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  1. I'm running 10.12.3 with EVGA GeForce GTX 560 2048 MB graphics card. Is there any benefit running the "NVIDIA Web Driver" as opposed to the "OS X Default Graphics Driver"? Many Thanks! John
  2. Is the GenericUSBXHCI needed for USB 2 or is it just needed for USB 3? I've installed an Inatek USB 3 card running Mavericks with the GenericUSBXHCI installed.... seems to run fine with powered external HDs, but when self-powered devices are installed, like the iPhone, a warning pops up "iPhone Not Charging... Connect to a power adaptor or a USB port on this Mac to charge" The iPhone does charge by the way. Would removing GenericUSBXHCI affect USB 2? Edit: I'm guessing removing GenericUSBXHCI would affect the built-in USB 3 ports on my Giga Z68XP-UD3 board! Thanks!
  3. Thanks... I just tried a MBR formatted thumb drive but still no luck. Still the same... stalls at "Loading Operating System..." Any other suggestions? Thanks Man!
  4. Still no luck... Followed all the directions... After I select USB in the bios boot menu it can't get past the "Loading Operating System..." on black screen. Just sits there for 30+ minutes and more. I tried using Clover_v2k_r2953 and Clover_v2k_r2957. My hack has been running 10.8 and 10.9 for over two years with not one problem. Weird I can't get to boot... I'm no rookie but feel like one!
  5. Followed all the directions... After I select USB in the bios boot menu it can't get past the "Loading Operating System..." Just sits there for minutes.
  6. Thanks csours! This ^^^ worked for me!
  7. Johnny V

    Get iLife, iWork & Aperture for free

    I need to get an iLife! So can I just install clover with a running Mavericks system?
  8. >You complete me! Ot at least my Hackintosh! After spending the night with v1.2.4 the love affair is over! Front USB3 will not power a self powered HD but the rear USB3 will. Getting a couple warning windows after sleep that the HD was not ejected properly, but external HD is still visible on desktop and working. v1.2.3 would cycle power on/off continuously. The previous kext ( v1.2.1? ) powered self-powered HD fine but with many "Not ejected properly..." windows. Running: 10.8.4 - GA-Z68XP-UD3 How can I help out? Thanks, JV
  9. Just a quick thanks to Zenith432. The last version v1.2.4 fixed all my USB3 issues on my build running 10.8.4. You complete me! Ot at least my Hackintosh! GA-Z68XP-UD3 / i7 3.49 GHz / GeForce GTX 560 2048 MB / 32 GB 1600 MHz DDR3 / Crucial M4 256gb SSD / Bios F10 NIce seeing you blackosx!
  10. Johnny V

    Samsung NC10 UK revision

    It's a lost cause! Mine still runs but once it stops I wouldn't know how to fix it. Might be best to find an alternate laptop. Either Dell or HP.
  11. maleorderbride, Yes.. I have the CS6 Suite and the hack works perfectly with my GTX 560.
  12. There's new official Nvidia Mac Cuda Drivers available: http://www.nvidia.co...er-archive.html As much as I like to use the Terminal, I used beasty uk instructions... Diidn't work on my 8800GT 512MB... but purchased a new GTX560 2GB and cuda shows up and works!
  13. Try a different usb port and reinstall. On my HP laptop the left USB ports don't work during install... only the right.
  14. Got your PM.... hmm not sure what else to try. You tried to reinstall from scratch with the keyboard connected... correct?
  15. You'll need to hookup a usb keyboard for this part of the install.