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  1. தோனி தான் ஏணி: பாராட்டு மழையில் நனைகிறார் http://t.co/JmqAxqZOSy

  2. sureshtrb

    can't find IDE HD on Disk Utility

    let me try too
  3. unable to extract dsdt from windows 8. Downloaded from internet dsdt from the same system/model. attached. will it be possible to edit and send me? DSDT.rar
  4. thro transmac or macdrive
  5. Are you recommending me to do the DSDT patch in windows and copy and paste the patched DSDT in extra folder? Have I understood correctly?
  6. can can you detail please?
  7. sureshtrb

    {Guide} DELL INSPIRON N5110

    Removed AppleACPIBatteryManager & AppleACPIBatteryDevice kexts from E/E now using cpus=2 DSDT=No -v -x struck at waiting for root device loop.... Help please edit: When i disconnect the HDD from the system and connect thro USB, ML starts. Waiting for help to solve "still waiting for root device" issue, when the HDD is assembled in the system. attached the photos taken during successful boot thro USB connection Waiting for support
  8. That's secondary. Removed the hard disk and connected thro usb and installed ML. still struck in the "waiting for root device" Any suggestions
  9. Trying to instal 10.8 thro USB installer as dual boot W8/ML GUID scheme after booting, no hard disk is detected. Only USB installer is recognised. Windows installed and booting normally. Can anyone guide me. Tried every method to instal, No success Help me please
  10. Have you solved? Same with me too! How? Suggestion please!
  11. sureshtrb

    {Guide} DELL INSPIRON N5110

    Dell inspiron 1545 kernel panic during install kernel flag -v com.apple.driver.AppleACPIPlatform.... tried DSDT=No -v -f hang at AppleACPIBatteryManager Loading... AppleACPIBatteryDevice Loading... Help please Even if i pass through also in disk utility the hard disk is not recognised!!?? Advice please
  12. Reinstalled the essential.pkg but still FaceTime crashes. help me
  13. wow! superb worked after reboot HP Pavillion dv6 lion 10.7.4