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  1. I'll try this one out, too. Thanks.
  2. Thanks. I'll try that out tonight.
  3. After updating my M1530 to 10.7.2, VoodooHDA v0.2.7.3 crashes my system. The AppleHDA intermittently recognizes the Intel HDA. Is there anything that needs to be done through the DSDT or is there another kext that I need to use?
  4. I tried it but I keep getting a compile error... Besides the fun with learning how to edit a DSDT.dsl file, I was able to get the VoodooSDHC.kext to work. I inserted the memory card to see what would happen. It works with the newest DSDT.aml that's available here. I wouldn't mind learning how to fix the dsl file though.
  5. A History of OSx86 – Part I

    Will parts 2 & 3 ever be released?
  6. Thanks. I'll try it out & post my results.
  7. Would using the newest version of the iASLme tool help make the DSDT more tailored to my system build or am I chasing after a vapor trail?
  8. Thanks for the guide, immo! I really appreciate the new DSDT for the M1530. I was able to get everything to work with additional kexts except the card reader. The VoodooSDHC.kext doesn't work with it. I'm attempting to figure out the AnyCardReader.kext but it doesn't work with editing. I have a Ricoh internal multi-card reader that isn't recognized by 10.6.8 SL. Is there any way to alter the DSDT to see it? Thanks.