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  1. Rolled back to 10.10.5 AMD* and IOAcc*, sleep/wake works.
  2. Looks like Tahiti and Pitcairn cards are not affected as these are supported by Apple. They don't need the cail_properties tweak either.
  3. rayap

    Pattern of MLB (Main Logic Board)

    @themonarc, 'unless you have a apple wireless card'. Using the BCM94360CD address as ROM, appears to log in to iMessage but within seconds deactivates. Any ideas plse?
  4. rayap

    Pattern of MLB (Main Logic Board)

    Have a 2 for x in an early 2011 MBP.
  5. Works perfectly when fully up. Problems are not powered up on warm start following shutdown, ok on cold start. Also not up on wake from sleep, need restart. Presently testing on a DS4P board. Edit: Problem overcome in PCI-E x4 slot.
  6. rayap

    AppleRTC patch (CMOS reset)

    Move it to E/E.
  7. DPCIManager p-states not working after update to 10.9.2, fine before.
  8. rayap

    Radeon R9 270X framebuffer issue

    @Vlada. Thank you for the rom file. This new card is in my wish list hence my interest. In the meanwhile have been fiddling the frame buffers for my HD7770 trying to get two displays going. Found Dashimaki most suitable. as the sense ids (from radeon_bios_decode) are closely related. However after many futile attempts now settled with one display on the hdmi connector cos using hdmi audio. Everything works fine with this setup. Even with the DisplayPort nearly all is well, but cannot wake up from sleep - something about pin 20 and the DP-DP cable. And, in my case without DSDT injection, the DVI connector works well with Buri and GE on. With the default Radeon FB both displays work but again wake from sleep failure. You may want to rearrange your preferred frame buffers similar to the personalities when the default frame buffers is loaded. If you only used the DVI connection arrange to load it @0, or @1 similar to the default RadeonFB. (i.e. rearrange the port hierarchy). This may overcome your black screen but need check wake from sleep. Best of luck.
  9. rayap

    Radeon R9 270X framebuffer issue

    Maybe dumps using ati-personality-pl or Redsock BIOS decoder too? http://rampagedev.wordpress.com/kext-editing/editing-atiamd-framebuffer-personality/ Edit: And, system profile when with the default RadeonFB.
  10. rayap

    Radeon R9 270X framebuffer issue

    Any personality dumps for the card?
  11. Recently went thro a patch of similar disk corruption on my old setup P45-DS4P with Mavericks. With Mountain Lion there was no such problems.. Seems to have been resolved after yanking out 800MHz Ram pair and leaving 1066MHz pair only.. Problems started when joint pairs were clocked at 800 but not at 667.
  12. Jo, I have same board and processor and mavericks is working well. Everything you need to know is within this forum.not sure about any particular guide. If you cannot connect the ssd to your MacBook, use two USBs, one for Clover and other - 8G - for the OS, created by the createinstallmedia method. This should get you going.
  13. Found it useful. Auto-sleep somehow not working on Haswell setup. so this is handy. Need to check over prolonged downloads or movie/music runs. Thanks. Edit : Resolved auto-sleep with proper SMBIOS.
  14. rayap

    Mavericks Is out

    IS HWMonitor behaving normally. Not getting any CPU related temp or freq figures. Mostly "0". Edit: OK after reinstall HWSensors package.
  15. @Picasso Two discrete graphic cards in addition to the integrated graphics, tried it once before on my trial setup. After fumbling along now in better shape with integrated graphics and the only AMD card. Still sorting out the HDAU situation.