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  1. Yes absolutely!! Just put the first two kexts in the 10.10 folder, and after installing Yosemite install the modified AppleHDA to /SL/E. On Yosemite right now!
  2. I bring you the solution to audio! Tested and functional on Dell Inspiron 3521 -- if this works for you on a different model then tell us!! I advise doing the entire guide first in its entirety, installing the OS X 10.9.4 Combo Update, THEN following this procedure for audio. Or if you are taking the Yosemite route, do this after Yosemite is installed! Three files attached -- a modified version of AppleHDA.kext, RealtekALC.kext, and CodecCommander.kext! 1) Get your system to 10.9.0 in full functionality (minus audio, haha!) with the flawless guide posted -- then install the OS X 10.9.4 Combo Update and reboot! 2) Assuming your EFI partition isn't mounted, open Terminal and type diskutil list. Take note of the identifier of the EFI partition, in my case, it was disk0s1. 3) Create a mount point for the volume by typing mkdir /Volumes/EFI. 4) Mount your EFI partition at the mount point you made by typing sudo mount -t msdos /dev/(EFI IDENTIFIER) /Volumes/EFI/. Example: sudo mount -t msdos /dev/disk0s1 /Volumes/EFI 5) If done correctly your EFI partition will mount and be accessible, and you should see the same EFI folder in it from earlier. 6) Put RealtekALC.kext and CodecCommander.kext in /EFI/CLOVER/kexts. 7) Use Kext Wizard or whatever program you use to normally install kexts, to install the attached AppleHDA.kext to System/Library/Extensions. Reboot and there you have it! Audio!!!!! Thank you for the guide sugarface, accept this token of appreciation!!! Everything was functional on Mavericks. Everything is also functional on Yosemite, however it's odd starting up as after I select the partition on Clover, the screen completely messes up and displays artifacts everywhere while loading...but then of courses reaches the login screen and everything works perfectly. P.S. My old Canon FaxPhone L80 printer is hooked up to my Dad's XP x86 machine in his room. For a while I could not print remotely over the network from my room because drivers did not exist for Windows 7 x64 -- the printer was simply too old for it. However OS X Mavericks 10.9.4 64-bit easily found and installed the printer, so I can now print from my room!! Odd how Apple's latest, 2013 operating system can still do it but a 2009 Microsoft operating system can not. DELL AUDIO.zip
  3. http://www.google.com/intl/en/policies/terms/ http://www.google.com/intl/en/policies/privacy/preview/ From what I've heard Google sells your information (forgive me if I sound completely ignorant saying that). I honestly have no idea what this means. Thoughts (explanations too )?
  4. Verdant, Wish me luck I'm going to attempt Mac OS X Lion on my X1700 tomorrow. According to the HCL someone already has achieved it but was barely elaborated, I'll be first to elaborate on it!
  5. Krishna21

    [Guide] Acer X1700 U3700A + OS X 10.6.7

    Sorry for the late replies. I've entered High School, been busy =P. But, as for your new CPU Upgrade, I don't even think a DSDT is needed. USB installation is reccomended as well. Good luck No matter how busy my freshman year shall be--I will attempt OS X Lion on the X1700!
  6. Krishna21

    Lion is Officially OUT!

    Guise..we're forgetting the most important part. To those who already purchased the Final (if it is the final apparently) from the App Store....was there a new introduction video/music?!
  7. Krishna21

    Lion GM released today

    I think we're missing the most important thing guys. THERE'S NO WELCOME MOVIE. >
  8. Krishna21

    No boot after 10.6.8 update

    I don't know about rolling back to the 10.6.7 version, but on TonyMacX86's Site they posted a certain modified IOPCI version. That one worked for me. But, it could be the same as 10.6.7, idk. No harm in trying though. Good luck!
  9. Krishna21

    [Guide] Acer X1700 U3700A + OS X 10.6.7

    Hm..I didn't know I had to install a modified IONetworkingFamily. I only removed nvenet.kext plugin from it. Sadly, NVEnabler didn't work, it came up with a black screen, lol.
  10. Also note I have problems with HDAEnabler--sometimes at boot it won't load. But that can be fixed by typing "sudo kextload /Extra/Extensions/HDAEnabler.kext" in Terminal (:
  11. Wait.. How about this? -Install Snow Leopard -Upgrade -Install Mac OS X Lion via App Store -Before reboot--install kexts/kernel via Drag-And-Drop in Finder -Done?
  12. I'm sure someone will find a way. This may sound ignorant, sorry: App Store will download it and probably store it in a temporary folder..and it will be a DMG? Or is it not as easy as that? Irrelevant: Apple's OS X Lion section on their site has some kind of space-ish wallpaper. Not the OS X Lion default wallpaper it shows on the laptops/desktops, but the space background on the site itself. I need a full version of that. Also--did anyone else get reminded of Windows NT when they saw that space wallpaper? UPDATE: Found it. http://images.apple.com/v/macosx/a/images/overview_hero.jpg Like I said--WINDOWS NT.