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What could be the next Apple's OS version and its name?


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  1. 1. What will be the next Apple's OS version?

  2. 2. What will be the name of the next Apple's OS version?

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hi all  :)

We all know that the next Apple's OS version is OS X 10.9 (and perhaps will be the last of OS X) and will be called "Mavericks", in homage to the famous world renowned surf spot, on the California coast.

We also know that Apple is planning to bring many changes to its OS. And as for the first start, Apple has abandoned its tradition to give to his OS the felines names, to head to the famous surf spots' names of the most famous beaches on the California coast.

And finally, we also saw that Apple wants to harmonize its OS with its mobile OS, including some applications and functions which we can find in iOS.

Please use this topic poll to give your opinion on what it could be the next Apple's OS version and its name.

Thank you in advance for taking a little of your while to participate in this topic poll   ^_^






EDIT: if you voted "Other..." to the both questions, you can post a comment and give your opinion and if the others agree with your opinion, I will put your suggestion in the topic poll.   ;)

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ok guys  :)


it appears that Apple is already in developpment on the OS X Mavericks' successor.   :moil:


so the next OS X will be... OS X 10.10 with the codename "Syrah"



congrats to Long Cat and MrJoas97     ;)

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I think that its possible that Apple will make the "next" OS X run on ARM :o

The boot logo of the iPad Air is almost the same as the Macs. Touch support should of come in macs a LONG time ago...

Also, that will stop us from hackintoshing... :( :(

At least for the MBA, this could happen since ARM uses less battery than a Core i5 :P

Also, for a while, the "Mac OS X" has changed to "OS X" so...

Maybe the new Macs will be called diffrently!

ex. MBP=iPro MBA=iAir

Probably not gonna happen, but still...

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Next is OS XI 1.0 /w AMD Aupport :P  (Check my signature to get what mI'm saying).

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Well I ghess we'll be seeing OS X 10.11, 10.12, 10.13 ect.  In my lifetime I won't see 11.0 :(:P .

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