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  1. necrophagous

    Terminal Color

    The title is misleading. There are many terminal emulators out there that isn't gnome terminal, from the 'lightweight' ones such as st or rxvt to vte-based terminal emulator such as your gnome-term or termite... and you shouldn't say 'terminal' to refer to 'terminal emulator', those are technically two different things. Cheerio
  2. necrophagous

    PCLinuxOS is GREAT!

    ^ e-{censored}in-zactly (excuse the language, can't help it ) . I still remember those good ol' days when Ubuntu was still at its infancy ( hence still great ). Suffice to say, i will never put my faith in Canonical for my production box anymore. anyway, enough about *buntu. Back to pclinuxos, i like their semi rolling-rolling release cycle. I like their non-pretentious way of not claiming their distro to be stable (hence, users will be prepared). I also like their commitment towards package signing and security which is a lot better than another distro where all the 'kool kids' like to use ( cough... Arch ...cough)
  3. necrophagous

    PCLinuxOS is GREAT!

    I fully agreed that Unity is disruptive , and counter-intuitive And no, i don't think that will change when Mir arrive The main problem with recent ubuntu development is they try to reinvent the wheel and doing a poor job at it ( upstart, unity, Mir, etc) thus isolating them from the rest of the linux community ( making bug fixing, patches, etc a lot harder) @alessandro17 Without any disrespect to ubuntu developers, i think linux mint maintainers did good job in making ubuntu a lot more stable. After all, i got a lot more breakages in ubuntu than debian sid Just my opinion and personal experience though
  4. necrophagous

    PCLinuxOS is GREAT!

    Anything other than *buntu is great
  5. necrophagous

    Low Res with R9 280 and no sound

    unfortunately what you are describing above are non-issues, it's obvious that you have no clue as to how to run osx86 on your machine for instance if you've deleted the same kernel extensions needed to boot your graphics correctly, why ask? there is no out-of-the-box-dumbed-down-everything solution here start using your search engine better , and google / duckduckgo / bing / whatever it read the installation guide(s) correctly stop being a help vampire pardon me for my harsh words , best of luck
  6. necrophagous

    Lenovo G410 DSDT Need Help

    Lenovo G410 Specifications: Intel Core i5-4200M InsydeH20 Bios Intel HD 4600 ( Coupled with AMD Discrete Card which i turned off) Conexant CX20757 I need some help here, got boot-up issue mentioning unknown appleacpiplatform whenever i try to patch my own dsdt. thanks a million before here is the vanilla dsdt DSDT.zip
  7. necrophagous

    Clover General discussion

    got a problem configuring clover uefi bootloader for lenovo g410. Specs: - core i3 4250m - intel hd 4000 - 6 GB DDR-3 ram - insyde h20 uefi-bios I've read a lenovo g510 thread somewhere in the applelife forum, followed it , but still clover won't boot at all. I'm using clover 2525 and 2636. pardon me for my crippled english , and please forgive me if this isn't the right thread to ask question like this
  8. necrophagous

    The "Explain your nickname" thread

    from an insect my nickname sucked big time
  9. i think it'll be ONO ( OS X is Not OS X) as apple shove every possible iOS interface to Mac But i hope it won't happen in the near soon
  10. so the project is still alive then? last time i heard the project was abandoned as not enough people seems to take interest in running os x app on Linux
  11. ^did you put some unknown kext ( say like usb 3 kext or something?) i've got the same issue back then in mountain lion using my z68 board
  12. necrophagous

    developing in a Mac

    to answer question number 2 , i think it's fair to say that you can always make any program in plain C since mac shipped with its own gcc / clang or you can always get homebrew to install several needed libraries of course. as for the IDE for C you can use xcode , i've heard several guys using qt creator in mac to develop in plain C too, but i think both will be a complete overkill
  13. you should correct it to x79 instead of z79 dude , you can check rampagedev's wordpress.
  14. necrophagous

    does anyone like gnome shell/ eg gnome 3

    ^ the right hardware hmmm... not really personally i think gnome 3 is visually stunning , but the amount of resources it use up are quite a lot compared to other DE ( something like XFCE , LXDE, or the good ol' gnome 2 ) , not to mention the amount of dependencies it needs, and the amount of time it takes to be compiled if by chance you are using a source-based linux distribution like i do. but who am i to judge, it's a matter of taste anyway. as a power user i prefer some dynamic lightweight window manager like awesome or bspwm. Both are certainly customizable , keyboard-driven , dual monitor friendly , and certainly a lot lighter than gnome, good news is awesome can be used in conjuntion to gnome shell as well)