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  1. dddirtman

    macOS Sierra 10.12.6 update is out!

    did the install on my x58 setup no issues just install nvidia web driver (gtx 750ti) also did a clean install on a backup drive , then migrated apps and data to it ps : seems that the clean install boots a little faster
  2. dddirtman

    Can't get Nvidia drivers to work...

    add this to your config.plist(efi/clover) <key>SystemParameters</key> <dict> <key>InjectKexts</key> <string>YES</string> <key>InjectSystemID</key> <true/> <key>NvidiaWeb</key> <true/> </dict> reboot
  3. dddirtman

    [sell]I3 g5 build

    gigabyte h55-usb3 i3-550 4 gigs ram nvidia gtx650 OS X 10.9 on a 128gb ssd built into a g5 case asking 300usd
  4. dddirtman

    [New!] Linux Distributions Poll

    osx is the main os i use ubuntu 14.04.1 nice mint is the most easy to use and very stable pc linux also worth a try pear linux compact and stable(for me)
  5. dddirtman

    ALC892 Mavericks

    although the motherboard audio will almost always sound better,using usb audio is a solid plan-b(i have 2 just in case) i would still recommend trying to get your onboard audio working...
  6. dddirtman

    dddirtmans builds

    i decided to delve into the clover thing,so i installed on my h55 build,seems to boot faster? works nice on my h55 build basically i put audio lan fakeSMC kexts in my efi/clover/kexts/10.9/folder put my dsdt in clover/acpi and clover takes over(no pun intended)..
  7. dddirtman

    Why is Apple so tolerant of us?

    exactly why well hack....... why buy a new mac pro when u can build one for half the price...
  8. dddirtman

    Oldest Computer on Linux?

    dell latitude c 810 running xp spy and mint 14 mint runs better though
  9. dddirtman

    dddirtmans builds

    got to play with a real mac pro today(trash can)... got to peek inside and look at construction.well made indeed..
  10. dddirtman

    dddirtmans builds

    the x58 build is rocking 10.9.1 x plane-10 runs nice and smooth with the new OpenGL comparabilities.. i can now use maya for my rendering projects as well...
  11. dddirtman

    dddirtmans builds

    i got the x58 to install 10.9...i discovered that i pulled a noob mistake....chimera(chameleon)boot flags are "CaSe" sensitive....
  12. dddirtman

    Water Cooled G4 Cube case mod

    you have my vote as well,awesome cone build...
  13. dddirtman

    dddirtmans builds

    i put my h55 build in a g5 case/with a tray.. a little neater,(I'm not so good in dressing wires)but it works and came out good...
  14. dddirtman

    dddirtmans builds

    haven't posted in some time…put mavericks(10.9) on my h55 build no issues just touch applehda my x58 system is another story won't boot usb installer…in fact i had to use a "distro"to get system up at all..? but at least its 10.8.5 for now