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A History of OSx86 – Part I

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Can't wait for the sql

Apple Freak

Apple Freak

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Publish a book on it!! There might be a compromise between us and Apple!

(I almost cried when I hear this story...)

By the way, I'm going to spread OSx86 to the Windows conquer land, yet my home town...Taiwan

Swad, your our hero!!



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Nice piece of writing, I'm very new to MAC and honestly had no idea just how long OSx86 has been floating around. Great work I look forward to reading part two.



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Wow great read, can't wait for part 2!




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Part II will be coming shortly, although it may be awhile. Life is picking up again and my last semester in college is bearing down pretty heavy.



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Very nice read Swad - reminds me of the good old days, where nothing worked properly :) - looking forward to part 2 :)



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dont forget the deadmoo image :P

for sure
dude this is so nostalgic

i remember that i've started to use osx86 since july/august '05
it's just a megamix of darwin x86 with leaked files without bootable gui (at least for me under vmware)

then some time latter deadmoo save THOUSANDS of lives release him disk image, i remember the only apps avaliable ub is the ones in osx and also a incomplete app folder pack due the leaked offer just the system installation. But for ordinary microsoft bob like i used to be it helps a million.

some bravo for guys who give us compiled open source intel binaries
some bravo for he guy who riped the mactel
some bravo for deadmoo who made it possible for almost everyone in these early days

since middle '05 i just think never more uses windows os on my ordinary pc, of course i had it installed for dualboot. but the migration was completed early '06.



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Waiting for part II. :)



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Good stuff!!! Back in the OS 7 and 8 days I was infatuated with Macs- I got a "job" as a library assistant in 8th grade so I could hang out in the computer lab and use the 7100's and later 6500's and 8500's (the 8600 was like a tiny God back then- and I still remember the first G3 I saw!) OS 8 was so cool with the Platinum theme and shiny icons. I didn't have enough money to upgrade my Powermac 6360 to 8.1 so I got a custom Platinum theme for 7.6.1. A couple years later I tried to install Mac OS 8 on an AMD K6/2 and learned an early lesson about architecture differences! I paid mild attention to 9 and 10 but never could justify shelling out $500 for a used G3 or later, G4 that would be slower than my PC for graphics and video work; the primary reasons I wanted a Mac. I bought a Powerbook 3400 maybe 5 years ago but XpostFacto wasn't enough to get me my Mac OS X fix. I pretty much gave up for awhile, waiting for used G4's to drop in price. By the time that Sawtooth systems dropped to under $200 I decided it was futile because I could get a PC that was much faster for the same price. When I heard about OSx86 (or Marklar-Tiger; I didn't hear the term OSx86 until a little later) I was thrilled. Here was a chance to use a Mac without shelling out a few months pay to get something that could replace my PC.

I remember getting 10.4.1 back in August of '05- might've been before Deadmoo, I don't remember. Now that I think about it, I might've gotten some pre-Deadmoo image that didn't work very well, and found Deadmoo later. I remember having to convert my 10.4.1 image from .dmg to .iso and patch it to remove the TPM requirement. The farthest I got with that was VMWare under Windows; I was running a Pentium D with 945 chipset which wasn't supported under 10.4.1! That's what I get for getting the newest hardware I suppose. In either December '05 or January '06 I ran a desktop system with a Pentium M and 10.4.3. That was my first experience with fun stuff like kext editing and kernel updating. I wasn't too impressed with speed and application support (SSE2 sucks for hackintoshes!) so after a month or two I switched back to Windows. Last November I got a 10.4.6 image and ran that on my Core 2 until April when I got a new graphics card that lost CI/QE support. Last month I bought a 12" Everex laptop with a Core Duo an I've been running 10.4.8 since then- and I love it. The OSx86 community has come such a long way since the early days- there was a hell of a lot of innovation going on but the best support a newbie like I was could get was "add these kexts to your DVD and mess with the kernel and you might stop getting kernel panics on ICH7." Now there's solutions for everything.

Being able to use Mac OS X on off-the-shelf hardware is fantastic. I'm grateful to the community here that's making it possible- I hope Apple sees the possibilities and releases 10.5 as a sytem that'll work on standard hardware. Apple makes great hardware and has a fantastic Operating System, but they've gotten such a superiority complex and holier-than-thou attitude that it makes me sick. It's sort of like Al Gore combined with a commision-paid salesman from Verizon. Scary, huh? If Apple's marketing team could ditch the elitest attitude and quit acting like they invented the wheel and that every product that comes off thier production line is going to revolutionize the industry they'd be better off. Mac OS X is the best OS I've seen since IRIX 6.5. The GUI completely blows Luna and Aero out of the water. It's stable, easy to use and built on BSD so I can get my UNIX fix (I am root!). Thier systems are well-designed and fast and simple. (all of them seriously own- iMac, Macbook, Mac Pro- I want 'em all!)But it's the OS that drives Apple. I personally don't think that 10.5 will run on standard hardware. If Apple's smart they'll realize that they'll see that releasing the OS openly will hurt hardware sales big-time. But no matter what happens, we'll still have OSx86!



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I remember using PearPC in the good old days... slow as molasses, but was some impressive coding. AltiVec support! lol :pirate2:



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Part II would indeed be cool, part 3 and maybe 4 will get really intresting with the recent bitching :) (About kernel sources, devs ditching insanelymac etc.)



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Is there an estimate on when Part II is coming?



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Thanks, left us at a cliffhanger..



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Really interesting story, surely will wait for the 2nd and 3rd part! Can't wait much longer.. yeah!



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Awesome stuff, Swad, read it over and over again, and yet want to read more. How much longer for the second part? Please write about maxxuss, and the incessant driver requests he would be flooded with :lol:



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wheey, thank you ;)



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Hi guys :)

I think it is ok now to publish it.

Years ago, I met one of the persons on IRC, that brought OSX86 to life for the first time. I met a member of the very small crew of hackers that started the whole OSX thing. Like the people I met before, like JaS, Semthex, Munky, (and some of them I also met in real life) he was also a very kind, smart and nice enthusiastic person. It was somewhere in the middle of the night when my IRC popped up and he introduced himself as cmfyls. His real name blexor was crypted (just take every letter that comes before and you will have a caesar encryption that says blexor).

These were the screenshots he published first, and I think you get the idea, that there was still much work to do.

Attached File  31078074_afe4a537f8.jpeg   38.02KB   130 downloads Attached File  VMware_OS_X.jpeg   48.14KB   119 downloads

Now here are some interesting facts from the person, that first hacked OSX for a PC. I think it is good to get a rough picture of how it all started.

As a part of the crew, Blexor published the screenshots of the first OSX 86 ever in a VMWare running on Ubuntu Linux. The links are still alive. Most things didn't work propertly or at all at this early stage of development. But as genious as they were, they just did the hack to x86 for curiosity - like "why? because we can!".

Well I don't want to talk too much, you can read it for yourself. :) These are the essentials of the protocol, and no hackers will be harmed :)

cmfy1s http://www.engadget....pm-free-x86-pc/
xtraa thats why I never written a program after commodore basic lol
cmfy1s i think that was the first OSx86 GUI shot
xtraa yes... I had the intention that you are a little more skilled then I am hehe
xtraa blex0r's Computer :D
cmfy1s or maybe this one: http://www.gizmodo.c...sion-115790.php
xtraa that was the first one I remember... with all the questionmarks
cmfy1s the mactelbase was missing a lot of apps
xtraa yes... at that time I had to read twice because I couldn't believe it was not pearPC
xtraa really gold...
cmfy1s i didn't even feature System Profiler, that's why the "More Info..." button is disabled in that shot
cmfy1s it was VMware on Ubuntu Linux :P
cmfy1s and a Northwood CPU (SSE2 only)
xtraa oh yea now I see the gnome style window
xtraa so you used to be blex0r?
cmfy1s hmm
cmfy1s maybe :P
cmfy1s shift my nick one letter down :
cmfy1s :P
xtraa naj you're kidding
xtraa really?
cmfy1s lol
xtraa isn't this encription called red 1?
cmfy1s ahm, the shift
cmfy1s it's also called cesar :P
cmfy1s http://www.cs.usask....Encryption.html
cmfy1s the Shifter
cmfy1s type blex0r then click encode :P
xtraa anyway... always nice to meet a person that made some history :)
cmfy1s nah i didn't do very much
xtraa hmm, "not very much" is relative....
xtraa I mean you have to see what you started
cmfy1s hmm
cmfy1s i didn't start the OSx86 project
cmfy1s it was in there when i arrived
cmfy1s and i left very soon
xtraa ok, woz left apple, too :D
xtraa how many people have you been at the project?
cmfy1s i don't know
xtraa just a rough number 5 to 50
cmfy1s 5
xtraa wow...
cmfy1s there were about 4 or 5 people knowing people around when i left
cmfy1s i don't know what happened later
cmfy1s but i think most of the work was done by maxxuss
cmfy1s maybe semjaza (decrypts)
cmfy1s and i don't know
xtraa now you see... everyone of you made about 10.000 users just on osxproject
cmfy1s more recently semthex with the kernel
cmfy1s omni, np
cmfy1s i think it's definitely closer to 5 than 50 :P
cmfy1s but well i think that if u need OS X u should get a MAc
cmfy1s *Mac
cmfy1s OSx86 will never work 100%
xtraa it is good to see that they all are still around :)
cmfy1s updates will always break your systems...
cmfy1s maxxuss isn't afaik
xtraa yes, sadly...
xtraa but maybe a wise decision
cmfy1s maybe he changed nick
cmfy1s who knos
cmfy1s *knows
xtraa I think so...
cmfy1s he wasn't maxxuss when i met him :P
xtraa what was his nick before?
cmfy1s hmm
cmfy1s i don't know if i should disclose that
cmfy1s so better not
xtraa hm, ok
cmfy1s but it wasn't maxxuss
cmfy1s :P
xtraa lol
xtraa I bet it was non-maxxuss
cmfy1s no it wasn't :P
xtraa de-max? :D
xtraa whatever :)
cmfy1s he used maxxuss for releases and another nick at irc
cmfy1s semthex or mifki could be maxxuss... but i don't think so

xtraa not semthex, I met him in real life. Maxxus is from russia, I guess. But his name was getting too risky anyway
cmfy1s maxxuss worked directly on mactel binaries with the guidance of 8.1 sources
xtraa yes, unbelievable what he did... I will never understand how some people can deal that way with assembler etc.
cmfy1s well i think that having Darwin sources was of much help
cmfy1s he could add some things then compile then try to integrate them in mactel binary
cmfy1s Darwin and mactel kernels were almost equal apart from Rosetta
cmfy1s DevKits were almost PCs
cmfy1s they featured a stock BIOS
xtraa thats why some things worked better in the earlier releases than today
cmfy1s yeah
cmfy1s and there was no cpuid/encryption protection
xtraa lol yes
cmfy1s first Intel Tiger only checked for TPM presence
xtraa and ou told them not to ask
cmfy1s somewhat
cmfy1s :P
xtraa hehe :)
cmfy1s actually adilson did
xtraa ^^ or to accept all answers
cmfy1s he replaced some calls with "mov %eax, 1" as if they returned true
cmfy1s i think if Apple begins to use self-modifying code in the prots we'll have a problem :P
cmfy1s maybe it's not that easy for them tho
cmfy1s but that would be a bit more difficult to patch
xtraa when we were testing 10.4.3 kernels for maxxuss, we already thought about on-the-fly code
cmfy1s and well they could begin usign TPM too :P
cmfy1s *using
cmfy1s yeah u can copy some code into memory then jump into it
cmfy1s like... some cpuid checks :P
xtraa hmm
xtraa ok, but what if the memory is encrypted, too
cmfy1s that's already done
xtraa infineon
cmfy1s memory pages are decrypted at load time
xtraa ah ok
cmfy1s that's what r2d2 is supposed to emulate
cmfy1s isn't it ?
xtraa hm, yes its live
cmfy1s but afaik the TPM isn't used for that purpose
xtraa you mean it is software sided
cmfy1s yup
xtraa yes, afaik it is aes128
xtraa same {censored} they use for filevault
cmfy1s latest mbp don't feature tpm i think
cmfy1s or maybe mac pro
cmfy1s mbp i think
cmfy1s "At the time of this writing (October 2006), the newest Apple computer models, such as the MacPro and the revised MacBook Pro, do not contain an onboard TPM."
xtraa but I really don't believe it
cmfy1s so the TPM is definitely not neccesary for OS X to function
xtraa ok, so infineon is out of game... great I hate them
cmfy1s it's not involved in the protection at the time
cmfy1s this guy is providing a TPM driver so u can use the TPM for your stuff
cmfy1s "Regardless of what the media has been harping on for a long time, and regardless of what system attackers have been saying about the "evil TPM protection" Apple uses, Apple is doing no TPM-related evil thing. In fact, Apple is doing no TPM-related cryptographic thing at all in Mac OS X. Yes, I know, there has been much talk of "TPM keys" and such, but there are no TPM keys that Apple is hiding somewhere."
xtraa hmm, good to hear it clearly like that
cmfy1s maybe it was used a little at the beginning with the devkits then left apart
cmfy1s have u tried this ? :
cmfy1s stardust:~ root# cat > poem.c
cmfy1s main() { puts(-16 * 4096 + 0x1600); }
cmfy1s stardust:~ root# cc -o poem poem.c
cmfy1s stardust:~ root# ./poem
cmfy1s (u have to press Ctrl+D after the main... line)
xtraa lol
cmfy1s u can also type echo "main() { puts(-16 * 4096 + 0x1600); }" > poem.c
cmfy1s it's from the OS X book, it prints the poem from memory
cmfy1s -16 * 4096 + 0x1600 is the memory addr where it's located
cmfy1s and puts is a function that outputs a string
xtraa ah ok the mem address
cmfy1s (prints every character until zero is found)
cmfy1s maybe that could be used to make a legal build script for the semthex's kernel
cmfy1s so people could legally build a poem-enabled kernel
cmfy1s it should be running on an Intel Mac)
cmfy1s well i don't know if that would be legal anyway
cmfy1s but maybe
cmfy1s :P
xtraa but what I don't understand...
xtraa how does it know? I mean, is the poem.c in the memory all the time?
cmfy1s the poem is in memory all the time
cmfy1s poem.c simply reads it
xtraa ok
xtraa hmm but I get no output
cmfy1s stardust:~ e26oo$ echo "main(){puts(0xFFFF1600);}" > poem.c
cmfy1s stardust:~ e26oo$ cc poem.c -o poem
cmfy1s stardust:~ e26oo$ ./poem
cmfy1s yup
cmfy1s maybe it's easier this way
xtraa yes that worked
cmfy1s u could place something like ${POEM} in commpage.c
xtraa and then there would be just one line left, saying something like "make all"
xtraa yes
cmfy1s then replace it with the poem in the right form using sed
cmfy1s however i don't know if that would make it legal
xtraa sed?
cmfy1s so maybe it's no use
cmfy1s yeah try this:
cmfy1s uname -a|sed -e s/Darwin/Windows/g
cmfy1s xD
xtraa It says: computer.local 9.0.0 Windows Kernel Version 9.0.0: Tue Jan 3 18:23:53 PST 2007; root:xnu-992.7.90.obj~1/RELEASE_I386 i386 i386
cmfy1s yeah it replaces Darwin with Windows in the output :P
xtraa hehe :D
cmfy1s 9.0.0 ?
cmfy1s Leopard ?
xtraa hey I was just kidding :D
cmfy1s ahm
xtraa lol, thought maybe youll see it :D
cmfy1s yeah compile time was the same except for the year
cmfy1s 18:23:53
cmfy1s :D
cmfy1s i'm connecting here for the first time since Aug 2005 :P

Well, I hope you enjoyed a peek from the good old OS X days :)





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A great read :)



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A great read :)

thanks mate and good to see you :)




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nice read! :)

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