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  1. If everything except sound works otb, why install RT2870USBWirelessDriver.kext? Anyway, after usual stuff like restart fix in boot loader or DSDT has been tried, check kext's dependancies, maybe need to roll back another kext like IOUSBFamily, etc.. If this is UHCI (USB 1.1) and all other devices are EHCI (USB 2.0) or 3.0, see if another USB 1.0 device that works otb can cause same problem. Process of elimination will eventually lead you to the cure.
  2. eep357

    iMessage / App Store and iCloud

    If you have only WiFi and no ethernet so WiFi is always en0, using MBA smbios which has WiFi as en0 and no ethernet port at all, is also an option. You can always copy the CPU performance related info from different mac version over to MBA plist in ACPI_SMC_PlatformPlugin.kext/resources if needed. I'll admit I have not actually tried with a MBA smbios because I've never had a reason or need to, but in theory it should work fine
  3. Just came across this, looks to have a very short "exclude" list and then very long list of kexts that are OK to load without a valid signature. The allowed list has some kext that come from the Install OSX app, 3rd party and every Hackintosh kext I know of, even see my own name in this list too! My guess would be Apple just added dump of every kext they have could find any reference to without reviewing their function, then from here on they can just remove ones from the list that are a problem, causing much less work down the road and less upset average users. Also if there is a size check on file, adding new entries to it would cause much more work than simply removing existing entries.
  4. Great work again guys!!!
  5. eep357

    AppleAHCIPort.kext (for RAID)

    Well thanks for posting it, cause I don't remember what I did with the original! BALDY_MAN, what you using is a bit different, this is actual kext with device id's changed to work with sata controller that can't be taken out of raid mode. Your using an updated injector which which keeps orig kext untouched and allows it to load on many additional controllers not otherwise supported, and fixes naming on others that would be "generic" otherwise, orange icon and DVD player fix. Sometimes injector doesn't play nice on initial installation, so needed to modify in kext here. The injector's device list has since been merged into the ErmaC's patch of "IOAHCIBlockStorage.kext into IOAHCIFamily.kext" and is also included in Pandora's Box, but I can upload the stand alone version if needed.
  6. At my work we have both XP and OSX. Only thing with OSX is they only pay for a MacPro if your in creative dept making catalog layouts, otherwise get 5 year old Dell . Many people have they're own MacBookPro's on desk next to Win XP machine, using both or just the Mac. No bringing own windows of any kind allowed, only Macs are OK
  7. eep357

    Niresh 12495 Can't use Internet [Help]

    Um, you don't only get one chance to enable your internet. Just do it after the initial setup thingy. It's actually common to not have working LAN on your first boot, it's a hackintosh NOT a Macintosh, so further "hacking" after the installation is usually required to get it working, among other things.....and yeah, providing info on your NIC is the only way to get any help
  8. I consider my self computer savvy (no need to list credentials here like similar posters do elsewhere) Windows 8 makes me feel retarded, like I'm some computer noob. After wanting to throw mice and keyboards at stuff in frustration at how difficult everything had to be, and within 3mins of booting and finishing updates on a new install getting spyware (only site visited was AIDA64), I don't think I'm the retarded one. I'll take XP or win7 over that {censored} any day. Especially when, away from home, if I'm on Windows it's because I'm working and need to get stuff stuff done. Metro cannot make that easier anyway you look at it. I can't imagine switching between multiple Excel spreadsheets going in and out of Access with Metro wanting to be my program/file manager.
  9. IIRC Clover can extract at boot up, see Clover section for any info. When actually in Single User mode, what can be done is limited because the frameworks haven't loaded, so even a majority of command line tools will not work, just vary basic ones.
  10. None. The console shows authentication completed and connection is open. I think issue is with mounting of AFP share, there are quite filesystem and AFP non-fat (64bit only) binaries inside usr/sbin, usr/bin, S/L/Filesystems and S/L/PrivateFrameworks that are only fat-binary in Lion and even DP1 has 64bit only. Then also a bunch that got changed to 64bit only when doing 10.8.3 software update, and a bunch that are symbolic links pointing to the binary in another location too. Would prefer to use as little DP1 stuff as possible, and even less Lion stuff (last option) and of course not swap files that don't need to be and/or screw up the symbolic links (because I've already done this while trying stuff ).If anyone knows exactly what binaries, libraries and/or frameworks OSX uses when mounting and browsing a AFP share?
  11. LMAO, was going to say you could do the same thing with porn before reading your 69>86 reference
  12. eep357

    Legacy USB Support

    I don't know if that's the cause of your problem, but couldn't you just plug the 2nd "power only" cable into another computer, or a iPhone charger, or any USB port that supplies power?
  13. Good reminder, as blocking Verisign will break access to just about every secure website or 3rd party server. (won't help defeat Adobe DRM either )
  14. eep357

    Strange boot0:error

    Just use newest version of whatever bootloader on MBR/FAT32 formatted drive. USB thumb drive is fine, this will fix the alien text after boot0. As for Sapphire, you may be mixing 2 different pieces of info. Yes they have duel bios which can be selected via switch, this is not to make booting anything easier, both bios are exactly the same. One is protected and won't let you reflash over it. This is so you can flash the other one, and if it goes wrong, you don't have very expensive paperweight. Can switch to orig bios to boot, then switch back to the one you F-d up and try flashing it again. EFI/VBIOS combo maybe available to flash allowing no sleep trick on some EFI mobos, lmay not be bootable at all on some legacy bios, and Sapphire won't provide one even by request like some other manufacturers will, don't even worry about any of that yet. Then soon to be released Mac Version of 7950 that supposedly has Mac EFI bios on half and VBIOS on the other, but not released yet and sounds like they just flashed the same EFI/VBIOS hybrid onto the flashable bios and left orig alone and called it "proprietary" hardware even though the only hardware (switch to change the bios used) is on the reference design.