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  1. ivokik

    Pandora's Box OS X installer

    THis is what I get: dev/disk2 Apple_partition_scheme /dev/disk2s1 Apple_partition_map /dev/disk2s2 Apple_HFS /Applications/Pandora.app/Contents/Resources/Base/lioninst Validating target...done Validating source... Could not recognize "/Applications/Pandora.app/Contents/Resources/Base/lioninst/BaseSystem.dmg" as an image file done Note: checksumming turned off due to format argument Could not get source volume name
  2. ivokik

    Pandora's Box OS X installer

    Even installed the update , and it getting worst... anybody?
  3. ivokik

    Pandora's Box OS X installer

    There is something wrong in the scrip, I have tryed 100 times to make Bootable USB ML en M... no succes. Allway a mistake with pandora DMG file.
  4. ivokik

    EVGA GeForce GTX 550 Ti SC Works?

    any developments about this card?
  5. ivokik

    Intel HD 4000 ?

    Intel HD 4000 Graphics on Ivy bridge works fine without kext only with Graphics Enbler and the resolution set manually in chameleon boot plist. But no QL at the moment.
  6. Oh now I see that you are not selling them anymore... someone else maybe? Ideas?
  7. ivokik

    Lion DSDT Sleep fix for HP DC7900

    Thanks for the info guys. I am installing the DSDT now, and hoping the sleep wil work properly and the audio. Restarting now...
  8. ivokik

    Nvidia 440GT with Lion GM

    Thanks xtraa, I got the same card and would like to use it on my Core 2 Duo media player in my living room. First I need to find out how to get OSX installation running because I still got "still waiting for root device" , and when I am done with that I wil try your methode to get N440GT running. Q: Is it smarter to fix the OSX installation first by swapping the video cards with one that is OOB and when this is done that swap the N440GT back and try your methode, or can I just try again to install OSX with N440GT installed? Thanks for any suggestions and help.
  9. ivokik

    Ati HD 6770 install on 10.6.7

    Thanks for the answer, I got the HD 6870 working very easy in deed, but I am still stuck with HD 6770... how to get this one running?
  10. Oh great, thanks for the answer, but as far as I can see the LAN ( ethernet adaptor) is still not working. This guy is selling the machine with the adaptor. So no better solution about that ?
  11. ivokik

    Intel HD Graphics / GMA 5700

    I am was trying a lot of options in the last few days with NO succes. BUT... I tried something else: I am using i3 -540. Just put a GT-210 in my hack ( desktop off course) and I got FULL HD !!!! But the clue is that OSX is using INtel HD Graphics but sending video through out the GT 210. ( Let's not forget that the GT 210 do not work with Ga-H55M-S2V, I am using here) I got another Video card too - HD5570 ( not supported natively) and it works the same - FULL HD with the Intel HD Graphic in the System Profiler!!! So we are not that far away from succes... but how?
  12. ivokik

    EVGA Classified SR-2 Motherboard?

    Hi Krishna21, did you succeeded with this rig? Did everything went wel? What about the LAN? YOu got it all working? I am planing of building one to. Any ideas are warmly welcome.
  13. I am going to build one beast like that too. I only do not know if the LAN is 100% supported !!! Any ideas?
  14. HI there, I am planning to build a hackintosh with this configuration. DO you have a advice 4 me? Xeon Westmare 4 Core processor Intel Core Xeon E5620 Xeon Westmare 4 Core processor Intel Core Xeon E5620 EVGA Classified SR-2 mobo Intel® Xeon® 56xx (Westmere-EP) HD 5770 1GB video HD 5770 1GB DVI/HDMI Scythe Mugen cooling Scythe Mugen 3 SCMG-3000 Scythe Mugen cooling Scythe Mugen 3 SCMG-3000 2x4GB ram Kingsington 8GB 1TB HDD T3 samsung 7200 RPM 120 GB HDD SSD OCZ OCZSSD3-2VTX120G OCZ ModXStream Pro pcu OCZ ModXStream Pro 700W Cooler Master Elite 310 casing - ATX/mATX FireWire 800 PCI Dawicontrol DC-FW800 PCIe Later maybe another video card and off course more RAM. Do you think I can get all the features on the mobo working with LION? thanks for your help.
  15. ivokik

    Help Ga-H55M-S2V hackintosh

    how did you fixed it? I can;t get sound of this baby... also the Video cards ( intel HD graphics) are not running in FUll HD. Any help?