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  1. 10.12.6 build-16G1314 GTX-680 Works great with me, auto update.
  2. So I asked-about it: shorter is not zapilili.
  3. I just stupidly-can't find firewood under (16G1311) it used to be (16G1211)
  4. After updating Mac OS can't find Nvidia Web Driver for Sierra 10.12.6 (16G1311) (or haven't upgraded?) who has more accurate information?
  5. Deep thanks insanelymac! All fine, especially with the high screen resolution and browser fine tuning!
  6. Qwels


  7. Полностью Согласен - Весь день пролазил там один мусор, того что надо не найдешь. ИЗВИНЯЮСЬ ЗА БЕСПОКОЙСТВО.
  8. Hello world. I want to purchase this SSD Seagate XF1230-1A0480 SATA2.5" 480GB - (960GB) EMLC 6GB/S But I can't find any reviews on it. Can someone already tried the SSD ? Does he have a cache and how much cache? I want to make bootable SSD under High Sierra, and everyone in the RAID array.
  9. Qwels

    P5QL PRO post-installazione con problemi

    From here also comes conflict. webdav_fs. kext
  10. Qwels

    Intel CPU hardware vulnerability

    Here's the answer to all questions. QED.On Apple, worldwide spread of claim (their special braking system). As I said above, this all makes the manufacturer. Apple specifically make obsolete work of your equipment. Apple has already apologized! Old hardware-has always been more reliable, less than productive, but reliably. And all software. IMHO. And now as new scandal between Microsoft and AMD.!
  11. Qwels

    Where do I start?

  12. Qwels

    High Sierra problema audio

    Yes, SIP attivo non permette caricare! 0x0.0x1,0x3,0x67 - non permette caricare!
  13. Qwels

    Intel CPU hardware vulnerability

    IMHO. Theme for thought-of course a lot of vulnerability, but they used to be. When sales plummeted to video cards and new CPU (appears Bitkoin and Has Mining) Immediately took off everything sales and manufacturer rubbed pens. At the moment (few who buy the latest CPU and the manufacturer loses billions). Conclusion-the vulnerability appeared in the CPU; does someone is necessary. All this makes the manufacturer specifically for sales of the new "iron". If your CPU features; blocking executable code, protection from the fool, error correction, etc. Live quietly.
  14. Thanks; starting with 10.13.0 Constant changes. Can't get csrutil to disable. Will erase the HDD. This after security updates. Already tired of all these updates. And nvda. Found! On the way/usr/standalone/i386. He appears as a loader and installed system. UEFI BIOS you can disable, in BIOS EFI not yet sorted out. When clean install now Apple vanities protection module and EFI booting. from this and there is a conflict with the foreign drivers, and not able to do everything as before. In other words, you get a fully working system, without the ability to put something not Apple.