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  1. same issue no ethernet 10.13.1 but had ethernet with 10.13.0. Wifi and bt ok but tried a variety of possibilities and cant get it to work .Asrock z77 extreme4 mb. Also tried new install on another ssd still no go
  2. 121fred

    Black Mountain

    Nice one well done
  3. 121fred

    USB 3 NEC no longer works?

    Thanks cochon All sorted tried lion kexts first and they worked then found dp3 kexts elsewhere all good now cheers
  4. 121fred

    USB 3 NEC no longer works?

    Sounds promising can you post as I don't have dp3
  5. Hi all Have a cheap card which works fine under lion with the ###### NEC/Renesas driver but doesn't work with ML. Drive lights up and starts to access, about 4 flashes of led and then stops and doesn't show on desktop. Tried a variety of dsdt mods and kexts with no success. Any thought? Cheers
  6. 121fred

    DVD drive not valid

    Thanks for the replies everyone. I'll look into the dsdt patching, as I wrote I saw a post recently on this but now can't find it Cheers
  7. Hi all GM install worked all OK except that the dvd drive does not work as in inserted disk doesn't appear on desktop even though the drive goes through all the right motions, spins, lights flash etc. DVD player gives "Valid DVD Drive could not be found -70012" message. Drive works under snow and lion just not ML. Did recall reading something recently about DSDT mod to identify drive correctly but can't find it again. Anyone help? Cheers Doh! Feels like idiot - remember to check show cd and dvd in finder preferences, fixes non appearance on desktop This fixes dvd player error http://reviews.cnet.com/8301-13727_7-20070591-263.html
  8. 121fred

    [Guide] Installing Mountain Lion.

    Have you tried boot with -v -f -x ?
  9. 121fred

    [Guide] Installing Mountain Lion.

    Installed OK with Techerra guide, just be sure to follow every step EXACTLY if you don't know what you are doing and make sure you start with a really basic install and tweek it once you have it working otherwise you'll be chasing your tail trying to work out what mod has caused your problems
  10. 121fred

    10.7.4 is OUT !

    All good, combo update, replace AppleHDA
  11. Probably in the next iMac - higher res screens win win
  12. 121fred

    New InsanelyMac website!

    Like it well done, I was over the wood
  13. Sadly a stopgap effort, not interested in a another glass back and front brick. Apple needs to watch it's back there are some other manufacturers notably Samsung making some very nicely designed kit. Still want a new iPhone to replace the 3GS just not this one, time to lift your game Apple
  14. 121fred

    10.7.1 in software Update

    Thanks mitch_de all good now with 10.7.1 HDA