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  1. The Selected Boot Device Failed

    Ok, thank you, it happens to be a lot easier to use niresh, and my Laptop is already partition tabled to GUID, so ill try. But it would auto kext it and I don't know exactly what kexts are needed. But ill get then.
  2. The Selected Boot Device Failed

    I'm loading up a dvd-r with Niresh right now to see if it's the USBs fault.
  3. Ok, so I have an HP envy dv7 laptop and surprisingly its hackintoshable. Who knew. Intel i7 core, with Intel 4000 Graphics card and a Nvidia 6000 gt650 graphics card, beats audio, hp motherboard with a UEFI BIOS, a intel wireless card (the only piece that's incompatable) and it comes preloaded with Windows 8 pro, updatable to 8.1. Came loaded with GUID partition scheme which was nice. So then I installed ubuntu linux, and made a partition for Mac. Next I found that Niresh would be easiest so I formatted a 16 GB Sandisk Cruzer Glide to NTFS from ubuntu terminal. Next I loaded the Niresh.iso to the flashdrive again from ubuntu terminal using the dd command. Next I unmount the flash drive and enter my UEFI BIOS and optimize everything, and disable secure boot and legacy mode. One thing I was unsure about was intel virtualization technology (hardware virtualization) so I left that on. Then I set USB to boot first. I take out all my other USB drives and restarted. It went directly to Windows 8, which is what my active partition is even though I use ubuntu 99.9% of the time. That's weird I thought. I held shift and restarted my HP ENVY DV7 to go to the windows 8.1 advanced tools section. Then I selected to boot from the flash drive. It loads for a few seconds then the screen turns off then on with pale light. Then a blue box comes up that says "The selected boot device failed press enter to continue" Then I unmount and try again. This time it does the same thing. Is it because of 1. Hardware Virtualization 2. Have 4 other OS installed (windows, recovery, hp tools, Ubuntu Linux) 3. NFTS as opposed to FAT32 or EXT4. 4. Install fail. Thank you!!!
  4. Partition Triple Boot

    I have an HP Envy dv7 laptop, that I am going to Hackintosh and I think I have the method down and my kexts are all ready. But before I do anything I want to know if anyone has any partition tips for me. I'm currently dual booted with ubuntu linux and Windoze 8.1. I would like to keep these, but I don't want to buy a separate hard drive. Thanks!!
  5. Disk Utility

    I was wondering if it's possible to format a USB flash drive to the format needed for hackintoshing from Windows or Linux.
  6. What about Sacramento? Or maybe Carlsbad