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  1. Dmos

    OSx86.net is Down

    Osx86.net online now! iPB is killing forums like madman
  2. So apple going .. back to the past
  3. Dmos

    Where's MaLd0n?

    Welcome back "Mald0n - The Mackintosh Legend" looking forward to some new DSDT fixes FTW!!
  4. Dmos

    AppleHDA Patcher

    nice tool. well done you guys
  5. Dmos


    Nice app
  6. Dmos

    building DSDT for MSI Z170A Gaming M3

    You can just remove Arg0-3 and good to go
  7. Dmos

    building DSDT for MSI Z170A Gaming M3

    I'm not an expert on DSDT but in your first dsdt i see only 2 errors about Arg0..3 Are u using ACPI 4.0 ?
  8. Post your config.plist inject nvidia=true and Vbios=true
  9. Very long explanation and its good for fix issues. First of all you have and amd system,so lot depends on amd kernel and some of GPU bugs comes of kernels. You need to use right kernel that works on your system. 2nd your installation method is kinda tricky. find out what kernel ur using for nvidia driver try this... http://www.hackintoshosx.com/topic/22774-nvidia-graphics-web-drivers-installation-guide/?p=119821
  10. Dmos

    Which boot loader do you prefer?

    Clover for UEFI and Chameleon for Legacy (old system only)
  11. Dmos

    Impossible Nvidia Graphics Issues

    If stuck then try USBBusFix=Yes