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  1. No Audio After 10.8.2 Update

    Saving it to desktop and dragging it back in the Extras was probably a mistake. Forgot to change group and owner. Didn't boot again without a panic. Thanks for the CCC info. I'll defer to you in the future for hackintosh advice. I'd post pics of the build but it's nothing special. It geekbenched at 14504. This mac mini got up to 4054. Suddenly Lightroom doesn't feel like being encased in jello.
  2. No Audio After 10.8.2 Update

    Hee hee. I'm older than you. Started on an AIX system in 1993 with command line only on a green text monitor. Not afraid of UNIX but I respect it. Learned permissions repair don't do squat yesterday and took the law into my own hands. Although I did do something wrong last night (probably after a few drinks) and messed up everything. Carbon Cloner's disk image didn't work, even after blessing, so I'm back after having made fewer mistakes this time. Although networking is out. Grr. Wondering if CCC can make a bootable disk. Will give it a try on an actual disk and not an image. Edit: Went into the control panel and poked around. Once firewire ethernet was deleted DHCP did its thing. Realized with I did wrong was edit org.chamelion.plist with text edit instead of going the sudo pico route. That boned up the system good.
  3. No Audio After 10.8.2 Update

    This seems to have worked for me. Several patched kexts even after repair permissions were still owned by me. After changing it to root, which it should be, suddenly the sound control panel was showing everything. sudo chown root <kext name> Now I have spdif audio out.
  4. Black Mountain

    New member. Very cool build and glad to see your 5870 works well. Have one left over from the gaming pc and was wondering if ML was going to play nice with it. Getting the parts tomorrow for my first hackintosh. Excited and nervous at the same time.
  5. Please help me, can't boot from my USB

    As a new member I'm not sure how the mods feel about torrents. However I would highly doubt you could make an install disk from win 7, it not being UNIX and all.
  6. Overall much better install than tonymac. For an oldish motherboard (GA-P55-UDA4P) the USB drive needs to be set to Master Boot record. Otherwise the PC gets locked at the POST screen. Slight omission from guide. Still cannot get TOSLINK (SPDIF) audio out working. Not a huge deal since my upcoming hackintosh (new GA-77 something or other, CPU, ram) will be here Friday and usb soundsticks will be the audio out but it would be nice to have toslink working in order to use the home theater speakers if the urge strikes.