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    macOS Sierra 10.12.5 is out …

    The This is a neat trick, but It didn't work for me, screen is now just black. I remember a similar trick with a developer version of the web driver, anyone have that? I'm on 10.12.5 with a GTX 980 reference card.
  2. I like The Book of Nothing by John D barrow. NuLL and void. Nothingness/non-existance. Invention of the concept of 0. Really good book and ideas.
  3. Thanks so much, working on a Dell 690 2 x Xeon 5355. SL working great. Here's another place I have been visiting: http://www.sinisterm...cision-690.html Not sure why his last posts are incomplete, but still a good source of 690 hackintosh info. I am also using onboard NIC with this kext: http://www.osx86.net...do=file&id=2515 Will report back. Still working on SAS kext/Nvidia kexts stabilizing. Here's a geek bench (32 only): http://browser.prima...ekbench2/912041
  4. Update: Here's a thread on kext.com I started and got a reply from. http://www.kexts.com/motherboard-cpu/5277-...a790x-ud4p.html This person has successfully installed/updated to 10.6.6 on this mobo and has 64 bit running on legacy 10.6 kernel. This is farther than I've gotten. he has also posted a patched DSDT in the kexts.com download section: http://www.kexts.com/downloads.php?do=file&id=796 I have since reinstalled 10.5.6 since I needed a stable reliable install before my school semester started for final cut pro. I knew it worked before, so I stuck with it. I will be trying out what he suggests when I can, or even on a separate hard drive. If I can get 64 bit working then I'll be able to boot without maxmem=4096 and install After effects CS5. I will be posting updates from the kexts thread in this thread along with anything I happen to figure out along the way.
  5. Here are some Issues I'm having right now: Cannot boot in to 64 bit, cannot install aftereffectsCS5 (64 bit only), Counter-Strike source isn't launching. Final cut studio 3 installs and runs fine, after I patched the quicklime component folder as described in an earlier post above. I'm going to research this 64bit issue and experiment with other kernels (using modbin right now). Will get back.
  6. ! BY FÜCK I'VE DONE IT! 10.6.3 on this forsaken mobo with sound.! Here's the process I took: As stated above I used retail 10.6.3 restored to an 8gig usb drive, installed myhack 1.1 on the drive, I then added the modbin kernel to the usb drive as mach_kernel.modbin. Once booted from usb (using modbin kernel) I then had to manually install the modbin kernel on the installation drive. I did this using transmac on my windows partition. After booting using "mach_kernel.modbin maxmem=4096 -v" if you have less than 4 gigs of memory, you might not need the maxmem flag. I'm using it temporarily untill I get 64bit working to fully utilizy my 8 gigs I deleted all HDA related kexts (appleHDA,LegacyHDA & HDAenabler) and installed THIS specific voodoo kext (http://www.kexts.com/view/423-voodoohda.html) and I added the flags: <key>Kernel Flags</key> <string>idlehalt=0</string> to my com.apple.boot.plist. this prevented audio shuddering. So far sound works fine, no lagg in furry screen saver (so thats good) Right now I'm installing Counter-Strike: Source and will update when its done. I will also be installing final cut studio 3 and CS5 and working with HD footage in both, so I'll let yall know about that once I get to it. For the googlers: ga-ma790x-ud4p 10.6.3 sound kext phenom 955 BE Problem number 1 is that you don't boot with -v. Always boot with atleast -v to see where and why your install freezes. The only time you should ever see apples gray boot logo (I'm assuming that's what you mean by hangs with the apple logo) is when you're on an actual mac. Try again using the -v flag to see where it freezes. Leave it for a while, see if it goes past that, or gives an error like "still waiting for root device" or some sort of read disk error.
  7. For those wanting to install SL on this mobo: I'm currently still working on getting sound to work, but I have successfully installed SL using a retail dvd restored to an 8gig USB drive and patched with myHack (google it, will come up). Sound is the only thing im having ALOT of trouble with. I thought it would be as easy as installing a kext but it involves patching DSDT and editing vanilla appleHDA kext. I havent really touched it much over the summer, but now since I'm going to need it for school I will be trying to get that up and running. As for the person that suggested iDeneb 1.3, that isnt snowleopard but if you're willing to settle for Leopard, iDeneb 1.4 (10.5.6) worked fine for me. Just scroll up and find the youtube vid I posted. Same. I've even contemplated changing to a more compatible mobo. We'll see how my next attempts turn out.
  8. Try using Marvin's AMD patcher on the quicktime components folder (location escapes me). I'm in the process of finishing a Snow Leopard installation on the very same computer I used and will update this post with everything I have gathered (only reason I checked this thread, sorry for late reply) What OS version are you running and what are your specs?
  9. Don't, look at for an alternative on HCL. Just my suggestion.
  10. try booting with -v to see where it freezes. always boot with -v to see whats going on. also try -x for safemode and cpus=1 to limit the number of cpus. you may be having a kernel panic or something small but you need to be able to check. if it pauses. wait, walk away, smoke a joint, relax. Give it time.
  11. have you tried turning on AHCI mode on your drive ports in BIOS? and are you sure your drives are plugged in to the SATA and not G-SATA? I wasted alot of time with my G-SATA/SATA mess.
  12. I used the CD because it's made for many gigabyte mobos, so I thought it was worth a shot on mine and it worked. Don't think this CD is going to solve everything. All this cd did for me is allow me to BOOT the OSX install DVD (flashdrive in my case). Without this CD I was not able to boot ANY install dvd or usb without the computer rebooting. I have not tried with SL, but may later on another hard drive or something.
  13. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Disk_Utility Disk utility is a program in OSX, find another mac machine if you can, if you cant you'd have to google for the solution yourself. keywords keywords keywords.
  14. This is not an easy process, but I will sum up what I did. If you read ALL my posts above and look at the Hardware Compatibility List for your distro you will get a bit more detail in to how many things I tried before getting a stable solid installation that I'm currently using in school for HD video editing in final cut (Just so you know everything's solid). http://dl.dropbox.com/u/121189/Kakewalk.zip I downloaded that and burn it to cd. on another mac, I restored my distro image (iDeneb 1.4 10.5.6) to an 8 gigabyte flashdrive. (there are tutorials online on how to do this, I did it using Diskutility) I booted from the CD with the flashdrive plugged in and selected it and booted from it using the flags: cpus=1 -v -x and successfully got to the install GUI. From then on I installed the kexts and tweeks for my system if they were included. (see my video above) if you cant boot, try some kernel flags (http://www.insanelymac.com/forum/index.php?showtopic=99891) Your best resource in all this is the H.C.L. and Google (and possibly these forums if you can find a thread that has a response). Google every piece of hardware (onboard too) with "osx86" or check their manufacture's website to see if OS X drivers are available. No one said it would be easy so don't expect an inclusive answer for your specific hardware combination. Good luck.
  15. How far are you? have you started?