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  1. 3Mill test, 53 fps GTX Titan (Kepler GK110), Nvidia driver official 310.42.05f01 CPU load ~5%
  2. OS X 10.11 dev.beta 6 build 15A244d Luxmark v.3.1 beta 3, scene 'Neumann (microphone)' Nvidia GTX Titan GK110 I'm not sure which compiler option was needed, therefore used defaults PS. For comparison, here is linux result OpenSUSE 13.1, kernel 3.11.10-29, Nvidia proprietary driver 352.30 Luxmark v.3.1 beta 1, scene 'Neumann (microphone)'
  3. CompuBench CL: OS X Yossi vs Win-7 with the same hardware, GTX Titan GK110 Yosemite Win-7 As we see, Windows is much faster.
  4. Thank you, Allan, for good news. But, according to Bashcheck (test script for Shellshock and related vulnerabilities), OS X is still vulnerable after "Bash Update 1.0" CVE-2014-7186 is not fixed (?)
  5. OS X 10.10 "Yosemite" DP5 build 14A314h Nvidia GTX Titan @~1130Mhz Luxmark 2.0 scene Sala = ~1650 marks
  6. OS X 10.10 "Yosemite" DP5 build 14A314h Nvidia GTX Titan @~1130Mhz Heaven with preset "Basic" ~120 fps Heaven with preset "Extreme" ~70 fps
  7. Geforce Titan @1137Mhz OS X 10.9.1 (13B42) ~ 1250 - 1300 points
  8. npwski

    куда делся applelife.ru

    mmon Да, админы в курсе. Говорят, что исправили.
  9. Slice, я ставил в Виртуалбокс, но это гиморно и результат выходит дурацкий. Например, звук шел на один канал - такой драйвер, не получилось победить Harry_V, Я не хочу навязывать средство виртуализации, но лучше всего выходит в VMware. Вот здесь есть инструкция с картинками, ссылки на нетронутый образ, обсуждение на русском языке. Ставится легко и удобно, проще пареной репы. Если волнуют лицензионные вопросы, то можно создать в.машину и запихнуть ее в бесплатный VMware player.
  10. blacksheep, Thank you! I compared performance of my card in Opensuse with OS X 10.9.1 Video - GTX Titan (GK110-A1) oced @ 1137Mhz with unlocked powerlimit Os #1 - Opensuse 12.3 "Dartmouth", Nvidia driver v.331.38 Os #2 - OS X 10.9.1 (13B42) "Mavericks", Nvidia driver v.310.40.05F01 Resolution in both oses - 1024x640 windowed. Results in fps. Opensuse-12.3 OS X 10.9.1 Hot shower 148 144 Generators redux 258 253 Relentless 1129 777 Balls and occlusion 395 390 Basic fractal 5301 1257 Screenshots:
  11. GTX Titan oc'ed @1132, OS 10.9 /13A603 This 60 fps - with default settings: As I understand, it's because refresh is locked. This 969 fps - with option "BeamSync=Disable" (Quartz Debug.app) I don't know, this result is correct or not. May be is there other way to disable vsync?
  12. npwski

    OctaneRender (CUDA) can be used as NVIDIA-BENCH!

    GTX Titan (oc'ed @1132 Mhz): 1:17 minutes. Mac OS X 10.9 (13A603). Cuda 5.5.28
  13. Slice It's 2D-only test. In 2D my 8600-GTS shows same results as my GTX-Titan, and I think it's normal.