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  1. you can use clover configurator and remove verbose mode: 1.go to boot section 2.remove boot argument (-v) 3.save
  2. Thank you so much, the graphics glitch is gone, but the gfx ports are not working, they only work when i have dvi and hdmi connected, and only hdmi works, if i have one of them only connected, nothing works, and when i'm in the os, if i remove the dvi after booting, the whole system hangs. Frame buffer is not detected. Network seems to work, but it won't go online, even after i apply manual DHCP. The iGFX connectors are three, DVI+HDMI+DP. Apart from that, i think everything else works, even sleep.
  3. Asus ROG Strix H370-F Gaming i7 8700 (non k!) 16x2 G.Skill NVMe SSD 960 EVO M.2 500GB (System) WD Blue SSD 1TB (Data) Not using a GFX card, i'm using this for my studio, however, using internal graphics makes the screen glitchy only when i connect more than one screen to it, if i only connect one, it ends up in black screen after boot process. I managed to instal the os, clover and your files with the glitchy screen, here are the results to runme.app Send me Akrams-iMac.zip
  4. Thanks a lot MaLd0n Two problems though, actually i think they are four! System disk read/write speeds became lower by 200/300MBs PCI shows that the IMEI Controller is not active, or the driver is not installed Sata device tree reports that i have an intel 10 series chipset! Gfx is not working as expected, on web drivers there is some sluggish movement, and on the Osx drivers it works perfect for an hour or two and then the screen starts going crazy with defects! And something else very weird is happening, initial boot up before clover is very slow, is it because of APFS ? Edit, also i didn't inject sata raid with ich yet but i'm booting with RST and all my hard drives are visible.
  5. It's only cosmetic, does not effect the system performance in any way.
  6. ok, this is too much for one day... lool!! I read your guide over at olarila on how to make this board run with minimum amount of kexts, but i failed I will return to original EFI that you sent me and upload here the result of run_me, can you help me do it? Send me Geeks-iMac.zip
  7. i went to sleep and woke up to find that the hard disk is now visible again in osx... without doing anything! loool btw, i tried using Maciasl yesterday but it gives me an error saying that the compiler i picked is not compatible! any idea what could be causing that?
  8. where do i inject that? i removed ahci 300 i'm trying to generate my DSDT on my own, so i'm learning a few things today, forgive me
  9. I'm planning on using RST in windows with my NVME and a sata ssd to combine them both into one drive, i want to test the performance. I've been searching all day and all i found till now is a post in the laptop support, rehabman made a kext, but as far as i understand, it's for laptops that are stuck on raid in bios... i have checked the .plist and have found support for chipsets 100,200,300. link: https://github.com/RehabMan/hack-tools/blob/master/kexts/SATA-unsupported.kext/Contents/Info.plist Edit: It did work Ok, so I switched AHCI to Intel RST and enabled RST control over the M.2 drive (which of course did not load it in Osx, but i'm using it for windows, so its ok), both OS's boot ok, although one of my HDDs doesn't show up on osx, i think because it's a 4TB drive. If you noticed it doesn't say Intel series 30 anymore and it changed to ICH8-M AHCI HPRAID the kexts i used were: AHCI-300-Series Sata-RAID-unsupported
  10. Is there a way to use Intel RST and still boot Osx? whenever I switch from AHCI to RST i get "still waiting for root/boot device" not quite sure if its root or boot, i'll check and update/edit.
  11. Just finished my newest build Asus ROG Strix Z370-I Gaming Intel Core i7-8700K - Watercooled and over clocked Corsair Vengeance 2x8 Evga GTX 650Ti Boost 2GB Triple booting - Win10 M.2 SSD WD Black 256GB - MacOsx 10.14.2 Sata SSD Kingston SUV400 120GB - Linux Mint Sata SSD WD Blue Send me crypt0-iMac.zip