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  1. aylamrin

    AppleALC — dynamic AppleHDA patching

    Dear @vandroiy2012, could you please check this codec dump. My system is DELL Inspiron 5370. It has ALC295. Issue: Internal Speakers: Working Internal Mic: Working Headphones/Headset : Detected as Headphones but NO audio Using layout id-13. (Same result with 28. Layout-id 3 does not work) codec#0.txt
  2. Is it possible to add support for QCA9377, please?
  3. aylamrin

    CMOS Resets by AppleRTC.kext

    Could somebody provide me the patched kext?
  4. aylamrin

    Information on VESA modes in ATI&NVIDIA bios

    Well Guilherme, I don't know if DieBuche is still around. But it looks like that we are yet to find someone who could post screenshots of Chameleon boot screen which does not have the blackborders. Since you claimed that you were able to change the resolution, did you also try to set the resolution in the theme.plist file in your theme folder?
  5. aylamrin

    Information on VESA modes in ATI&NVIDIA bios

    Hello DieBuche, I have tried to hex edit to rom using, NiBitor, but no luck Could you help me patch my NVIDIA rom for 9600GT. I am trying to get the 1920X1080 during the Chameleon boot screen and the Apple splash screen. I am using a DELL U2312HM with a DVI connection. Here's the ROM: http://www.mediafire.com/?5z2d6wodw21s5dd P.S.: I don't even know even if it is reading the new rom. Is there a way to know?
  6. aylamrin

    10.7.2 update issues

    I think that infinite while loop fix was first proposed by netkas, when he instructed us to remove AppleIntelCPUPowerManagement.kext
  7. aylamrin

    Apple id and icloud

    Yes, I'm using one.
  8. aylamrin

    A History of OSx86 – Part I

    +1 for him ... Yes indeed ! Well, the year 2006 was to Hackintoshing what 1999 was to Trance music. I couldn't afford a Mac those days, so I started to build a Hackintosh. When I start thinking about those early days, it makes my eyes go moist, Apple has changed my life so much !!! It's a love affair now . P.S. Sorry for being such an "emo" !
  9. aylamrin

    Monitor advice

    There is no denying the fact that the ACD would take the commands, but would a generic Viewsonic/NEC (with USB) do?
  10. aylamrin

    Monitor advice

    pirloui, I see that you are using a mac-mini. So do you use an Apple Cinema Display with it?
  11. Hello all, I am planning to buy a monitor that will support the Apple Wireless Keyboard controls. More specifically, I am looking for a monitor with USB ports, which when connected, will support the brightness controls from the Apple Keyboard. Any advice would be loved ! Aylamrin.
  12. A gentle reminder from me as well. Interested to know if we could be useful
  13. Hello tmongkol, I have a EP35-DS4 board. I have tried the steps, I get the sound icon, volume slider is working, but simply there is no sound from the speakers. I used to get sound with LegacyHDA upto 10.6.7 and then for 10.6.8 by replacing the kext from 10.6.7. But in Lion GM, it is not working. Also, there is no analog Mic in, Line in. What do you think could be the problem?
  14. aylamrin

    Quiz Center

    Very good idea indeed! I think it's the same in the other forum as well.