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  1. You'll probably get more useful info over in the ozmosis topic in Developers / Bootloaders.
  2. Are you not using the XMAX rom?
  3. You can put the defaults.plist onto a USB stick, boot to the shell, then do ls fs1: ls fs2: until you find the USB stick and the EFI partition. Then use cp fsx:\defaults.plist fsy:\EFI\OZ substituting the correct file system numbers for x and y - or something like that..... PS - usually the serial and boardserial are identical until the 5 extra chars on the boardserial.
  4. Take the firmware and biosversion / date info from the defaults.plist I attached a few msgs ago, and load it into nvram.
  5. It's in the UEFI shell that I'm editting it. I don't think there is an edit app in the Mac OS. But you've given me an idea... I editted the file using sudo nano in Terminal, then rebooted to the shell and ran the boot.efi in the Locked Files\Boot Files folder and the update worked. Thanks (again) for your help.
  6. Thanks for working this out. However, I can't edit the plist file, as the Locked Files folder is ...Locked! so the shell edit command can't save the updated file. Also, is the 'edit "macOS Install Data\Locked Files\Boot Files\boot.efi"' line meant to reload the install process - ie the edit is a typo?
  7. Here's mine set up for Mojave 10.14.1, less serial nos. I disable NVidia injection as I have an AMD video card. Defaults.plist
  8. Have you got anywhere with the SU for HS? As mentioned by shoxx1122, the 10.14.1 update doesn't work either. It might be for the same reason.
  9. In the BIOS, change boot options from UEFI Only to UEFI and Legacy to get your Linux drive visible. Keyboard problem sounds like a keyboard fault. I find that I can fix all keyboard faults by hitting it heavily in the middle of the keys and going and buying a new one.
  10. ntsmkfob

    Random hangs and freezes Mojave

    If someone with a real mac using an apple branded SSD could check their System Report and let us know if Trim is enabled on the disk hosting the APFS volume, that would be useful.
  11. Sense of deja vu here. I still had the SSDT-PM.aml in my EFI Load folder. Don't know how it was working with HS. Thanks for taking the time to look at this not once but twice (back in June).
  12. Next problem - system reboots when brought out of sleep. I've tried the old trick of deleting the Ethernet connection and recreating it to no avail. Nothing in system log or asl files as far as I can see that relates to it.
  13. The UGreen USB / DAC arrived and worked straight away, so one problem circumvented! Thanks for the pointer.
  14. Hi IronManJFF, thanks for checking. VoodooHDA is getting injected in the bdmesg output (below), which matches the HS output, and the Sound panel is essentially the same as yours. If I select the SPDIF output and then start iTunes, it immediately switches to a Line Out port. I'll order a USB to DAC device from Amazon and do what you're doing with the iTrack Solo, but cheaper! 07:856 00:000 Found Intel Panther Point HDA Controller [8086:1E20] PciRoot(0x0)/Pci(0x1B,0x0) 07:857 00:001 Found HDA Codec #2: ALC892 [10EC:0892] Rev 0x03 Stepping 0x02 07:864 00:006 Injected PciRoot(0x0)/Pci(0x1B,0x0) - "layout-id" = 03 00 00 00 (4) - Success 07:864 00:000 Injected PciRoot(0x0)/Pci(0x1B,0x0) - "PinConfigurations" = 10 40 01 01 30 10 01 01 20 60 01 01 40 90 A1 01 70 90 A1 02 60 30 81 01 80 40 21 02 50 11 45 01 (32) - Success 07:864 00:000 Injected PciRoot(0x0)/Pci(0x1B,0x0) - "AFGLowPowerState" = 01 00 00 00 (4) - Success 07:864 00:000 Injected PciRoot(0x0)/Pci(0x1B,0x0) - "MaximumBootBeepVolume" = 73 (1) - Success 07:864 00:000 Injected PciRoot(0x0)/Pci(0x1B,0x0) - "platformFamily" = 00 (1) - Success