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[How To] Enable "Find My Mac" with a FAKE Recovery HD *UPDATED*

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If you get in troubles , Try This ...


sudo nvram -p > nvram.log


Then copy nvram.log to /var/log








Thanks Lebowski1970,

great job .


I have updated my first post so i report your help to the treat !



Hi dear lebowski1970, thank you for the precious tip!! This method has inspired me more thoughts about the nvram and pram problems. I'll try out something new and tell you the results if I can achieve the goals. Thank you again lebowski1970!!

Hi Leon Hong.


If you are testing with nvram and pram, I have 2 links for you. One of them inspired me for the script method in FMM and I want to share them with you:






have a look to the full blog, because have lots of information usefull for hackintosh. Good luck with your testing.

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Nice, I will try this when I get home. It will come in handy in case anyone tries to steal my Hack Pro! In the even that I need to reinstall Lion, all I need to do is re-edit that plist again right?

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I used this script earlier today on ML DP4 and was gonna make a post about it before I saw yours. It worked great, I edited the installer name in the script to match DP4, but change was more cosmetic than anything else. Anyway, I'm not a terminal hater, but this was WAY easier than the way I had been doing it all via command line, no more math trying to resize partitions.

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This worked for me, and I have a 4th partition after the Recovery HD. It didn't work when Recovery HD was disk0s4 but when I made Recovery HD disk0s3 and made my other OS X partition disk0s4, it worked fine. Thanks for this.

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This may sound daft but is there any way of actually using this recovery partition as a recovery partition?


It would be great if it were accessible through chameleon (maybe using a command if the partition is hidden), and actually usable to recover/reinstall the OS to the main partition.

Clover recognizes it and can boot it, you would have to make a couple of your usual modifications as with any installer, not sure about putting in another extra folder, but also should be able to have DSDT and stuff preload anyway.


On a side note, new version of Carbon Copy Cloner (which is also going to a paid app for like 30 bucks, starts with 30 day full trial) can create a recovery partition for you from scratch for Lion or ML

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Can you help me with the recovery partition in mountain lion?

Everything works perfect with clover. when i install recovery partition clover can load my hdd! its stuck trying to read com.apple.recovery.boot and when i try to boot recovery hd says mach_kernel error.

i can only boot with chimera bootloader.

i use uefi clover installed in the 200mb EFI partition.

when i delete the recovery partition everything works again!
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Anyone knows if these script is usable with fussion drive ??

I didn't try yet because i have not a fusion drive.

However create a recoveryHd partition is more trickly in fusion.

See a tutorial to create a real recoveryHd , then you are able to experiment a fake one.



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Unfortunately, I seem to have a more fundamental problem with my Virtualbox build and iCloud? (see attachment) Could somebody please advise how I can fix this?

I already tried signing into iCloud on a real MAC with my Apple ID and it works fine no problem, but not on Virtualbox.


Also, does anyone know why the Virtualbox doesn't have a Recovery partition by default and why it needs to be hacked at all unlike VMware? Even if we put this fake recovery partition on the virtualbox, holding down the ALT/Option key doesn't bring up any boot menu!?


Any help would be much appreciated!


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