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HP Z400/Z600/Z800 Workstations OS X 10.10.x/10.11.x Installation

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Sorry for the off topic.

I want to take my z400 mobo / proc and put in a xw8400 case.

The xw8400 has an 800 watt power supply (as opposed to the crappy 430 watt in the z400) and also room for 8 internal hard drives (using an 8 drive RAID6 array).


Also, I read somewhere that the z400 has a non-standard ATX connector. Wondering if it will be the same pin-out from the xw8400.




Thanks mucho,

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Hello, I've tried to install El Capitan in the Z800, but without success. my configuration is as follows:

2x Xeon X5650

48GB ram

GPU Gtx 780 TI

3x HDD SAS 450GB in RAID 0

3x SSD 128gb sata connected to inline 76617I  (2 RAID 0)

1x SATA 960gb SSD connected to the inline controller 76617I


On this system I have successfully installed Mountain Lion, Mavericks and Yosemite.

After installing the Gtx 780 TI I have been forced to eliminate ML and M for incompatibility.

With Yosemite are firm to version 10.10.4 and I have several problems: USB unstable, network cards and firewire not working, do not stop working.

few days ago I added the inline 76617I putting two SSD 128gb RAID card on which I copied YOSEMITE with considerable increase in speed: read about 700MB / s.

I ask you experienced a little help to make complete this wonderful machine: I'd settle for just the Y 10.10.5.

Thanks so much

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Started in safe mode after thousands of errors. I'm formatting a usb hdd but never seems to end.



Thanks so much. Without your help I would never come to the installation. When it ends it mounts the disk on SATA and I try to start and complete the setup.

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I created USB installer with 10.11.3 inserting DSDT.aml and kext. SATA HDD is connected, but not recognized controller. I installed on a USB HDD, installed Clover and inserted DSDT and KEXT, but I can not boot to complete installation.

Please a little help !!!!!!


P.S. I carefully read the entire tread and especially the post # 123

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