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  1. ESP Mounter Pro

    ESP Mounter Pro is a new top bar application to manage your EFI System Partition(s). You can mount or umount any ESP you have on any disk you have directly from its popover window.
    **ESP Mounter Pro v1.9.1 / Require 10.9 +, works good in Mojave!** http://olarila.com/forum/viewtopic.php?f=6&t=6516  
    NEW: since v1.4 can mount/umount all partitions you have, for example each Recovery HD partitions you have also!!
    This app use advanced APIs to perform all operations and no AppleScript or scripts are used: only code!

    New: Dark Mode support (automatic switching):

    Retina Display Support!
    Require 10.9 +, works good in macOS Sierra!
    // Created by Micky1979 on 15/06/16.
    // Copyright © 2016 Micky1979 & InsanelyMac. All rights reserved.
    app icon by Mirone (thanks)
    Does not show an EFI Partition if your disk is not GPT (or if smaller than 1GB). Cannot mount it if corrupted!.




  2. AppleHDA Patcher

    Micky1979 and Mirone are glad to present you a new version of AppleHDA Patcher.app that will help you enabling sound on your Hack!
    AppleHDA Patcher v1.9
    AppleHDA Patcher, Jarvis ready
    funny? Well, born for fun joking with Mirone about some adventures patching AppleHDA.kext.
    Anyway Jarvis is there!
    --> Troubleshotting:
    1- You don't need to have separate patches, now they are implemented within the app, just choose Desktop's or Laptop's.
    2- Is it possible to patch AppleHDA.kext for different OS X versions, he supports all kexts from 10.7 up to 10.11 (and newer), or by default use the one in /System/Library/Extensions as base for the patches without drag anything.
    3- You can create kexts through its patched files (Platforms.xml, LayoutX.xml, Info.plist for AppleHDAHardwareConfigDriver.kext )
    drag all of your files, choose or type the codec to patch the binary. The process automatically start.
    4- Is automatically created a full patched AppleHDA.kext + HDAEnabler.kext to be used with all bootloaders, an aDummyHDA.kext and a config.plist *sample (to be used with Clover), an HDEF patch to be used with MaciASL ready with the correct layout-id (in case you chose to patch laptops also an IRQ patch will be generated), and also you will find usefull the CodecCommander.kext + hda-verbs by Rehabman forks.
    All files will be placed inside ~/Desktop/MironeAudio, just choose what you need.
    5- for all steps 1, 2 and 3 you can also drag to the app interface your real config.plist to be edited where necessary.
    6- The application is able to make corrections remotely updating itself when and if necessary.
    The app produces various files, off course you do not have to use them all:
    Use aDummyHDA.kext + edited config.plist for Clover (Ozmosis works similar)
    For all other bootloader use the full patched AppleHDA.kext (+ HDAEnabler.kext or DSDT edits... not both).
    Use CodecCommander.kext if the sound does not work after the sleep (wake), read more here.
    aDummyHDA.kext goes in /System/Library/Extensions
    Works in 10.7+
    bcc9 for patch_hda.pl ported to obj-c code by Micky1979
    Andy Vandijck for getcodecid command
    Pike R. Alpha for the idea of the Dummy kext
    Geoff Garside for the zlib implementation
    Kabyl and Taruga for the HDAEnabler.kext
    Mirone for all the patches
    RehabMan, TimeWalker75a, The-darkvoid for the CodecCommander.kext, here.
    RehabMan for it's fork of iasl 6.1 available here.
    // AppleHDA Patcher
    // Created by Micky1979 and Mirone on 18/11/15.
    // Copyright © 2015 Micky1979, Mirone and InsanelyMac.com. All rights reserved.




  3. InsanelyRepairPermission

    InsanelyRepairPermission is a command line that is able to repair kexts permissions in the current Volume or other Volumes as you wish.
    It repair kexts permission for:
    /Extra/KPKexts (since v1.1)
    Usage (new version 1.1)
    to verify:
    sudo InsanelyRepairPermission -v /Volumes/Your Volume (or simply /)
    to repair:
    sudo InsanelyRepairPermission -r /Volumes/Your Volume
    to repair and touch (will cause the kernelcache/prelinked to be rebuilt):
    sudo InsanelyRepairPermission -rt /Volumes/Your Volume
    Usage (version 1.0)
    repairs only files that have incorrect permissions, if they are ok tells you that there are no files to be repaired.
    In El Capitan you should need to boot with SIP disabled or a permissive CSR config
    Codes comes from Zeus.app:
    // Created by Micky1979 on 04/01/14.
    // Copyright © 2014-2015 InsanelyMac. All rights reserved.




  4. Pandora's Box OS X installer

    Create the USB installer for macOS 10.12 Sierra, El Capitan, Yosemite, Mavericks, Mountain Lion or Lion, Installs Enoch or Clover, edit/create/generate the config.plist or o.c.B.p, SMBios.plist and kernel.plist.
    Generate credible MLB & ROM, generate SMBIOSes (96 available) and its serials.
    Install kexts from a large selection or install your own in /S/L/E, /L/E, /Extra/Extensions or /EFI/CLOVER/kexts or OEM sub directories (also on EFI partition).
    FakeSMC.kext + plugins from both Slice or kozlek (latest) versions.
    AppleHDA patcher or voodoohda, Nvidia Web Driver Updater (download and installs latest version!!!!). Ethernet/Wifi kexts... more and more..
    Auto patcher for unsupported NVMe pci-ssd disks based on Pike R. Alpha's patches (lnfo inside Pandora)
    Create/update/upgrade the Recovery HD partition.
    Mount any ESP (EFI partition) you have in multiple disks.
    Embedded web broswer, Youtube videos.
    Embedded Clover WIKI.
    more? can speak... really.. in en, it, es, pt, fr and de (thx spakk for German)

    Is Pandora's Box secure? is compiled from source with 80,000 lines of code, no scripts, no AppleScripts and no Platypus, is a real app:
    About Updates:
    Sunday 31 July 2016
    Pandora's Box is able to update itself, the click counter from the Server indicate that 68% of users usually update through Pandora it-self instead of downloading again here (a lot of downloads ):
    Well, for users with slow or mobile connection this is particularly important since you can save time or MBs to download it. In fact only newer bytes are downloaded instead of
    the entire app, usually 1-2 MB.. and your Pandora will be up-to-date.
    Furthermore, Pandora receive updates for Clover and Enoch when available, at the same time maintaining a stable release to rely on (the one contained by default in the app), plus some intermediate versions if already downloaded.

    video by JahStories

    video by Fljagd
    "All in One" solution for pre and post OS X installation.
    Code redone from scratch, two new apps called Ares and Webkintosh:
    bootloaders configurator for both Enoch and Clover. Can edit the config.plist entirely with some facilities(as well for o.c.B.p, kernel.plist and SMBios.plist).
    Clover WIKI is embedded in the config Editor to have quick access to the instructions and examples. Ability to update Enoch and Clover to latest revision available w/o update the entire app.
    Ares can install the bootloader by targeting any ESP you have directly or in congiunction with the target Volume.
    You can drag your config.plist directly into the Pandora's Box window, Ares will be automatically opened. What remain is to edit it and save where you like!
    is now specialized in kexts installation from a large selection, but also permit you to drag your kexts (into the Pandora's interface) and let you decide where to install:
    in any supported filesystems, in different volumes, but is also able to install in the target volume and its ESP at same time.
    Support installation in
    /EFI/CLOVER/kexts/Other - 10.X (and on all OEM sub directories),
    ...again at same time!
    now produces two kind of installers, one with "restore" method, other with "createinstallmedia". Both are untouched installers (Vanilla), and no kexts are added, nor the bootloader.
    a web browser to navigate hot Topics on insanelymac. Use YouTube API to show videos and users can make its own on "how to" do things using Pandora's Box.
    More info here




  5. Build_Clover.command

    An advanced script to build standard Clover... or customized by you..

    Yes, works in macOS X, in Ubuntu 16.04 + and Debian 8.6 +

    more info and usage at the relative topic here
    Big thanks to the following testers:
    droples, Riley Freeman, pico joe, fantomas1, Fljagd, calibre, Mork vom Ork, Maniac10, Matgen84,
    Sherlocks, ellaosx, magnifico, AsusFreak, badruzeus, LabyOne, Ukr55, D-an-W, SavageAUS, bronxteck,
    and all others (I'll be happy to increase this list)




  6. Clover flying editor

    A web-based Clover's config.plist editor, wrapper for kylon's CCE (Clover Cloud Editor).
    Info about CCE:
    Info about this app:
    Clover flying editor is a web browser based on WebKit (code comes from Pandora's Box), Clover Cloud Editor is a PHP project © 2016 kylon, so this app is just a wrapper, in fact you can simply load it in Safari/Opera/Firefox/IE etc. by click here .
    The app works on Lion~Sierra.
    The purpose is to promote and help kylon's project.
    Adding a download Manager for compressed file extensions (.zip, .tar.bz2 etc).




  7. NVMeP

    command line to patch IONVMeFamily.kext for non Apple pci nvme-ssd(s). Based on Pike R. Alpha patches at https://pikeralpha.wordpress.com/2016/06/27/nvmefamily-kext-bin-patch-data/
    cd /to/a/folder
    NVMeP -i "add internal icon fix".
    NVMeP -a "leave Apple Class code" (default is 0108200 as per specification).
    NVMeP -s [num] "try a specific patch":
    0 for Sierra 10.12.1 and later ( .. until the binary is the same)
    1 for Sierra DP4 and later (meant 10.12 GM since patches are the same)
    2 for Sierra DP1/3
    3 for El Capitan 10.11.6 (15G31)
    4 for El Capitan 10.11.6 (Beta 4)
    5 for El Capitan 10.11.5 (15F34) or 10.11.6 with Security Update (15G1004)
    e.g. NVMeP -s 0
    NVMeP -k "/path/to/IONVMEFamily.kext (/S/L/E/IONVMEFamily.kext by default)".
    Easy ways w/o -s option:
    or specifying the path to the kext if working from another partition:
    NVMeP -i -k /User/Peter/Desktop/IONVMEFamily.kext
    ..will find a compatible patch (if any).
    NVMeP -h "show help".
    NVMeP produces a new kext by copying the original IONVMEFamily.kext into "IONVMEFamilyBorg.kext" and also a configSample.plist containing patches for Clover:
    Clover in case of partially patches applied, can cause the corruption of your disk, and anyway in both cases I'm not responsible for any kind of damages or loss of datas. This is a hack, so use only if you have a backup and if you are able to restore the System in case of failure.
    IONVMEFamilyBorg.kext (generated by NVMeP "B" version) is based on RehabMan idea here. Datas from Pike's patch extracted by Mork vom Ork here
    Source code: https://github.com/Micky1979/NVMeP released under " Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial 3.0 Unported" as per Pike R. Alpha will.




  8. kextstatx86

    kextstatx86 command is a good replacement for Apple "kextstat" and provide additional info (like the path to the kext).
    kextstatx86 v1.3
    Created by Micky1979 on 06/03/16.
    Copyright © 2016 Micky1979 (Micky1979 at insanelymac.com). All rights reserved.
    require 10.7+
    only one option at time allowed.
    kextstatx86 -h
    Show this message.
    No options, show info for all loaded extensions.
    kextstatx86 -l
    Show all prelinked extensions.
    kextstatx86 -u
    Show all non-prelinked extensions.
    kextstatx86 -a
    Show all Apple extensions.
    kextstatx86 -n
    Show all non-Apple extensions.
    kextstatx86 -f
    Show a full dump in PropertyList-1.0
    kextstatx86 -f > $HOME/Desktop/kextstat.plist
    this is a sample output searching for non Apple extensions (-n):
    Last login: Mon Mar 7 00:42:31 on ttys000Micky1979s-MBP:~ Micky1979$ /Users/Micky1979/Desktop/kextstatx86 -nACPIBatteryManager.kext (1.52) org.rehabman.driver.AppleSmartBatteryManager EFI\CLOVER\kexts\Other\ACPIBatteryManager.kextFileNVRAM.kext (6.9.5) com.xZenue.kext.FileNVRAM /System/Library/Extensions/FileNVRAM.kextFakeSMC.kext (3.3.1) org.netkas.FakeSMC EFI\CLOVER\kexts\Other\FakeSMC.kextAppleACPIPS2Nub.kext (1.0.0d1) com.yourcompany.driver.AppleACPIPS2Nub EFI\CLOVER\kexts\Other\ApplePS2Controller.kext\Contents\PlugIns\AppleACPIPS2Nub.kextMicky1979s-MBP:~ Micky1979$
    ..also you will see kexts injected by Clover




  9. NVIDIA® WebDriver Updater.app

    NVIDIA Web Driver Updater
    Application that search for the latest NVIDIA Web Drivers online and download the standard package from NVIDIA.
    What is special with this?
    Well, the downloaded package is modified on the fly to remove the hardware restriction, so you can immediately install the new drivers on your hackintosh!
    El Capitan Beta's and DPs are still supported!

    now NVIDIA® WebDriver Updater.app can patch NVDAStartupWeb.kext or install NVEnabler.kext, customizable as you wish! (since v1.1)
    patching NVDAStartupWeb.kext the app show you the OS Build version actually used in the unpatched driver, so
    if you are in 10.10.1 you have to write the current OS build version ie: 15B42

    sobstituing what you see in the field. This is to prevent users mistake clicking the patch button.
    The InsanelyMac logo on the app is clickable and will connect you to the support topic here
    About vbios:
    if you need to use a video bios in OSX using this app, you can download and select one for your video card at Tech Power Up site!
    // NVIDIA® WebDriver Updater
    // Created by Micky1979 and fantomas1 on 09/10/2015.
    // Copyright © 2015 InsanelyMac. All rights reserved.




  10. NVRAMme.app

    A top bar Application that quickly show you all NVRAM variables stored in your Mac or Hack.
    Require 10.7+
    // NVRAMme
    // Created by Micky1979 on 15/08/15.
    // Copyright © 2015 InsanelyMac. All rights reserved.




  11. PrelinkToKernel

    PrelinkToKernel is a new app that is able to extract the kernel from the kernelcache/prelinkedkernel of 10.10.x and newer (El Capitan too, of course).
    This app forexample can help you to create your "restored installer" where the kernel is not available: just extract it from the kernelcache/prelinkedkernel!
    Works in 10.7+
    PrelinkToKernel is powered by the Pike R. Alpha's LZVN.
    Pike good luck and come back soon!




  12. HP DV6 7xxx

    Use only if your bios match this bioses version: (F24 2013-02-05) (F23 01-2013) (F22 11-2012) (F13 09-2012) (F0a 05-2012).
    if your display is over 1400x pixels use this: http://www.insanelym...or-hp-dv7-7xxx/
    Patches applied:
    HDEF layout-id set to 12 for AppleHDA
    IG-platform set to 04 for default video driver
    Power Button
    Device Removal Error
    DisplayDim when on Battery mode
    FN button ecc.