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  1. Blah101

    Two issues since upgrade

    I actually still have this problem. However, I find your sudo fix for facetime to be working on my end. I tried it with Skype, it didn't work. Wish I knew why this is happening, it is really annoying to have to reboot to windows everytime I want to video chat with someone on skype. Plus, I have to get a different Mac device to do facetime, which is also inconvenient.
  2. Blah101

    Two issues since upgrade

    My camera is recognized in my system report just fine.
  3. Blah101

    Two issues since upgrade

    So, I checked my E/E folder, and I didn't see any kext related to the IOUSBFamily. I did have a JmicronATA kext, but that I don't believe is related. I also had an Apple8xxHDA and AppleRTC kext. Neither of those should be related. I replaced my current ML kext in S/L/E with the one you provided, however it didn't seem to help. I still have the same issue. Would it help if maybe I put the IOUSBFamily kext in E/E?
  4. Blah101

    Two issues since upgrade

    Unfortunately I don't have the one from 10.8.0. Do you know some where I could acquire it and test it out?
  5. Ever since I upgraded to 10.8.1 I can't seem to get facetime to open properly. It loads, but no window comes up. In addition, my logitech C910 is "seen" so to speak, but I can't get it to work in Skype. I can easily use Photo Booth without an issue, but I can't see myself in Skype and FaceTime won't load. Any suggestions?
  6. Hey guys. I have a rig I am configuring using an EP43-UD3L Motherboard with a Core 2 Quad inside and a GTX 560 as the graphics card. I made my own DSDT following the instructions on orilla, but my only problem is that I can't get my computer to sleep. It will shutdown the hard drive, but the rest of the computer still runs. The screen will go black, but even if I wiggle the mouse and it will restart. Any fix for this?
  7. Oh my, sorry about that! I guess then this post is sort of pointless as I was following a guide from another site. I guess I will search around for a way to compile a DSDT using this site. Thanks :/
  8. I was following the Removed I downloaded the DSDT editor, and the .txt file with the patches for my motherboard (EP43-UD3L), but when I hit "Compile" I keep getting errors. I click fix errors, but they don't get fixed. Can someone help me out? Here are the errors:
  9. Blah101

    mountain lion alc 888 sound ?

    I used the Patched AppleHDA (I think it is that, it says patched before you drop down and select) next in [url="http://www.insanelymac.com/forum/topic/279450-why-insanelymac-does-not-support-tonymacx86/"]#####[/url] for this on DP4 and I have audio working now.
  10. Blah101

    ep43 ud3l

    I have the same board on an extra rig I am testing ML on. I haven't tried sleep yet, and I am not using a DSDT. So in that respect, would anyone know where I could get a good DSDT for this board, as well as get it to sleep in ML? Other than that, ethernet, sound, graphics, and just about everything else works fine.
  11. Would someone mind helping me out? I am not sure why this started happening. I had no issue with sleep before, was using a properly edited DSDT and everything. Last time I put my Hack to sleep and woke it up later all I got was a black screen, but the computer was running. I had to force power down and turn on to get back to normal. Any ideas?
  12. I believe the guys over at tonymac have been dealing with this. They have created an SSDT for it and it fixes the speed step issue on 10.7.4
  13. Blah101

    PowerMac G5 Retail Late 2005 MOD No Cuts

    I have the same case. Even though I cut mine, I am interested to see how yours comes out. It would be really great if you got that front panel to work. I just went and bought the earlier model to avoid the hassle.
  14. So I have everything up and running. My issue is that Safari will become unresponsive when I try and type something in the address bar and will remain that way until I force quit it. App Store will just become unresponsive as soon as it tries to load the store. I don't know why this is happening, but it makes it really hard to use ML at all. Any suggestions? EDIT: I can navigate through webpages if I use my mouse I updated DP3 to DP3II and everything seems to have been fixed. Not sure why that happened
  15. That didn't work. However, I searched a little more, tried a few different kexts. None of the were working. Then I decided to look inside the kexts themselves because I had this issue once before, but I forgot how I solved it. I finally remembered. In the ApplePS2Controller.kext there is a PS2Trackpad.kext that loads. I had to delete that from within the kext to have my keyboard work on boot. Thanks!