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  1. Qwels

    OSX86.net taken down?

    This Community is Not Available Please contact the community owner for assistance. Dead ???
  2. Qwels

    Catalina 10.15(15A983) Disable SIP

    Disable SIP =. CsrActiveConfig = 0x67 Enable SIP =. CsrActiveConfig = 0x00 --- 0x37 --- 0x30 itd. xuxaxa.app = "pkm" = Yes open .
  3. Qwels

    macOS Mojave - It's out!

    Don't be surprised if in a week you will not find any program that did not work initially. It is self-cleaning (from not working or "cbojnyh" programs. Even if you have disabled "csrutil" and "Gatekeeper". (C) the symbols "Progami"-same thing happens. The systems removed CUDA and Vebdrive.
  4. How to Mojave install on the next partition HDD GPT HFS + I have installed out of 10.12.6 system (16g1510) Pictures will be later. 1) Prepare the section HFS + to which the installation is supposed. 2) in the downloaded installer Install installesd. DMG which is on the way. Install \ macOS \ 10.14 \ Mojave. App/Contents/Sharedsupport/INSTALLESD. DMG and run from it in the most usual way OSInstall. Mpkg, he is on the way. /volumes/installesd/packages/osinstall.mpkg 3) Interesting moment! After running OSInstall. Mpkg comes the moment of choosing a partition on which actually will be produced deployment. By default, your pre-prepared HFS + partition may not be available, it looks like this. On this, having reached the moment of selection of a partition it is necessary to open disk utility and from to mount this distributed. Once this happens, you need to mount it again and then this section will be available in the Selection window, respectively, and select it. 4) After installation (takes time).., We mount Basesystem. DMG which is on the way. Install \ macOS \ 10.14 \ Mojave. App/Contents/Sharedsupport/Basesystem. DMG In the mounted disk, take the boot. EFI which is on the way /volumes/os\ X \ Base \ System/System/Library/coreservices/boot. EFI and copy it to your installed system along the way /volumes/VASHE_IMJA/System/Library/coreservices/boot. EFI All. Can be loaded into the new system.) Warning, after this method of installation is not done section Recovery. But you can always install it with a separate Apple branded utility. And again, at the first start of the new system is possible reboot, the re-launch goes to cheers. The default language of the interface will be English, but it is very fast to change and configure itself, already from the most running system.
  5. Qwels

    macOS Mojave - It's out!

    Download 6.03 Gb. ( GMT+7)
  6. Cuda software development/But in masOS-Web driver works only players in pair. It is placed on any NVDA Card!
  7. It's not the driver 2. In macOS they only work in pairs First install the Web driver -reboot -then put CUDA.
  8. Qwels

    [pre-release] macOS Mojave

    Joshua60 (a new release of FakeSMC by RehabMan is out) LiLu and plagins.
  9. 10.12.6 build-16G1314 GTX-680 Works great with me, auto update.
  10. So I asked-about it: shorter is not zapilili.
  11. I just stupidly-can't find firewood under (16G1311) it used to be (16G1211)
  12. After updating Mac OS can't find Nvidia Web Driver for Sierra 10.12.6 (16G1311) (or haven't upgraded?) who has more accurate information?
  13. Deep thanks insanelymac! All fine, especially with the high screen resolution and browser fine tuning!