all image type, (Not all) Quicklook all video type, Netflix iTunes all DRM Now I am not using any kexts and method from post 1 and everything works. is that mean we don't need actually any kext and method? I really don't get it. I just disable IGPU from BIOS and remove InjectIntel and ig-platform-id that's all. I am not using the beta version of OS never changed SMBIOS it always iMac17,1 with the same serial. Please tell me what can I test more? Edit: Ok finally found the hitch; Yes, NoVPAJpeg.kext need it for jpegs file without it jpegs never work. All other types of files working (png, ai, psd, mp4, mov etc.) Thats mean we still need method and kext for jpegs. Thank you all guys again.
  11. telepati

    VirtualSMC — SMC Emulator

    Why Lilu.kext build number didn't change? All other kexts build number looks changed but Lilu still same?
  12. telepati

    [pre-release] macOS Mojave 10.14.1

    Allan is this hardware decoder thing just work with IGPU, right? As you know for my blue screen issue I disabled my IGPU on BIOS and set the PEG for my primary; macXvideo now show nothing enabled but VDADecoderChecker shows Hardware acceleration is fully supported.
  13. telepati

    macOS Mojave - It's out!

    I did search many Mac users have a blue screen issue on the older system (HS) but that is not related to my issue. People getting the blue screen with spinning ball mine is turn blue and no cursor or something looks like connection lost. And I test it on Windows there is no problem in there. I think I must use with IGPU disabled couple of days and see what will happen. No, I didn't. I am using the official version 10.14.0.
  14. telepati

    macOS Mojave - It's out!

    Yes IGPU was enabled for QuickLook and Preview but I disabled and now using NoVPAJpeg.kext. I will test more. As I said before not blue all the times normally I am getting the full green screen the first time I got blue No and No. I am using the same display and Apple HD cable. And this just happens when I using Safari.
  15. I didn't try NoVPAJpeg.kext and thought to give a chance. I normally used @CyberDevs' method since Beta1; I added NoVPAJpeg.kext and change BIOS to PEG as a primary after restart Preview and Quicklook worked. And two things start to work and I still don't believe it. Needs more test. Netflix and iTunes DRM working now. Netflix never worked before and iTunes DRM just working when I download the media files but on HD movies extras never work until NoVPAJpeg.kext. I will make more test for a couple of days then I will edit this post if it is still working.