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Black Mountain

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OK, this is "Black Mountain"...because it weighs about as much as one, and "the black monolith thing from 2001: A Space Oddyssey-Hackintosh", doesn't roll off the tongue very well :)




Case; Corsair 800D Obsidian Black

CPU; Intel I7 920 C0/C1 @ 4.0Ghz

Mobo; Asus X58 Sabertooth

GPU; Sapphire Radeon HD 7970

Ram; 24gb of triple channel @ 1600Mhz. 3x4gb Patriot Gamer Series & 3x4gb Mushkin Blackline

Boot HD; 120gb sata 3 Mushkin Chronos SSD & 120gb sata 3 Kingston V+200 SSD in RAID-0

PSU; Corsair TX750

Storage; 3x1tb Hatachi Deskstars, 3x1tb Samsung F1 Spinpoints, 2x1.5tb Seagate Barracudas, 1x2tb Seagate Barracuda

Wifi; Apple Airport Extreme Mini PCIe AR5146 a/b/g/n with 3 antennae mini to PCIe adapter card

Bluetooth; Apple A1115 Bluetooth module with contact pads soldered to USB header cable and plugged into motherboard

Sata 3; Syba dual port PCIe Sata 3 expansion card

Monitors; Dell 2407WFP 1900x1200 24" monitor and Vizio VW37L 1280x720 LCD TV

Perfs; Apple Bluetooth Keyboard, Apple Magic Trackpad, Wacom Graphire Bluetooth graphics tablet

Cooling; XSPC Rasa 750 RS360 dual 5.25 bay reservoir/pump and 3x120mm radiator, Rasa CPU waterblock

Extra; NZXT Sentry 2 5.25 bay digital fan controller. Logisys RM09 remote controlled 4 channel relay with remote RF key fob. M-Audio USB Transit 5.1 audio interface. Apple rechargeable AA batteries for trackpad and keyboard

Other; Stealth modded 5.25 LG DVD-RW optical drive. Secondary 12V-DC power input to power relay and independent lighting control.


So...first off, thank you google, as I never could have done it without you! Also a thank you to my brother Nekonoko for kicking down the I7 CPU to me and forcing me to spend money on the rest :) And to TH3L4UGH1NGM4N for his advice on the wifi card. I was going to wait until after doing some custom LED stuff with an Arduino micro controller, but that may be a while yet. so here it is, and this thing weighs a ton! This is my second build with the intension of being a hackintosh from the ground up and every part ordered with that idea in mind, first was in 2008 with a Q6600 and it was the most trouble free hack anyone could ever want, and still is, but no longer lives with me. I get visitation on nights and weekends only :)

4 hot swap sata bays are all full, as well as 2 additional bays below that, another HD in a 5.25 to 3.5 adapter in the upper most 5.25 bay, 2 remaining HD's are in a WD USB drive case and a Maxtor USB drive case that both had there original smaller drives removed and handed down to those in need. Mushkin & Kingston SSDs are tucked away behind the side panel in the wire management area, along with bluetooth and lots of wires that I some how also managed to get into the wire management area. All visible wiring that wasn't black has been sleeved black or in a few locations, painted using black vinyl dye. All PCI cards have had their slot covers painted black to match the case inside and out. Added a SPDIF in/out rear panel, but only have output from the mobo, so desoldered the input and replaced it with a 12V-DC input to power the Logisys RF remote relay, so I could use the remote to turn the computer on and not just off or reset. This also powers the 2 blue neon cold cathode tubes, allowing them to be switched on or off using the remote and can be turned on while the PC is off or unplugged (handy as a work light). I don't expect anyone to like it as much as I do, but hope you appreciate it and maybe get a few ideas for your own awesomeness!


The pics could be better, but had to resize them in order to upload more than 2 and they got a little fuzzy. :(


added screenshot running ML DP3 update 1, all benches ran one after another so results a bit lower than if each was ran with no other apps, but new ATI drivers are finally as good or better than Lion. Now running in beast mode!


















Screen Shot 2012-04-27 at 12.29.36 PM.png

Screen Shot 2012-05-07 at 2.12.12 AM.png


Edited by eep357
Updated GPU, now 7970 lives inside!

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As a person who appreciates a comp in it's entirety yours def looks sick man. First off gotta say you're welcome to the shout out. :star_sunglasses: The cable management inside your case is clean with nothing hanging from anywhere really like it. You're sporting a Sabertooth mobo which is hands down my fav mobo on any chipset it might be on as it's an amazing board. Love how you went overkill on the RAM as it's so cheap nowadays you gotta say to yourself "Why shouldn't I fill all those mem banks." Now if I thoughtthe memory DIMM slots were full I wouldn't say that if I saw the plethora of HDDs you have in that 800D because there's nothing like having too much space I'm pretty sure you know that as well. 8)


(Just did a little math btw you around 11TB of storage take away some for formatting but that alone was enough to make me nerdgasm on myself)

I see you took my advice well on the good ol airport extreme retro fitting into the case it doesn't get any easier than that man you're more than welcome with that tip. Don't think the Muskin SSD slipped past me I def peeked it in there although you have it well hidden lol I love how you didn't waste a drive bay on it because it has no moving parts so why waste a bay right? You're rockin the apple bt keyboard and trackpad which I have myself and they're awesome and fun to use. I wanna get one of those Wacom tablets I've heard they work wonders in Photoshop.


A 24" monitor and a 1280x720 tv? Never saw that combo before but you should stick another 1080p monitor into the mix if you're into multi monitor setups like myself. Low and behold the behemoth XSPC RS360. I'm into WCing so I more than know what that bad girl is capable of. Is that a ref 5870 btw? Just wondering because you left it out of the loop. Despite now being 2 gens old the 5870 still holds its own for sure so you're fine in the gpu department for a while. Like the NZXT fan controller you have since i own the Phantom case I'm already a long time lover of the company they're awesome especially customer support. Def like the little ambient lighting you have in the case suits it well although the blurry cam pictures doesn't do it the justice it deserves. NIce naming for the HDDs I see you're an anime watcher just like myself. :P


All in all I love the Black Mountain she def roars loud. :king:


btw a nice solid 700th post for me. Yay me.

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(Just did a little math btw you around 11TB of storage take away some for formatting but that alone was enough to make me nerdgasm on myself)

LOL, made me laugh for real, would it help if I said about 80% of that storage is all anime? Got a 1.2TB RAID-5 array too, but it's IDE and really loud so it's about outlived its usefulness, fire it up for an occasional backup of a few hundred gigs of music, but can't really afford to backup all my video unless 4TB drives get real cheap. The TV is, well my TV, don't use it as a work space to often but as an extended desktop to run Plex in while still having my full desktop to use for whatever. 5870 is ref model, but just got the water loop recently and not sure if I'll add it or wait until the next card, whatever it may be. Considering graphics card years in the same way we do for "dog years" it would be getting old and grey by now, so I have been very impressed with how long its remained in the upper tier for single GPU graphics card performance. Like the Sabertooth, both have provided incredible bang for the buck. Camera flash makes everything look kinda funny and things that normally match in color look a different shade, but I'm no photo-ologist either. Thanks a mil!!

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lol no problem man and you're a true anime head I barely have a few gigs to my hdds but I need to buy me a 2tb or something I'm running out of space quick. =\ I know what you mean about holding out to a better gpu to add into the water loop because draining the whole system is never any fun. The saber def gives a great bang for the buck for a top notch board and yeah camera flash tends to ruin those picture perfect shots so I normally leave mine off. Oh btw if you're into vid editing, adobe released their latest rendition to the Create Suite CS 6 and it now ha a list of supported opencl cards as with the cuda card list in the premiere pro app so it seems like us ati & amd users are gonna set some love for a change.

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Very awesome build bro!


I really like your Anime Skin! Where do you got it from?


LOL, made me laugh for real, would it help if I said about 80% of that storage is all anime?


...man...I must say...I love you. xDD I have only 1,7TB or so...


Keep on this good work!

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Very awesome build bro!


I really like your Anime Skin! Where do you got it from?




...man...I must say...I love you. xDD I have only 1,7TB or so...


Keep on this good work!

Thanks! No skins, all icons are custom made in photoshop using original mac hardware icons as basis and wallpaper is just a picture, although I have since combined that one with my geektool one :)


Screen Shot 2012-08-23 at 1.26.37 PM.png


Edit: Added some ripples using the genuine "Apple dashboard widget ripple effect's" image files from deep within OSX. Just modified the perspective a bit, thought it was a nice touch :)

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How cost this build ? i guess that is too expansive that a macbook pro with Retina Display :D

Hmm, well I didn't buy everything at once which you kinda got to do with a MacbookPro, especially the retina ones :) The prices in stuff changes all the time, but I could probably list the parts with at least close to what they cost. Just gimme a few minutes :)


all in US dollars:

CPU=Free :) Thanx bro! ~200 plus or minus to buy now on ebay





All ram~140

SSD x2~240

SATA3 PCIe card~25

Water Loop~200

Fan Controller~35

Apple BT~35

Apple WIFI~20

PCIe to mini PCIe wifi adapter~10


Remote relay~30

Other HDs~850


Sleeving, ligting and stuff~50

Time @ $15 per hour~ a million dollars :) jk


Adds up too... Holly {censored} I didn't think it was that much, definitely helps when you don't buy everything at once! :)

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New member. Very cool build and glad to see your 5870 works well. Have one left over from the gaming pc and was wondering if ML was going to play nice with it. Getting the parts tomorrow for my first hackintosh. Excited and nervous at the same time. :help:

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Thanks, 5870 is probably the easiest card to get working 100% and it's still a beast. It will work great otb, but will work better if you add the following to org.chameleon.boot.plist:


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Thanks! I made a few, but most were made by my brother (I have a bunch), but for this reason, not being my own work and the creator knowing where to find me :) I can't re-distribute them :( All were done in photoshop using the normal mac HD images as basis with hue and saturation adjusted to give some variety. Then image of your choice cropped using magic wand tool, maybe a bit of manual cleanup on the edges while zoomed way in. Resize to match size of default hard drive image and add a drop shadow. If you keep the hard drive images and the art images a seperate layers in PNG format, you can easily switch the hard drive image to any color or another drive type at any time very easy. Pixelmator would work just as well and is what I tend to use most these days.

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Hi eep357


First , congratulations for your build :)


Second, I would be very interested in viewing the ssdt you use for your I7-920 proc as I have the same proc (but at freq 3.8) and am currently using the overclock ssdt from an installer app I can't name here according to forum rules.

Please, may you share your ssdt ?

Another point I would like to know : does editing your dsdt to include proc ssdt changes something in the param of boot like : dropssdt, generatepstates and generatecstates)




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